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Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Mobile Digital Games as an Educational Tool in K-12 Schools
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    Chapter 2 Mindfulness in Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning: Harnessing the Power of Attention
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    Chapter 3 An Analysis of Adult Language Learning in Informal Settings and the Role of Mobile Learning
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    Chapter 4 Opening Real Doors: Strategies for Using Mobile Augmented Reality to Create Inclusive Distance Education for Learners with Different-Abilities
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    Chapter 5 Ethical Considerations in the Incorporation of Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies into Teaching and Learning in Educational Contexts
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    Chapter 6 Mobile Virtual Reality: A Promising Technology to Change the Way We Learn and Teach
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    Chapter 7 Mobile Learning Pedagogical Quality Standards for Higher Education Institutes in Developing Countries
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    Chapter 8 Core Technologies in Mobile Learning
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    Chapter 9 Contexts of Learning and Challenges of Mobility: Designing for a Blur Between Formal and Informal Learning
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    Chapter 10 Supporting Training of Expertise with Wearable Technologies: The WEKIT Reference Framework
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    Chapter 11 Formal and Informal Learning Using Mobile Technology
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    Chapter 12 Supporting Mobile Instructional Design with CSAM
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    Chapter 13 A Study of Learning Achievements in Collaborative Construction Knowledge Space in Seamless Learning
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    Chapter 14 Mobile Applications for Encyclopedias
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    Chapter 15 Use of Social Media and Social Network Analysis for Mobile Learning
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    Chapter 16 Large-Scale Deployment of Tablet Computers in Brazilian Public Schools: Decisive Factors and an Implementation Model
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    Chapter 17 Successful Delivery of a MOOC Via Basic Mobile Phones: A Case Study of Mobile Learning in India for Increasing Awareness of Science-Based Production Practices Among Semiskilled Horticultural Farmers
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    Chapter 18 Student Learner Characteristics and Adoption of M-learning: Are We Effectively Supporting Students?
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    Chapter 19 Exploring Functions and Tenable Structures for Mobile Use as Support for School Tasks
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    Chapter 20 Design and Development of Mobile EZ-Arabic.Net for Ubiquitous Learning Among Malaysian Primary School Learners from Experts’ Perspective
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    Chapter 21 Social Network Analysis of MOOC Learners’ Knowledge Building
Attention for Chapter 4: Opening Real Doors: Strategies for Using Mobile Augmented Reality to Create Inclusive Distance Education for Learners with Different-Abilities
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