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Research on Mathematics Textbooks and Teachers’ Resources

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Open Educational Resources: A Chance for Opening Mathematics Teachers’ Resource Systems?
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    Chapter 2 Textbook Use by Teachers in Junior High School in Relation to Their Role
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    Chapter 3 A Comparative Study on the Presentation of Geometric Proof in Secondary Mathematics Textbooks in China, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia
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    Chapter 4 Examining Teachers’ Interactions with Curriculum Resource to Uncover Pedagogical Design Capacity
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    Chapter 5 Disaggregating a Mathematics Teacher’s Pedagogical Design Capacity
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    Chapter 6 Teachers’ Selection of Resources in an Era of Plenty: An Interview Study with Secondary Mathematics Teachers in England
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    Chapter 7 Teachers as Designers of Digital Educational Resources for Creative Mathematical Thinking
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    Chapter 8 Curriculum Support for Teachers’ Negotiation of Meaning: A Collective Perspective
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    Chapter 9 Mathematics Teachers’ Expertise in Resources Work and Its Development in Collectives: A French and a Chinese Cases
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    Chapter 10 Role of Context in Social Creativity for the Design of Digital Resources
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    Chapter 11 Uses of Online Resources and Documentational Trajectories: The Case of Sésamath
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    Chapter 12 Instructional Activity and Student Interaction with Digital Resources
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    Chapter 13 Resourcing Teachers in Transition to Plan for Interactions with Students’ Ideas
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    Chapter 14 Prospective Teachers’ Interactions with Interactive Diagrams: Semiotic Tools, Challenges and Well-Trodden Paths
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    Chapter 15 Teacher Decisions on Lesson Sequence and Their Impact on Opportunities for Students to Learn
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    Chapter 16 Present Research on Mathematics Textbooks and Teachers’ Resources in ICME-13: Conclusion and Perspectives
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    Chapter 17 Enhancing Teacher Learning with Curriculum Resources
Attention for Chapter 5: Disaggregating a Mathematics Teacher’s Pedagogical Design Capacity
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