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Russia’s Domestic Security Wars

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Origins of the Cherkesov–Zolotov and Sechin Groupings, and of the Fierce Rivalries Between Silovik Groups
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    Chapter 3 Putin’s Re-election in March 2004 and the Murder of Tsepov in September; the Sechinites’ All-Out Assault on Cherkesov and His Group
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    Chapter 4 A Summary of the Argument to Date and of How It Will Develop Regarding Events in 2005–2010
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    Chapter 5 Spring 2005: The Case of the Smuggled Chinese Goods Rocks the FSS and Patrushev
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    Chapter 6 November 2005–Early 2006: Putin’s Succession-Related Moves; Silovik War Heats Up; the Sechinites Groom Their Own Presidential Candidate, Ustinov
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    Chapter 7 May–June 2006: A Fight for the Customs Service—Full-Scale War Between the Silovik Clans; the Fall of Ustinov—A Triumph for the Cherkesovites
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    Chapter 8 November 2006: The Tide Turns Against the Cherkesov–Zolotov Group as the Succession Struggle Heats Up
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    Chapter 9 2007: Putin Tells the Sechinites He Favours Naryshkin for the Presidency; June–September 2007—New Sechinite Offensive Rocks the Cherkesovites
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    Chapter 10 October 2007: Cherkesov Makes His Last Stand—Putin’s Minimal Aid Masks His Incipient Abandonment of His Longstanding Associate
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    Chapter 11 How the War Had Evolved by Mid-October 2007: Putin’s MO During the Crisis; November 2007—Sechinites Sense Betrayal and Raise the Stakes
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    Chapter 12 Late 2007: Difficulty Choosing a Successor—Medvedev Chosen at the Last Minute
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    Chapter 13 2007–2008: War Fades, Tandem Forms, Cherkesov Clan Dissolves, Sechinites Decline; Putin Generates New Factional Wars—General Procuracy vs the Investigations Committee of the Procuracy (ICP), Medvedev vs Sechin
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    Chapter 14 2008–2011: The Different Fates of the Cherkesov and Sechin Groups
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    Chapter 15 Conclusion
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