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Simulation, Image Processing, and Ultrasound Systems for Assisted Diagnosis and Navigation

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Robust Photoacoustic Beamforming Using Dense Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 2 A Training Tool for Ultrasound-Guided Central Line Insertion with Webcam-Based Position Tracking
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    Chapter 3 GLUENet: Ultrasound Elastography Using Convolutional Neural Network
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    Chapter 4 CUST: CNN for Ultrasound Thermal Image Reconstruction Using Sparse Time-of-Flight Information
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    Chapter 5 Quality Assessment of Fetal Head Ultrasound Images Based on Faster R-CNN
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    Chapter 6 Recent Advances in Point-of-Care Ultrasound Using the $${\textit{ImFusion Suite}}$$ ImFusion Suite for Real-Time Image Analysis
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    Chapter 7 Markerless Inside-Out Tracking for 3D Ultrasound Compounding
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    Chapter 8 Ultrasound-Based Detection of Lung Abnormalities Using Single Shot Detection Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 9 Quantitative Echocardiography: Real-Time Quality Estimation and View Classification Implemented on a Mobile Android Device
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    Chapter 10 Single-Element Needle-Based Ultrasound Imaging of the Spine: An In Vivo Feasibility Study
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    Chapter 11 A Novel Interventional Guidance Framework for Transseptal Puncture in Left Atrial Interventions
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    Chapter 12 Holographic Visualisation and Interaction of Fused CT, PET and MRI Volumetric Medical Imaging Data Using Dedicated Remote GPGPU Ray Casting
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    Chapter 13 Mr. Silva and Patient Zero: A Medical Social Network and Data Visualization Information System
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    Chapter 14 Fully Convolutional Network-Based Eyeball Segmentation from Sparse Annotation for Eye Surgery Simulation Model
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    Chapter 15 Resolve Intraoperative Brain Shift as Imitation Game
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    Chapter 16 Non-linear Approach for MRI to intra-operative US Registration Using Structural Skeleton
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    Chapter 17 Brain-Shift Correction with Image-Based Registration and Landmark Accuracy Evaluation
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    Chapter 18 Deformable MRI-Ultrasound Registration Using 3D Convolutional Neural Network
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    Chapter 19 Intra-operative Ultrasound to MRI Fusion with a Public Multimodal Discrete Registration Tool
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    Chapter 20 Deformable MRI-Ultrasound Registration via Attribute Matching and Mutual-Saliency Weighting for Image-Guided Neurosurgery
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    Chapter 21 Registration of MRI and iUS Data to Compensate Brain Shift Using a Symmetric Block-Matching Based Approach
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    Chapter 22 Intra-operative Brain Shift Correction with Weighted Locally Linear Correlations of 3DUS and MRI
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    Chapter 23 Survival Modeling of Pancreatic Cancer with Radiology Using Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 24 Pancreatic Cancer Survival Prediction Using CT Scans and Clinical Variables
Attention for Chapter 6: Recent Advances in Point-of-Care Ultrasound Using the $${\textit{ImFusion Suite}}$$ ImFusion Suite for Real-Time Image Analysis
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