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Earthquake-Induced Landslides

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Formation and Risk Reduction of Landslide-Dammed Lakes Resulted by the M s 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake: A Brief Review and a Proposal
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    Chapter 2 Local Scale Seismic Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Based on Historic Earthquake Records Combined with Accelerometer Monitoring and Ambient Noise Data
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    Chapter 3 Use of Indirect Evidence for the Prehistoric Earthquake-Induced Landslides Identification
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    Chapter 4 Bhedetar Landslide, Eastern Nepal: Aftermath of the Sikkim Earthquake (18th September 2011)
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    Chapter 5 Classification of the Geomorphology, Geology and Movement Types of Earthquake Landslides
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    Chapter 6 The Collapse Process of Granular Slopes Under Seismic Forcing
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    Chapter 7 Slope Motion Response and Failure Under Strong Earthquakes: Recording, Monitoring and Modeling
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    Chapter 8 Secondary Hazards Associated with Coseismic Landslide
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    Chapter 9 Effects of Existing Prevention Works on Earthquake-Induced Landslides
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    Chapter 10 An Examination of the Stability of an Earthquake-Induced Landslide and Landslide Dam
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    Chapter 11 Warning/Evacuation and Monitoring Methods for Earthquake-Induced Landslides
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    Chapter 12 Historical and Prehistoric Earthquake-Induced Landslides in Japan
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    Chapter 13 The Classification and Features of Earthquake-Induced Landslides in the World
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    Chapter 14 Relationship Between Geological Structure and Landslides Triggered by the 2007 Mid-Niigata Offshore Earthquake
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    Chapter 15 Catastrophic Landslides of Pyroclastics Induced by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
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    Chapter 16 Earthquake-Induced Landslides in the Roadside Slopes of East Nepal After Recent September 18, 2011 Earthquake
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    Chapter 17 Characteristics of Earthquake-Induced Landslides in Heavy Snowy Area: The Case of the Northern Nagano Prefecture Earthquake, March 12, 2011, Japan
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    Chapter 18 Types and Characteristics of Typical Landslides Triggered by the M8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 19 Study on the Development Characteristics of a Typical Case of Sliding-Flow Type Landslide Induced by Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 20 Geomorphologic and Geologic Features of Landslides Induced by the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, in Shirakawa Hills, Fukushima Prefecture
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    Chapter 21 A Long-Traveling Landslide in Deep Snow Conditions: A Case Study of the Tatsunokuchi Landslide Induced by the 2011 North Nagano Prefecture Earthquake
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    Chapter 22 Re-Evaluation of Factors Controlling Landslides Triggered by the 1999 Chi–Chi Earthquake
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    Chapter 23 Earthquake-Induced Landslides in Slovenia: Historical Evidence and Present Analyses
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    Chapter 24 Karstification as a Predisposing Factor of Seismically Triggered Landslides: Case Study from the Crimean Mountains (Ukraine): Introduction to the Problem
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    Chapter 25 Low-Gradient Megalandslides at the Northern Boundary of the Caucasus-Crimean Orogene: Seismically Induced?
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    Chapter 26 On the Tasikmalaya Earthquake Induced Landslide in Indonesia: Field Investigation
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    Chapter 27 Damages of Hillside Embankments in Sendai City During the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
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    Chapter 28 Common Geographic and Geological Features of Earthquake-Induced Landslides in Northern Ibaraki Prefecture
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    Chapter 29 A Review of Recent Case Studies of Landslides Investigated in the Tien Shan Using Microseismic and Other Geophysical Methods
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    Chapter 30 Topographical and Geological Features of Landslides Occurred in Kamikashiwazaki District in Tochigi Prefecture Causing by Great East Japan Earthquake
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    Chapter 31 Predicting Volume and Runout of Single Gully Debris-Flow Using Hypsometric Integral Value in the Wenchuan Earthquake Area
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    Chapter 32 Features of Two Adjacent Landslides in Western Gunma Prefecture, Japan
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    Chapter 33 Case Study on Heavy Rainfall-Induced Reactivation of Seismically Disturbed Slope Caused by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
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    Chapter 34 The Characteristics of Landslides Induced by the Wenchuan Earthquake Based on High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
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    Chapter 35 A Case Study of Behavior Observation of Landslide Induced by Snowmelt After an Earthquake
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    Chapter 36 Landslides Induced by a 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake in the Northern Part of Pakistan on October 8, 2005 and Landslide Risk Reduction Through Implementation of Non-Structural Measures
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    Chapter 37 Research on the Triggering Factors Analysis and Relevant Countermeasures of FaTing Mountain Landslide Induced by Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 38 On the Initiation and Movement of Hanokidaira Landslide from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Japan
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    Chapter 39 Numerical Insights into Mechanisms of Earthquake-Induced Catastrophic Landslides on Gentle Slopes in Liquefiable Soils
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    Chapter 40 Effects of Excess Pore Water Pressure on the Displacement of Failed Dip Slopes in 2004 Niigata-Ken Chuetsu Earthquake
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    Chapter 41 Velocity-Displacement Dependent Friction Coefficient and the Kinematics of Giant Landslide
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    Chapter 42 The Interpretation for Landslide Mechanism and The Proposal of Landslide Countermeasures in Abay Gorge in Ethiopia
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    Chapter 43 Development of a Cyclic Box Shear Apparatus to Elucidate Mechanisms of Earthquake-Triggered Landslides
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    Chapter 44 Empirical Modal Decomposition of Near Field Seismic Signals of Tsaoling Landslide
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    Chapter 45 Examining Fluidisation Mechanisms of Hikagemori Landslide Triggered by Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake in 2008 by Laboratory Soil Tests
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    Chapter 46 Shaking Table Test of Embankment on Inclined Ground Affected by Rainfall
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    Chapter 47 Dynamic Ring Shear Characteristics of Artificially Cemented Sand
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    Chapter 48 Re-Estimation Method of Landslide-Triggering Rainfall Thresholds After an Earthquake with the Two Conceptual Models
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    Chapter 49 Niaozhisuo Landslide Dynamic Process
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    Chapter 50 Initiation and Motion Mechanism of the Donghekou Rapid and Long Runout Landslide Triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, China
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    Chapter 51 Natural Gas Eruption Mechanism for Earthquake Landslides: Illustrated with Comparison between Donghekou and Papandayan Rockslide-Debris Flows
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    Chapter 52 Three-Dimensional Stability Analysis for Evaluation of Drainage Effect for Earthquake-Triggered Large Landslides
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    Chapter 53 Centrifuge Model Tests on Seismic Slope Failure
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    Chapter 54 Genetic Types of Large-Scale Landslides Induced by the Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 55 Kinetic Friction Coefficient and Mass Movement Process of Large Rock Avalanches Triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 56 Topographic Effect on Seismic Slope Behavior in a Shaking Table Test
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    Chapter 57 Evaluation of Effective Stress of an Unsaturated Soil Under Cyclic Loading
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    Chapter 58 Analysis of the Factors Affecting Slope Failures Distribution Within Northern Kanto Area due to The East Japan Great Earthquake
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    Chapter 59 Landslide Risk Evaluation in a Suffered Inland Area in Tochigi Prefecture Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
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    Chapter 60 Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of High-Speed and Long Run-Out Landslide Triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake, China
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    Chapter 61 Simulation of the Largest Landslide Caused by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake by Rapid-Landslide-Movement Simulation
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    Chapter 62 Pseudo-Static Stability Analysis of High Fill Slopes by the Shear Strength Reduction FEM
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    Chapter 63 Fully Coupled Dynamic Effective Stress Analysis of the Nigiri Landslide Triggered by 2004 Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake
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    Chapter 64 Numerical Analysis of Two Wooden House Damages Induced by Dune Liquefaction During 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-Offshore Earthquake
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    Chapter 65 Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Modeling of the Cikangkareng Rock Avalanche in Indonesia
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    Chapter 66 Numerical Analysis of the Largest Landslide Induced by the Wenchuan Earthquake, May 12, 2008 Using DDA
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    Chapter 67 Extension of the Liquefaction Strength Concept Under Cyclic Loading to the Modeling of Volcanic Clayey Soils
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    Chapter 68 Parametric Numerical Study of Seismic Slope Stability and Verification of the Newmark Method
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    Chapter 69 Numerical Simulation of Granular Flows by DDA
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    Chapter 70 Analysis of a Embankment Landslide in Baoji-Chengdu Railway Induced by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 71 Mechanism and Stability Analysis of the 2010 Yushu Earthquake (Ms7.1)-Induced Landslide Based on Point Safety Factor of Stress State
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    Chapter 72 Strong Motion Estimation at the Kanaga Landslide, Nasukarasuyama City, Induced by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake ( M W 9.0) Based on Empirical Site Amplification and Phase Effects
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    Chapter 73 Finite Element Simulation for An Earthquake-Induced Landslide Considering Strain-Softening Characteristics of Sensitive Clayey Loam
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    Chapter 74 Case Studies on Seismically Induced Slope Failures in Terms of Energy
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    Chapter 75 The Tree-Ring Reconstruction of Slope Instabilities Associated with Earthquakes (The Crimean Mts., Ukraine)
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    Chapter 76 Case Example of GIS Utilization on Abay Gorge’s Landslide Survey in Ethiopia
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    Chapter 77 Features and Distribution of Landslides in the 2011 Earthquake of the Pacific Coast of Tohoku
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    Chapter 78 Quick Identification of Regional Earthquake-Induced Landslides Based on Sharp NDVI Change
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    Chapter 79 Earthquake-Induced Landslide Hazard Zoning of the Island of Hawai`i
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    Chapter 80 Assessment of Hazard and Contributing Factors of Landslides in Abay Gorge in Ethiopia
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    Chapter 81 Risk Assessment for the Earthquake-Induced Slope Failures Using the Micro-Zoning Technique Applied for Mountain Area in Japan
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    Chapter 82 Progressive Failure Cycles and Distributions of Earthquake-Triggered Landslides
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    Chapter 83 Distribution of Landslides Induced in Iwaki City, Japan, by Two Large-scale Earthquakes in 2011
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    Chapter 84 Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Triggered by Roudbar-Manjil Earthquake in Rostamabad(Iran) Quadrangle Using Knowledge-Based Hazard Analysis Approach
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    Chapter 85 Identifying Landslides Using Binary Logistic Regression and Landslide Detection Index
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    Chapter 86 A Comparison of Predicted and Observed Slope Failures Due to the 2004 Niigata-Ken Chuetsu Earthquake
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    Chapter 87 Distribution Characteristics and Slope Structure Types of Landslide/Rock Fall Along the Roads in the 2010 Yushu Earthquake (Ms7.1) Disaster Area
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    Chapter 88 Estimating the Strength Parameters of Geological Formations Using Fuzzy Sets and its Application in Generating Seismic–Landslide Hazard Maps
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    Chapter 89 Detection of 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake-Induced Landslide Deformation Using InSAR
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    Chapter 90 Ground Anchor Structure for Seismic Resistance and Its Applications
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    Chapter 91 Analysis on the Time-Dependent Rotational Displacement of Retaining Wall During the Process of Earthquake
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    Chapter 92 Prevention Works for ‘Namasu landslide’ in Gunma Prefecture and Behavior of the Landslide During the 2011 Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku
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    Chapter 93 Newly Developed Method of Predicting Slope Collapse Places Triggered by Faults Combined with γ-Ray and Magnetic Susceptibility Survey
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    Chapter 94 Observations on Earthquake Acceleration and Pore Water Pressure in a Hilly Region
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    Chapter 95 A Simplified Technique for Slope Stability Assessment Based on Insitu S-Wave Velocity Measurement
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    Chapter 96 Experimental and Analytical Studies of Landslides in the South of Ukraine Under the Action of Natural Seismic Impacts
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    Chapter 97 Rainfall Patterns of Post-seismic Debris Flows in the Wenchuan Earthquake Area
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    Chapter 98 The Future in the Tangjiashan Dammed-Lake Resulted from the M8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake: Discussion on Several Scientific Issues
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    Chapter 99 Research on the Mechanism of Failure and Sediment Delivery of Landslide Dams in Debris Flow Channel
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    Chapter 100 Mechanism of Landslide-Debris Flow-Barrier Lake Disaster Chain After the Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 101 Statistical Analysis of the Key Factors of Landslide Induced by Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 102 Simultaneous Debris Flows of 13 August 2010 in the Mianyuan River Basin, China
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    Chapter 103 The Disaster Chain of Earthquake Induced Landslides
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    Chapter 104 Post-seismic Surface Processes in the Zoumaling Gully in the Qingping Area, Southwestern China: Landslide, Debris-flow and Sediment Delivery
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    Chapter 105 Study on the Breakage Mode and Risk Analysis of Tangjiashan Barrier Dam
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    Chapter 106 Characteristics, Hazards and Mitigation of Debris Flows Along Min River after the Wenchuan Earthquake
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    Chapter 107 Multiple Predict Landslides in Giant Earthquake Struck Region: A Case Study in Chengdu, China
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Earthquake-Induced Landslides
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg, October 2012
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Ugai, Keizo, Yagi, Hiroshi, Wakai, Akihiko

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