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Landscapes Under Pressure

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Place, Problem, and People: Issues in Interdisciplinary Cooperation
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    Chapter 2 Place, Historical Ecology and Cultural Landscape: New Directions for Applied Archaeology
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    Chapter 3 The Colonial Southwest: Pueblo Landscapes and Spanish Shared and Separate Landscapes
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    Chapter 4 A New Landscape for Cultural Heritage Management: Characterisation as a Management Tool
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    Chapter 5 The Idea of the Site: History, Heritage, and Locality in Community Archaeology
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    Chapter 6 Changing Places: A Cultural Geography of Nineteenth-Century Zuni, New Mexico
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    Chapter 7 Envisioning Future Landscapes in the Environmentally Sensitive Areas of Scotland: An Introduction
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    Chapter 8 Critical Data for Understanding Early Central European Farmers
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    Chapter 9 Alternative Archaeologies of the Cold War: The Preliminary Results of Fieldwork at the Greenham and Nevada Peace Camps
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    Chapter 10 Archaeological Practice in Large Transportation-Related Corridors: The I-270 Archaeological Mitigation Project
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    Chapter 11 Private Sector Archaeology: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
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    Chapter 12 Protection, Maintenance and Enhancement of Cultural Landscapes in Changing Social, Political and Economical Reality in Poland
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    Chapter 13 Cultural Heritage Preservation and the Legal System With Specific Reference to Landscapes
Attention for Chapter 13: Cultural Heritage Preservation and the Legal System With Specific Reference to Landscapes
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