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Marketing Transformation: Marketing Practice in an Ever Changing World

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Investigation of the Donation Attitude-Behaviour Gap to Celebrity-Endorsed Charitable Campaigns: An Abstract
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    Chapter 2 Developing and Validating Internet Compulsive Buying Tendency Measurement Scales
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    Chapter 3 Food Waste and Reverse Supply Chains: Implications for Teaching Sustainability Awareness in Business Schools: An Abstract
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    Chapter 4 Understanding the Impact of Return Policy Leniency on Consumer Purchase, Repurchase, and Return Intentions: A Comparison Between Online and Offline Contexts: An Abstract
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    Chapter 5 Town Hall Meeting with International Journal Reviewers: Insights and Understanding Why Manuscripts Fail the Review Process: An Abstract
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    Chapter 6 Personal Value Characteristics as Representative of Destination Values: An Abstract
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    Chapter 7 Can Product Typicality Enhance Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Goods from Economically Hostile Countries? An Abstract
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    Chapter 8 Is It a Matter of Tempo? Music Tempo Effects on Food’s Purchase Intentions and Perceived Taste: An Abstract
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    Chapter 9 Content Analysis in Marketing Strategy: Applications of Hart’s Theory of Word Choice and Verbal Tone: An Abstract
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    Chapter 10 Green Logistics Competency: A Resource Hierarchy View of Supply Chain Sustainability
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    Chapter 11 Is Using Ornaments Still a Crime? Package Design Complexity and Brand Perception with Application to Champagne Labels: An Abstract
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    Chapter 12 EEG and Eye Tracking in Attention Paid to Charity Advertising: An Abstract
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    Chapter 13 Apps to Eat by: The Relationship Between Product Involvement and On-Demand Food Consumption Among Millennials: An Abstract
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    Chapter 14 Marketing Brexit: Young Voter Opinion, Engagement and Future Intention in the Context of the EU Referendum: An Abstract
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    Chapter 15 Implementing an Inaugural Sustainability Reporting Process: An Abstract
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    Chapter 16 Lessons from a Sponsored Social Marketing Pro-Environmental Campaign: An Abstract
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    Chapter 17 An Investigation of Offline/Online Channel Patronage Transference in the UK Grocery Sector
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    Chapter 18 The Phygital Shopping Experience: An Attempt at Conceptualization and Empirical Investigation
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    Chapter 19 Pattern on New Product Introductions and Firm Performance: Consideration of Timing and Target: An Abstract
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    Chapter 20 Rethinking Sponsorship Recognition: An Abstract
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    Chapter 21 African Immigrant Consumers’ Attitude Towards Advertising in General and Impact on Buying Decisions: An Abstract
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    Chapter 22 Interpreting Offence in Advertising: A Regulatory Perspective: An Abstract
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    Chapter 23 Multiple Sports Sponsorships: Is More Always Better? An Abstract
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    Chapter 24 The Role of Transitional Servicescapes in Maintaining Attachment to Place: An Abstract
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    Chapter 25 Examining Value Co-Destruction: Toward a Typology of Resource Disintegration: An Abstract
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    Chapter 26 Ethical Concerns of Un(Sustainable) Stakeholders: A Reexamination of Stakeholder Theory in Sustainable Decision-Making
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    Chapter 27 Are Different Merchandising Techniques and Promotions Equally Effective to Improve the Sales of Utilitarian and Hedonic Products? An Abstract
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    Chapter 28 The Influence of Store Versus Service Satisfaction on Retail Customer Loyalty: An Abstract
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    Chapter 29 An Examination of Retail Product Return Behavior Based on Category of Good: An Abstract
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    Chapter 30 When the 12th Man Throws a Flag: Fan Attitude Toward the Proposed Globalization of the NFL: An Abstract
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    Chapter 31 The Impact of Packaging Languages on Product Evaluation: Evidence from the Czech Republic: An Abstract
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    Chapter 32 Gamified Consumer Engagement and Its Influence on Team Involvement over Time: An Abstract
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    Chapter 33 The Effect of E-WOM Receivers’ Envy on Their Behavior Through Social Networking Site: An Abstract
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    Chapter 34 Creative Audiences: Comparing the Effects of Traditional Advertising and User-Generated Advertising on Consumer Brand Attitudes and Behaviour: An Abstract
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    Chapter 35 Analysis of Impulsiveness in M-Commerce: A Study of “On-The-Go Shoppers” Behavior: An Abstract
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    Chapter 36 Special Session: Macromarketing Saving the World: An Abstract
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    Chapter 37 Cultural Variation in Healthcare Consumption in 16 European Countries: National and Individual Drivers in the Case of Mild Medical Conditions: An Abstract
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    Chapter 38 Effects of Country Personality on Foreign General Product Attitude Through Self-Congruity and General Product Country Images in an Emerging Country: An Abstract
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    Chapter 39 Sustainability in Marketing, Academic Perspectives: An Abstract
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    Chapter 40 Ethics of Customer Treatment Among Women Small Business Owners Who Follow Kuan Im in Thailand: An Abstract
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    Chapter 41 Moderating Role of Individual Ethics and Spirituality in Assessing Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention Towards Firms Practising Cause Specific CSR: An Abstract
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    Chapter 42 An Empirical Investigation of Augmented Reality to Reduce Customer Perceived Risk
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    Chapter 43 Muslim Consumers’ Halal Product Choice Behaviour: An Eye-Tracking Investigation on Visual Choice Process
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    Chapter 44 Screen Sharing in a Shopping Process: Motivational Disposition and Perceived Context Incentives: An Abstract
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    Chapter 45 Heterogeneity and Homogeneity Measures of Attractions in Tourism Destination Areas: Development of Attraction Diversity Index and Attraction Cluster Equity Indices: An Abstract
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    Chapter 46 The Influence of Place Attachment and a Certification of Event Sustainability on Residents’ Perceptions of Environmental Impacts and Event Support: An Abstract
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    Chapter 47 New Product Program and Firm Performance: The Moderating Roles of Strategic Emphasis: An Abstract
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    Chapter 48 Conceptualizing and Measuring Community-Based Brand Equity: An Abstract
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    Chapter 49 Are 2 Years Enough for a Successful Radical Logo Change? An Abstract
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    Chapter 50 Non-Profit Brand Fragility: Perspectives on Challenges: An Abstract
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    Chapter 51 Applying Marketing Knowledge to a Widespread Nonprofit Internal Marketing Issue: An Abstract
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    Chapter 52 Coopetition Among Nonprofit Organizations: Strategic and Synergistic Implications of Competition and Cooperation: An Abstract
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    Chapter 53 An Integrated Model of Pro-Poor Innovation Adoption Within the Bottom of the Pyramid: An Abstract
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    Chapter 54 The Psychological Mechanisms for Processing Partitioned Price: An Integrated Framework: An Abstract
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    Chapter 55 A Meta-Analytical Review of PAD Within Retail Environments: An Abstract
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    Chapter 56 Exploring the Success Factors of Hybrid Micro-Enterprises
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    Chapter 57 Driving a Firm’s Agility and Success of Product Innovation Through Organizational Behavior: An Abstract
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    Chapter 58 Tie-Up Technology in Marketing Strategy: A Case Study on a Small Industry Business
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    Chapter 59 Discovery, Mystery Solving, and Mystery Creation in Marketing Research: PLS and QCA: An Abstract
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    Chapter 60 Researching the Ever-Changing World: Reflections on Big Data and Questions for Researchers in Marketing: An Abstract
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    Chapter 61 Toward a Better Understanding of Customer Empowerment Practices Effectiveness: A Qualitative Study: An Abstract
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    Chapter 62 The Transformation of Global Brands: An Abstract
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    Chapter 63 An Exploration of Brand Experience Development and Management
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    Chapter 64 The Importance of Values for Brand Purchase: A Managerial Contribution: An Abstract
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    Chapter 65 Examining Service Provider Response to Guilty Customers: An Abstract
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    Chapter 66 The Innovation Canvas: An Experiential Tool to Stimulate Customer Discovery: An Abstract
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    Chapter 67 Felt Bad After Goodbye: Do Purchasing Agent’s Emotions Affect Customer Switch Back? An Abstract
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    Chapter 68 The Relationship of Website Environments and Individual Creativity of Users in Crowdsourcing: An Abstract
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    Chapter 69 The Effect of Creativity and Prior Entries on Feedback Activity and Comment Valence in Idea Generation Platforms: An Abstract
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    Chapter 70 Taste Perception and Creativity: An Abstract
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    Chapter 71 When Visceral Cues in Advertising Cause Withdrawal: Identifying a Boomerang Effect Under Conditions of High Involvement: An Abstract
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    Chapter 72 Identity Marketing: The Moderating Effect of Self-Construal and Product Category on Consumer Agency: An Abstract
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    Chapter 73 Empowerment in Marketing: Synthesis, Critical Review, and Agenda for Future Research: An Abstract
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    Chapter 74 How Makeup Rituals Transform Makeup Wearers and Their Romantic Interests
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    Chapter 75 The Influence of Well-Being on Consumers’ Future Discounting Practices in the South African White Goods Industry: An Abstract
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    Chapter 76 Should We Hope About Climate Change? The Power of Hope for Engaging in Pro-environmental Behaviors: An Abstract
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    Chapter 77 Feeling Guilty to Buy Online? Exploring Consumers’ Perceived Negative Effects of E-Commerce on Society: An Abstract
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    Chapter 78 Research Method Topics and Issues that Reduce the Value of Reported Empirical Insights in the Marketing Literatures: An Abstract
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    Chapter 79 Internal Branding and Leader-Member Exchange: Role of Cultural Capital in Employee’s Service Delivery Behaviour in Healthcare Sector: An Abstract
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    Chapter 80 A Comparative Study of the Impact of B2B Price Pressure: An Abstract
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    Chapter 81 Advertising in Transforming Economies: Evidence from Early Market Reforms in China and Vietnam: An Abstract
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    Chapter 82 Determinants of Media Consumption: Evidences From an Emerging Market: An Abstract
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    Chapter 83 Moderation Effect of Investor and Manager Heterogeneous Beliefs on the Relationship of Advertising and Firm Value
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    Chapter 84 Pilgrimage, Consumption and the Politics of Authenticity: An Abstract
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    Chapter 85 A Process Evaluation of an Environmental Intervention: The Case of a Heritage Tourism Organization: An Abstract
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    Chapter 86 Investigating the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals to Prompt Help Seeking in At-Risk Gamblers: The Moderating Role of Problem Gambling Status: An Abstract
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    Chapter 87 Toward Understanding the Dark Side Effects of Process Control in Franchising: An Abstract
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    Chapter 88 Action Alignment and Social Alignment Domains in Business Relationships: An Abstract
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    Chapter 89 Toward an Institutional Perspective of Attribution, Legitimacy Judgment, and Trust Erosion During an Industry-Wide Crisis: An Abstract
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    Chapter 90 Prejudice and Racial Discrimination in Retail Settings: Perceptions and Reactions of Consumers in an Emerging Market
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    Chapter 91 Shopper Behavior and Emotions: Using GPS Data in a Shopping Mall: An Abstract
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    Chapter 92 Untangling the Complexity of the Valence of Actor Engagement: Conceptual Foundations, Propositions and Research Directions: An Abstract
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    Chapter 93 An Abstract of Empowering Poetry About Sustainability: The Rap Video Review
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    Chapter 94 Flipping the Marketing Research Classroom: Teaching with Team-Based Learning: An Abstract
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    Chapter 95 Measuring Efficiency of Not-For-Profit Marketing, Development, and Operations Resource Usage in the Performing Arts Sector: An Abstract
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    Chapter 96 Do Charities Benefit from a Top-Dog or Underdog Positioning Strategy? An Abstract
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    Chapter 97 When Social Recognition Inhibits Prosocial Behaviors: The Case of Charitable Giving: An Abstract
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    Chapter 98 Socially Sustainable Supply Chain Management Across Developing Economies: An Abstract
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Marketing Transformation: Marketing Practice in an Ever Changing World
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Springer, Cham, January 2017
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-68750-6
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Patricia Rossi, Nina Krey

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