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From Sources to Solution

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Enterococci Concentrations in Tropical Coastal Beaches in Malaysia Correlate Better With Pathogen Levels and Other Water Quality Indicators than Faecal Coliforms
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    Chapter 2 An Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Surface Ozone Concentrations in Malaysia
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    Chapter 3 Exposure to Indoor PM 10 and Volatile Organic Compounds and Its Association with Respiratory Health Among Preschool Children from Urban and Rural Areas in Selangor
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    Chapter 4 Environmental Geochemical Cycles of Persistent Toxic Substances and Emerging Chemicals of Concern
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    Chapter 5 Nitrogen Release Properties of Urea–Kaolinite Controlled Release Fertilizer with Chitosan Binder
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    Chapter 6 Stability Studies of Reactive Black 5 (RB5) Dye Standard Solution in Various Conditions Using UV–VIS Spectrophotometry
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    Chapter 7 Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry (CSV) Analysis of Reactive Black 5 (RB5) Dye Using Hanging Mercury Electrode (HMDE) in Basic Medium
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    Chapter 8 Biomonitoring of Trace Elements Using Epiphytic Lichens Collected in a Suburban Area of Selangor, Malaysia
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    Chapter 9 Seasonal Variation of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in Atmospheric Environment of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
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    Chapter 10 Occurrence and Dietary Intake of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans in Malaysia
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    Chapter 11 Environmental Forensics on Appropriate-Technology-Enhanced Supply Chain of Rural Commodities
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    Chapter 12 Hazardous Waste Management in Malaysia: The Needs of Environmental Forensic
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    Chapter 13 Polychlorinated Biphenyl Contamination to the Canadian Arctic from Landfills and Sewage Treatment Outlets
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    Chapter 14 Exploring the Relationship Among Issues on Awareness in Practicing Waste Minimization (Malaysia)
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    Chapter 15 Potential Health Risk Assessment of Urban Soil on Heavy Metal Content in Seri Kembangan
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    Chapter 16 Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Exposure to Classroom Dust in Primary School, Serdang (Malaysia)
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    Chapter 17 Does Trade in Industrial Products have the Potential to Improve Distribution of Global Virtual Water?
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    Chapter 18 Spatial Variation and Source Distribution of Organic Contaminants in Langat River Basin, Malaysia Using Chemometric Techniques
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    Chapter 19 Acute and Chronic Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) for Pharmaceuticals in South East Asia
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    Chapter 20 Persistent Contaminants in Waste Oils: A Short Review on PCBs and PAHs as Main Contaminants
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    Chapter 21 Factor Controlling the Total Exchangeable Cation of Estuaries and Coastal Sediment
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    Chapter 22 An Experimental Approach on the Removal of Cd (II) and Pb (II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Using Dead Calcareous Skeletons
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    Chapter 23 Preliminary Physicochemical Assessment of Groundwater in Kg. Salang, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
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    Chapter 24 Crude Oil Biodegradation Using Isolated Bacteria from Oil Polluted Soil
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    Chapter 25 Cesium Removal from Waste Seawater by Nanocrystalline Mordenite
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    Chapter 26 Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis of Diesel Fuels in a Forensic Investigation
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    Chapter 27 Opportunities for Household Solid Waste Recycling and Policy Status in Malaysia
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    Chapter 28 Equivalent Noise Level Response to Number of Vehicles: A Comparison Between a High Traffic Flow and Low Traffic Flow Highway in Malaysia
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    Chapter 29 Retrofitting as an Environmental Hybrid Approach (EHA) in Conservation Works on Historical Buildings in Malaysia
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    Chapter 30 Awareness of Behaviours that Cause and Alleviate Global Warming and Intention to Perform the Behaviours Among Malaysian Educated Laypeople
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    Chapter 31 Soil Carbon Dioxide Efflux and Atmospheric Impact in a 10 Years Dipterocarpus Recovering Lowland Tropical Forest, Peninsular Malaysia
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    Chapter 32 Application of Geochemical and Geostatistical Analyses in Observing the Controlling Factors of Groundwater Compositions
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    Chapter 33 Green Biotechnological Approach as an Alternative to Chemical Processes: The Case of Bioflocculant Production through Solid-State Fermentation of Soybean Wastes
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    Chapter 34 Determination of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Residue in Soil and Biological Materials: A Review of Current Analytical Methods
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    Chapter 35 Mercury Distribution in Port Klang Mangrove and Estuarine Sediment
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    Chapter 36 Exposure to PM 2.5 , Ultrafine Particle and Lung Function Among Photocopy Workers in Selangor
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    Chapter 37 Heavy Metals in Lichens and Mosses of a Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
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    Chapter 38 Source Discrimination of PAHs in Industrial Soil of the Persian Gulf Coast
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    Chapter 39 Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Limestone, Calcareous Rock and Serpentinite
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    Chapter 40 Biosorption of Lead (Pb) by Three Bacillus species ( Bacillus cereus, Bacillus pumilus and Bacillus subtilis ) Isolated from Scirpus grossus
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    Chapter 41 Surfactant-Alcohol Experiments for Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Removal: A Review
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    Chapter 42 Evaluation of Various Water Quality Indices for Water Quality Assessment of Sg. Sarawak
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    Chapter 43 Nauplii of Brine Shrimp ( Artemia salina ) as a Potential Toxicity Testing Organism for Heavy Metals Contamination
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    Chapter 44 Health Risk from Cu and Zn Contamination Through Consumption of Paddy Eel, Monopterus albus
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    Chapter 45 Geochronology of 210 Pb in Sediments of Sepang Besar River, Malaysia
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    Chapter 46 Optimization of Arsenic Phytoremediation by Ludwigia octovalvis in Pilot Reed Bed System using Response Surface Methodology
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    Chapter 47 GIS-Based Site Selection for Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities in Penang and Kedah
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    Chapter 48 Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) in Aquatic Environment of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
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    Chapter 49 Receptor Modeling Prediction for Potential Sources of PM 10 at an Urban Location in Klang Valley, Malaysia
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    Chapter 50 Assessment of the Potential Contamination Risk of Nitrate in Groundwater Using Indicator Kriging (in Amol–Babol Plain, Iran)
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    Chapter 51 Current Practices of Clinical Waste Management in Private Clinics, Selangor, Malaysia
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    Chapter 52 Heavy Metals Analysis of Batik Industry Wastewater, Plant and Soil Samples: A Comparison Study of FAAS and HACH Colorimeter Analytical Capabilities
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    Chapter 53 A Novel Simple Pretreatment Approach for Fast Determination of Multi-residue Pesticides in Aqueous Samples
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    Chapter 54 Spatial Assessment of Water Quality Affected by the Land-Use Changes Along Kuantan River Basin
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    Chapter 55 Artificial Aeration for the Enhancement of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Degradation in Phytoremediation of Diesel-Contaminated Sand
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    Chapter 56 Spatial Analysis of the Air Pollutant Index in the Southern Region of Peninsular Malaysia Using Environmetric Techniques
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    Chapter 57 A Comparative Study of Groundwater Quality of Various Aquifer Systems in Malaysia
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    Chapter 58 Extreme Value Theory for Modeling and Prediction of High PM 10 Concentration in Johor
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    Chapter 59 Spatial Variations of Drinking Water Quality Monitoring in Water Treatment Plant Using Environmetric Techniques
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    Chapter 60 Consortia Development of Hydrocarbon Degrading Rhizobacteria Isolated from Scirpus grossus in Diesel Exposure
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    Chapter 61 Solid Waste Management Transition in Selangor: Issues and Challenges
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    Chapter 62 Contribution Fuel Consumption of Fishing Vessel Operation to Greenhouse Gas Emission
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    Chapter 63 Garbage Enzyme as a Solution to Waste Minimization
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    Chapter 64 Distribution of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Surface Sediments from Selected Locations in Kuala Selangor River, Malaysia
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    Chapter 65 Decolorization of Azo Dyes by Local Microorganisms
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    Chapter 66 Characterization and Source Apportionment of Fine Particulate Matter during 2011 Haze Episode in UKM Bangi, Malaysia
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    Chapter 67 Anoxic Limestone Drain for Treatment of Highly Acidic Water
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    Chapter 68 Speciation: Determination of Methylmercury in Fish Samples with HPLC-ICP-MS
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    Chapter 69 Chemical Composition and Sources of Indoor and Outdoor PM 10 in Primary Schools
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    Chapter 70 Concerns on the Threat of Environmental Hazards to Human and Environment in Malaysia: An Exploratory Analysis
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    Chapter 71 A Review on Environmental Forensics and Environmental Law in the Malaysian Perspective
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    Chapter 72 The Accumulation of Fe, Pb, Zn, Ni and Cd in Nerita lineata and Thais bitubercularis Obtained from Tanjung Harapan and Teluk Kemang, Malaysia
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    Chapter 73 Assessment of Water Quality Using Environmetric Techniques at Johor River
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    Chapter 74 Impact of Landuse on Seasonal Water Quality at Highland Lake: A Case Study of Ringlet Lake, Cameron Highlands, Pahang
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    Chapter 75 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Sediments from Prai and Malacca Rivers, Peninsular Malaysia
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    Chapter 76 Chlorination Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs): A Review of Malaysian Drinking Water Policy and Consumers’ Perception
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    Chapter 77 Environmental Awareness, Attitude and Behavior Among Under Graduates in Malaysia
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    Chapter 78 Optimization of Coagulation Process for the Pre-Treatment of Biodiesel Wastewater Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
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    Chapter 79 Removal of Boron and Arsenic From Petrochemical Wastewater Using Zeolite as Adsorbent
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    Chapter 80 Composition of Surfactants from Sea-Surface Microlayer and Marine Aerosols along the Malacca Straits
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    Chapter 81 Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Sediment from Muar River and Pulau Merambong, Peninsular Malaysia
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    Chapter 82 Identification and Development of Different Plumes of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Groundwater by Numerical Modeling Based on Carbon Isotope Dynamics
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    Chapter 83 Distribution and Sources of Perylene and other Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in South China Sea Sediments off Southern Terengganu Coast, Malaysia
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    Chapter 84 Case Study: Comparison of Air Dispersion from Solid Waste Incinerator Emission Using AERMOD and ISCST3
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    Chapter 85 Evaluation of Foam Stability in Decontamination Foam Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticles with Nonionic Surfactant
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    Chapter 86 Separation and Characterization of Minerals from Centrifuged Waste Latex Sludge
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    Chapter 87 Life Cycle Assessment at a Sawmill Manufacturing Company in Terengganu, Malaysia
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    Chapter 88 Noise Pollution Status in Central Mumbai: A Comparative Study
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    Chapter 89 Weathering Product of Granite as a Possible Source of Strategic Mineral
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    Chapter 90 Forensic Ecotoxicology
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    Chapter 91 Distribution of Heavy Metals, Organic Matter and Mean Size in Sediment at the Perlis River
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    Chapter 92 Impact of Poultry Manure and Ashed Sawdust in the Phytoextraction of Cadmium and Lead from Crude Oil Contaminated Soils
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    Chapter 93 The Invasive Weed, Asystasia gangetica as a Biomonitor of Heavy Metal Bioavailability and Pollution
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    Chapter 94 Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Suspended Solid from Pengkalan Chepa River, Kelantan, Malaysia, Based on Weather Condition
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    Chapter 95 Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater and Human Health Risks in the Mekong River Basin of Cambodia
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    Chapter 96 Bridging the Gap: Research and Policy
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    Chapter 97 Application of a Monopole Sensor for Rapid in situ Water Quality Assessment: Theoretical Analysis
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    Chapter 98 Assessment of Water Quality in Darwin Harbour Using Time Integrated Samplers and Biological Markers in Barramundi ( Lates Calcifer )
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    Chapter 99 Water Quality and Enrichment of Sedimentary Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Relation to Fish Culture in Malaysia
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    Chapter 100 Evaluation Approach in the Practice of Sustainability from Cultural Landscape Perspective: A Case Study of Masjid Kampung Kling, Malacca
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    Chapter 101 Contamination of Trace Elements (Cu, Pb, Cr) in Kong Ko Laut, Johor, Malaysia
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    Chapter 102 Heavy Metals (As, Cd, Cr and Pb) Concentration in Selected Freshwater Fishes and Health Risk Assessment Among Adults in Kluang, Johor
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    Chapter 103 Patterns of Aerosol Over Malaysia from Multiple Satellite-Borne Sensors
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    Chapter 104 Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals via Consumption of Bivalves Species in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
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    Chapter 105 Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Setiu River, Malaysia
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    Chapter 106 Discriminant Analysis of Water Quality Data in Langat River
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    Chapter 107 Predictive Modeling of Chlorophyll a for Tropical Lake by Means of Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm (HEA)
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    Chapter 108 Heterogeneous Preferences for Domestic Water Quality Service Improvement: A Mixed Logit Approach
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    Chapter 109 Erratum to: Source Discrimination of PAHs in Industrial Soil of the Persian Gulf Coast
Attention for Chapter 14: Exploring the Relationship Among Issues on Awareness in Practicing Waste Minimization (Malaysia)
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Chapter title
Exploring the Relationship Among Issues on Awareness in Practicing Waste Minimization (Malaysia)
Chapter number 14
Book title
From Sources to Solution
Published by
Springer, Singapore, January 2014
DOI 10.1007/978-981-4560-70-2_14
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978-9-81-456069-6, 978-9-81-456070-2

Shadi Kafi Mallak, Mohd Bakri Ishak, Sabrina Abdullah