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Institutionalisation beyond the Nation State

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Institutionalisation beyond the Nation State: New Paradigms? Transatlantic Relations: Data, Privacy and Trade Law
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    Chapter 2 The European Parliament and Transatlantic Relations: Personal Reflections
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    Chapter 3 Transparency in the Institutionalisation of Transatlantic Relations: Dynamics of Official Secrets and Access to Information in Security and Trade
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    Chapter 4 The EU–US Data Privacy and Counterterrorism Agreements: What Lessons for Transatlantic Institutionalisation?
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    Chapter 5 The Max Schrems Litigation: A Personal Account
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    Chapter 6 Epilogue Debate: Transatlantic Data Flow—Which Kind of Institutionalisation?
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    Chapter 7 Who Recognises Technical Standards in TTIP?
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    Chapter 8 Institutionalising Transatlantic Business: Financial Services Regulation in TTIP
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    Chapter 9 Something Borrowed, Something New: The TTIP Investment Court: How to Fit Old Procedures into New Institutional Design
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    Chapter 10 Procedural Multilateralism and Multilateral Investment Court: Discussion in Light of Increased Institutionalism in Transatlantic Relations
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    Chapter 11 Beyond the Shadow of the Veto: Economic Treaty Making in the European Union After Opinion 2/15
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    Chapter 12 Can Transatlantic Trade Relations Be Institutionalised After Trump? Prospects for EU-US Trade Governance in the Era of Antiglobalist Populism
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    Chapter 13 Building Global Governance One Treaty at a Time? A Comparison of the US and EU Approaches to Preferential Trade Agreements and the Challenge of TTIP
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    Chapter 14 Federalism, State Cooperation and Compliance with International Commitments
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    Chapter 15 Conclusions
Attention for Chapter 15: Conclusions
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