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Militarized Cultural Encounters in the Long Nineteenth Century

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Peripheral Visions—Militarized Cultural Encounters in the Long Nineteenth Century
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    Chapter 2 French Soldiers and the Revolutionary Origins of the Colonial Mind
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    Chapter 3 Encountering the Sacred: British and French Soldiers in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Mediterranean
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    Chapter 4 Violence and the Barbaric East: Germans and the Russian Campaign of 1812
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    Chapter 5 Kodaking a Just War: Photography, Architecture and the Language of Damage in the Egyptian Sudan, 1884–1898
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    Chapter 6 Rise Phoenix-Like: British Soldiers, Civilization and the First World War in Greek Macedonia, 1915–1918
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    Chapter 7 A Crisis of Images: The French, Jihad and the Plague in Upper Egypt, 1798–1801
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    Chapter 8 ‘Their Lives Have Become Ours’: Counter-Encounters in Mesopotamia, 1915–1918
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    Chapter 9 Military Ways of Seeing: British Soldiers’ Sketches from the Egyptian Campaign of 1801
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    Chapter 10 Edgy Encounters in North Africa and the Balkans: R. C. Woodville’s Pictures of Conflict-Zone Life for the Illustrated London News, 1880–1903
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    Chapter 11 Imagined Landscapes in Palestine During the Great War
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    Chapter 12 Constructing a Literary Memory of the 1812 Russian Campaign in German Central Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century
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    Chapter 13 Archaeology and Monument Protection in War: The Collaboration Between the German Army and Researchers in the Ottoman Empire, 1914–1918
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    Chapter 14 A ‘Civilizing Work’?: The French Army in Macedonia, 1915–1918
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    Chapter 15 The ‘Hole-y’ City: British Soldiers’ Perceptions of Jerusalem During Its Occupation, 1917–1920
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