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Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning—An Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Active Fault Systems and Their Significance for Urban Planning in Bucharest, Romania
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    Chapter 3 Capacities of Remote Sensing for Population Estimation in Urban Areas
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    Chapter 4 The Vulnerability of Fragile Landscape and Complex Hazards
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    Chapter 5 Scenarios for Local Seismic Effects of Tulcea (Romania) Crustal Earthquakes—Preliminary Approach of the Seismic Risk Characterization for Tulcea City
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    Chapter 6 High-Detail Damage Pattern in Towns Hit by Earthquakes of the Past: An Approach to Evaluate the Reliability of the Historical Sources
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    Chapter 7 Spatial Multi-Criteria Risk Assessment of Earthquakes from Bucharest, Romania
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    Chapter 8 The Urban System of Crotone, Italy, Facing the Earthquake Impact
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    Chapter 9 Principles for the Evaluation of Risk Governance and the Measurement of Performance
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    Chapter 10 Continuity and Discontinuity of Urban Form—The Issue of Risk
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    Chapter 11 Timber Frame Historic Structures and the Local Seismic Culture—An Argumentation
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    Chapter 12 Design in Time of Crisis
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    Chapter 13 A Proposal to Improve the Disaster Management Cycle Model: the Importance of Community Participation
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    Chapter 14 Aspects of Architecture and Urbanism in the Reconstruction of Disaster: Comparison of L’ Aquila (Italy) with Kolontar/Devecser (Hungary) and Corbeni (Romania) in the Context of Participative Reconstruction
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    Chapter 15 Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning—Conclusion and Recommendations for Further Work
Attention for Chapter 8: The Urban System of Crotone, Italy, Facing the Earthquake Impact
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