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Global Developments in Literacy Research for Science Education

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The Expanding Development of Literacy Research in Science Education Around the World
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    Chapter 2 The Implementation of Scientific Literacy as Basic Skills in Norway After the School Reform of 2006
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    Chapter 3 But I’m Not an English Teacher!: Disciplinary Literacy in Australian Science Classrooms
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    Chapter 4 Meeting Disciplinary Literacy Demands in Content Learning: The Singapore Perspective
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    Chapter 5 Learning Language and Intercultural Understanding in Science Classes in Germany
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    Chapter 6 Supporting English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) Learners’ Science Literacy Development in CLIL: A Genre-Based Approach
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    Chapter 7 Language, Literacy and Science Learning for English Language Learners: Teacher Meta Talk Vignettes from a South African Science Classroom
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    Chapter 8 The Content-Language Tension for English Language Learners in Two Secondary Science Classrooms
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    Chapter 9 A Case Study of Literacy Teaching in Six Middle- and High-School Science Classes in New Zealand
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    Chapter 10 Analyzing Discursive Interactions in Science Classrooms to Characterize Teaching Strategies Adopted by Teachers in Lessons on Environmental Themes
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    Chapter 11 Measuring Time. Multilingual Elementary School Students’ Meaning-Making in Physics
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    Chapter 12 Meaning-Making in a Secondary Science Classroom: A Systemic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis
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    Chapter 13 Literacy Challenges in Chemistry: A Multimodal Analysis of Symbolic Formulas
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    Chapter 14 Gains and Losses: Metaphors in Chemistry Classrooms
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    Chapter 15 Image Design for Enhancing Science Learning: Helping Students Build Taxonomic Meanings with Salient Tree Structure Images
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    Chapter 16 Inquiry-Based Science and Literacy: Improving a Teaching Model Through Practice-Based Classroom Research
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    Chapter 17 Infusing Literacy into an Inquiry Instructional Model to Support Students’ Construction of Scientific Explanations
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    Chapter 18 Representation Construction as a Core Science Disciplinary Literacy
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    Chapter 19 Science and Language Experience Narratives of Pre-Service Primary Teachers Learning to Teach Science in Multilingual Contexts
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    Chapter 20 Examining Teachers’ Shifting Epistemic Orientations in Improving Students’ Scientific Literacy Through Adoption of the Science Writing Heuristic Approach
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    Chapter 21 Developing Students’ Disciplinary Literacy? The Case of University Physics
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    Chapter 22 Commentary on the Expanding Development of Literacy Research in Science Education
Attention for Chapter 2: The Implementation of Scientific Literacy as Basic Skills in Norway After the School Reform of 2006
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