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Knowledge Cartography

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Empirical Studies of the Value of Conceptually Explicit Notations in Collaborative Learning
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    Chapter 2 Concept Mapping Using CmapTools to Enhance Meaningful Learning
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    Chapter 3 Enhancing Collaborative and Meaningful Language Learning Through Concept Mapping
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    Chapter 4 Thinking Maps®: A Visual Language for Learning
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    Chapter 5 The Constructivist Mapping of Internet Information at Work with Nestor
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    Chapter 6 Cognitive and Pedagogical Benefits of Argument Mapping: LAMP Guides the Way to Better Thinking
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    Chapter 7 Scaffolding School Pupils’ Scientific Argumentation with Evidence-based Dialogue Maps
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    Chapter 8 Argument Diagramming: The Araucaria Project
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    Chapter 9 Mapping the Curriculum: How Concept Maps can Improve the Effectiveness of Course Development
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    Chapter 10 Using Compendium as a Tool to Support the Design of Learning Activities
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    Chapter 11 Performing Knowledge Art: Understanding Collaborative Cartography
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    Chapter 12 Knowledge Cartography for Controversies: The Iraq Debate
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    Chapter 13 Computer Supported Argument Visualisation: Modelling in Consultative Democracy Around Wicked Problems
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    Chapter 14 Human-Agent Knowledge Cartography for e-Science: NASA Field Trials at the Mars Desert Research Station
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    Chapter 15 Template-Based Structured Argumentation
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    Chapter 16 An Experience of the Use of the Cognitive Mapping Method in Qualitative Research
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    Chapter 17 Collaborative Knowledge Modelling with a Graphical Knowledge Representation Tool: A Strategy to Support the Transfer of Expertise in Organisations
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