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Taurine 2

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 In Vitro Reactions of Hypotaurine
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    Chapter 2 The Reactivity of Taurine with Hypochlorous Acid and Its Application for Eye Drops
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    Chapter 3 Depletion of Feline Taurine Levels by β-Alanine and Dietary Taurine Restriction
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    Chapter 4 The Effects of Taurine in a Rodent Model of Aging
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    Chapter 5 Taurine Administration Raises Plasma Taurine Levels and Affects Certain Plasma Amino Acids and Related Compounds in Rats
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    Chapter 6 Taurine and Kynureninase
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    Chapter 7 Dexamethasone Recovers Phorbol-Ester Induced Reduction of Taurine Transportation in Mouse Macrophage Cell Line, RAW 264.7
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    Chapter 8 Taurine Production in Rat Primary Hepatocytes
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    Chapter 9 High Levels of Dietary Protein or Methionine have Different Effects on Cysteine Metabolism in Rat Hepatocytes
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    Chapter 10 Taurine in the Liver
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    Chapter 11 Combined Effect of Taurine and Ox Bile on Biliary Flow
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    Chapter 12 Significance of Taurine Conjugation of Bile Acid in the Biliary Excretion of Bilirubin
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    Chapter 13 Effect of Dietary Taurine on Lipid Metabolism in Normcholesterolemic and Hypercholesterolemic Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
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    Chapter 14 Effects of Taurine and Structurally Related Analogues on Ca 2+ Uptake and Respiration Rate in Rat Liver Mitochondria
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    Chapter 15 Changes in Taurine as an Indicator of Hepatic Dysfunction and Biochemical Perturbations
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    Chapter 16 Effect of the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Monocrotaline on Taurine and Sulfur Amino Acid Metabolism in the Rat Liver
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    Chapter 17 Protective effect of taurine on indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal injury.
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    Chapter 18 Taurine Reduces Experimental Liver Injury after Cold Ischemic Preservation and a Period of Rewarming Prior to Reperfusion
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    Chapter 19 Taurine and Water Channels are Co-Localized in Renal Tubule Cells and Other Tissues
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    Chapter 20 Regulation of Expression of Taurine Transport in Two Continuous Renal Epithelial Cell Lines and Inhibition of Taurine Transporter by a Site-Directed Antibody
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    Chapter 21 Renal Concentrating Defect and Organic Osmolytes
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    Chapter 22 Long-Lasting Hypoxic Preservation of Porcine Kidney Cells
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    Chapter 23 Protective Effect of Taurine on Hypoxia and Reoxygenation-Induced Damage of Human Colon Cells (HT 29)
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    Chapter 24 The Mechanisms of Taurine Mediated Protection against Cell Damage Induced by Hypoxia and Reoxygenation
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    Chapter 25 Effect of Treatment with β-Agonists on Tissue and Urinary Taurine Levels in Rats
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    Chapter 26 Effects of Chronic Taurine Treatment on the Electrical and Contractile Properties of Skeletal Muscle Fibers of Aged Rats
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    Chapter 27 Direct Inhibitory Effects of Taurine on Norepinephrine-Induced Contraction in Mesenteric Artery of Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
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    Chapter 28 Modulation of Ca 2+ and Na + Transport by Taurine in Heart and Vascular Smooth Muscle
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    Chapter 29 Some Actions of Taurine on Ionic Currents of Myocardial Cells and Myometrial Cells
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    Chapter 30 Electrophysiological and Electropharmacological Actions of Taurine on Cardiac Cells
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    Chapter 31 Effect of Taurine on Angiotensin II-Induced Expression of Immediate Early Response Genes in Primary Cultured Neonatal Rat Heart Cells
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    Chapter 32 Inotropic Interventions in the Assessment of Myocardial Failure Associated with Taurine Deficiency in Domestic Cats
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    Chapter 33 Effect of Taurine on Toxicity of the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Monocrotaline in Rats
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    Chapter 34 Ultrastructural Localization of Taurine Immunoreactivity in the Pineal Organ and Retina of the Pigeon
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    Chapter 35 Tauret
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    Chapter 36 Effects of Kinase Inhibitors and Taurine Analogues on the Phosphorylation of Specific Proteins in Mitochondrial Fractions of Rat Heart and Retina
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    Chapter 37 Long-term effects on retina of rhesus monkeys fed taurine-free human infant formula.
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    Chapter 38 Immunocytochemical Localization of Taurine in the Inner Ear
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    Chapter 39 Cellular Studies of the Taurine Transporter
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    Chapter 40 High-Affinity Taurine Uptake and Its Regulation by Protein Kinase C in Human Glioma Cells
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    Chapter 41 Sodium- and chloride-dependent transport of taurine at the blood-brain barrier.
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    Chapter 42 Characterization of the Volume-Activated Taurine Pathway in Cultured Cerebellar Granule Neurons
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    Chapter 43 Taurine is a Substrate of the Anion Exchanger Transport Systems
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    Chapter 44 The Role of Sulphydryl Groups in Efflux of Taurine and Gaba from Cerebral Cortical Cells
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    Chapter 45 Nitric Oxide-Evoked [ 3 H]Taurine Release is Mediated by Reversal of the Na + -Dependent Carrier-Mediated Taurine Transport System
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    Chapter 46 In Vivo Release of Taurine from Rat Neostriatum and Substantia Nigra
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    Chapter 47 Distributions of Taurine, Glutamate, and Glutamate Receptors during Post-Natal Development and Plasticity in the Rat Brain
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    Chapter 48 Release of Taurine and Its Effects on Release of Neurotransmitter Amino Acids in Rat Cerebral Cortex
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    Chapter 49 Taurine-Induced Single-Channel Currents in Cultured Rat Cerebellar Granule Cells
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    Chapter 50 A New Neuromodulatory Action of Taurine: Long-Lasting Increase of Synaptic Potentials
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    Chapter 51 Interaction of γ-L-Glutamyltaurine with Kainate-Induced Cyclic Amp Formation in the Rat Hippocampus
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    Chapter 52 Taurine and Neural Cell Damage
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    Chapter 53 Protective Effect of Taurine against Reperfusion Injury in Cultured Rat Astrocytes
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    Chapter 54 Biphasic Effect of Taurine on Excitatory Amino Acid-Induced Neurotoxicity
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    Chapter 55 Balanced Interaction of Growth Factors and Taurine Regulate Energy Metabolism, Neuronal Survival, and Function of Cultured Mouse Cerebellar Cells under Depolarizing Conditions
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    Chapter 56 Taurine Deficiency and Neuronal Migration
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    Chapter 57 Role of Taurine in Thermoregulation and Motor Control
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    Chapter 58 Cardioprotective Effect of Taurine on Calcium Paradox in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rat Hearts
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    Chapter 59 Regulation of Ca 2+ Transport by Insulin and Taurine
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    Chapter 60 Antihypercholesterolemic Action of Taurine on Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats or on Rats Fed a High Cholesterol Diet
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    Chapter 61 Taurine Intake of Korean Breast-Fed Infants during Lactation
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    Chapter 62 Taurine and Diabetes
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    Chapter 63 First Experiments in Taurine Administration for Diabetes Mellitus
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    Chapter 64 Effects of Taurine on Calcium in Platelets and their Aggregation
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    Chapter 65 Plasma Taurine in Liver Cirrhosis with Painful Muscle Cramps
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    Chapter 66 Taurine in Hepatic Encephalopathy
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    Chapter 67 Effect of Taurine on the Fatty Liver of Children with Simple Obesity
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    Chapter 68 Effects of oral taurine supplementation on lipids and sympathetic nerve tone.
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    Chapter 69 Is Taurine a Preventive Nutritional Factor of Cardiovascular Diseases or Just a Biological Marker of Nutrition?
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    Chapter 70 The Influence of Different Taurine Diets on Hearing Development in Normal Babies
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    Chapter 71 Taurine
Attention for Chapter 17: Protective effect of taurine on indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal injury.
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Chapter title
Protective effect of taurine on indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal injury.
Chapter number 17
Book title
Taurine 2
Published in
Advances in experimental medicine and biology, January 1996
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4899-0182-8_17
Pubmed ID
Book ISBNs
978-1-4899-0184-2, 978-1-4899-0182-8

Miwon Son, Hee Kee Kim, Won Bae Kim, Junnick Yang, Byong Kak Kim


It has been suggested that oxygen-derived free radicals play an important role in the pathophysiology of acute gastric ulceration induced by NSAIDs and ischemia-reperfusion. Taurine is hypothesized to exert its protective effect on NSAIDs-induced gastric injury by its antioxidant properties. The protective effect of taurine on indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal lesion and its protective mechanism were investigated. Intragastric administration of 25 mg/kg of indomethacin induced hemorrhagic lesions on the glandular stomach in rats. Pretreatment with 0.25 or 0.5 g/kg of taurine one day before or for 3 days significantly reduced gastric lesion formation and inhibited the elevation of lipid peroxide level in gastric mucosa. Both resting and FMLP-induced luminol-dependent chemiluminescence of rat peritoneal neutrophils increased immediately after treatment with indomethacin. Taurine (5-20 mM) inhibited chemiluminescence of neutrophils activated by FMLP. Human neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes) adhered to the confluent monolayer of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) after coincubation with indomethacin. This neutrophil adhesion induced by indomethacin to HUVEC was prevented by taurine in a dose-dependent manner. These results indicate that the protective effect of taurine against NSAIDs-induced gastric mucosal injury is due to its antioxidant effect, which inhibits lipid peroxidation and neutrophil activation.

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