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Lifespan Perspectives on Natural Disasters

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Young Children’s Demonstrated Understanding of Hurricanes
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    Chapter 2 An Ecological-Needs-Based Perspective of Adolescent and Youth Emotional Development in the Context of Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
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    Chapter 3 Positive Adjustment in Youth Post-Katrina: The Impact of Child and Maternal Social Support and Coping
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    Chapter 4 The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Children and Adolescents: Conceptual and Methodological Implications for Assessment and Intervention
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    Chapter 5 The Psychological Impact of Hurricanes and Storms on Adults
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    Chapter 6 Families and Disasters: Making Meaning out of Adversity
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    Chapter 7 Encounters with Katrina: Dynamics of Older Adults’ Social Support Networks
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    Chapter 8 Disaster Services with Frail Older Persons: From Preparation to Recovery
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    Chapter 9 Natural Disasters and the Oldest-Old: A Psychological Perspective on Coping and Health in Late Life
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    Chapter 10 Faith, Crisis, Coping, and Meaning Making After Katrina: A Qualitative, Cross-Cohort Examination
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    Chapter 11 The Psychology Behind Helping and Prosocial Behaviors: An Examination from Intention to Action
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    Chapter 12 Building a Disaster Mental Health Response to a Catastrophic Event: Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina
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    Chapter 13 Disaster Recovery in Workplace Organizations
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    Chapter 14 Disasters and Population Health
Attention for Chapter 14: Disasters and Population Health
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