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The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Permanent Versus Temporary Threshold Shifts and the Effects of Hair Cell Versus Neuronal Degeneration
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    Chapter 2 Modeled and Measured Underwater Sound Isopleths and Implications for Marine Mammal Mitigation in Alaska.
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    Chapter 3 Peer-Reviewed Studies on the Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Invertebrates: From Scallop Larvae to Giant Squid.
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    Chapter 4 Sources of Underwater Sound and Their Characterization.
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    Chapter 5 Assessment of Marine Mammal Impact Zones for Use of Military Sonar in the Baltic Sea
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    Chapter 6 Contribution to the Understanding of Particle Motion Perception in Marine Invertebrates.
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    Chapter 7 Functional Morphology and Symmetry in the Odontocete Ear Complex.
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    Chapter 8 A Low-Cost Open-Source Acoustic Recorder for Bioacoustics Research.
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    Chapter 9 Assessment of Impulsive and Continuous Low-Frequency Noise in Irish Waters.
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    Chapter 10 Is the Venice Lagoon Noisy? First Passive Listening Monitoring of the Venice Lagoon: Possible Effects on the Typical Fish Community.
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    Chapter 11 Effect of Pile-Driving Sounds on the Survival of Larval Fish.
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    Chapter 12 Challenge of Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring in High-Energy Environments: UK Tidal Environments and Other Case Studies.
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    Chapter 13 Hearing Mechanisms and Noise Metrics Related to Auditory Masking in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).
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    Chapter 14 Effects of Hatchery Rearing on the Structure and Function of Salmonid Mechanosensory Systems.
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    Chapter 15 Effects of Impulsive Pile-Driving Exposure on Fishes.
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    Chapter 16 Review of the Effects of Offshore Seismic Surveys in Cetaceans: Are Mass Strandings a Possibility?
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    Chapter 17 Addressing Challenges in Studies of Behavioral Responses of Whales to Noise
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    Chapter 18 Measurements of Operational Wind Turbine Noise in UK Waters.
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    Chapter 19 A Bioenergetics Approach to Understanding the Population Consequences of Disturbance: Elephant Seals as a Model System.
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    Chapter 20 Singing Fish in an Ocean of Noise: Effects of Boat Noise on the Plainfin Midshipman (Porichthys notatus) in a Natural Ecosystem.
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    Chapter 21 Detection of Complex Sounds in Quiet Conditions by Seals and Sea Lions.
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    Chapter 22 Offshore Dredger Sounds: Source Levels, Sound Maps, and Risk Assessment.
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    Chapter 23 Effects of Offshore Wind Farms on the Early Life Stages of Dicentrarchus labrax
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    Chapter 24 The European Marine Strategy: Noise Monitoring in European Marine Waters from 2014
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    Chapter 25 Potential Population Consequences of Active Sonar Disturbance in Atlantic Herring: Estimating the Maximum Risk.
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    Chapter 26 Fulfilling EU Laws to Ensure Marine Mammal Protection During Marine Renewable Construction Operations in Scotland.
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    Chapter 27 Expert Elicitation Methods in Quantifying the Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance from Offshore Renewable Energy Developments
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    Chapter 28 Masking Experiments in Humans and Birds Using Anthropogenic Noises
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    Chapter 29 Documenting and Assessing Dolphin Calls and Ambient and Anthropogenic Noise Levels via PAM and a SPL Meter.
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    Chapter 30 Soundscapes and Larval Settlement: Larval Bivalve Responses to Habitat-Associated Underwater Sounds.
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    Chapter 31 Characterizing Marine Soundscapes.
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    Chapter 32 Pile-Driving Noise Impairs Antipredator Behavior of the European Sea Bass Dicentrarchus labrax.
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    Chapter 33 Using Reaction Time and Equal Latency Contours to Derive Auditory Weighting Functions in Sea Lions and Dolphins.
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    Chapter 34 Does Primary Productivity Turn Up the Volume? Exploring the Relationship Between Chlorophyll a and the Soundscape of Coral Reefs in the Pacific.
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    Chapter 35 Expert Elicitation of Population-Level Effects of Disturbance.
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    Chapter 36 Current Status of Development of Methods to Assess Effects of Cumulative or Aggregated Underwater Sounds on Marine Mammals.
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    Chapter 37 Seismic Survey Footprints in Irish Waters: A Starting Point for Effective Mitigation.
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    Chapter 38 Stochastic Modeling of Behavioral Response to Anthropogenic Sounds
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    Chapter 39 Underwater Sound Levels at a Wave Energy Device Testing Facility in Falmouth Bay, UK.
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    Chapter 40 Predicting Anthropogenic Noise Contributions to US Waters.
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    Chapter 41 Auditory Sensitivity and Masking Profiles for the Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris).
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    Chapter 42 Are Masking-Based Models of Risk Useful?
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    Chapter 43 "Large" Tank Acoustics: How Big Is Big Enough?
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    Chapter 44 High-Resolution Analysis of Seismic Air Gun Impulses and Their Reverberant Field as Contributors to an Acoustic Environment.
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    Chapter 45 Underwater Sound Propagation Modeling Methods for Predicting Marine Animal Exposure.
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    Chapter 46 Investigating the Effect of Tones and Frequency Sweeps on the Collective Behavior of Penned Herring (Clupea harengus).
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    Chapter 47 The Challenges of Analyzing Behavioral Response Study Data: An Overview of the MOCHA (Multi-study OCean Acoustics Human Effects Analysis) Project
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    Chapter 48 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Cetacean and Sound Mapping Effort: Continuing Forward with an Integrated Ocean Noise Strategy.
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    Chapter 49 Understanding the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance for Marine Mammals.
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    Chapter 50 Multiple-Pulse Sounds and Seals: Results of a Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina) Telemetry Study During Wind Farm Construction
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    Chapter 51 Developing Sound Exposure Criteria for Fishes.
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    Chapter 52 Calibration and Characterization of Autonomous Recorders Used in the Measurement of Underwater Noise
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    Chapter 53 Intrinsic Directional Information of Ground Roll Waves.
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    Chapter 54 A Permanent Soundscape Monitoring System for the Care of Animals in Aquaria.
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    Chapter 55 Playback Experiments for Noise Exposure.
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    Chapter 56 Natural Variation in Stress Hormones, Comparisons Across Matrices, and Impacts Resulting from Induced Stress in the Bottlenose Dolphin.
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    Chapter 57 Risk Functions of Dolphins and Sea Lions Exposed to Sonar Signals.
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    Chapter 58 Residency of Reef Fish During Pile Driving Within a Shallow Pierside Environment.
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    Chapter 59 Hidden Markov Models Capture Behavioral Responses to Suction-Cup Tag Deployment: A Functional State Approach to Behavioral Context.
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    Chapter 60 A Change in the Use of Regulatory Criteria for Assessing Potential Impacts of Sound on Fishes.
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    Chapter 61 In-Air and Underwater Hearing in the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis).
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    Chapter 62 Stress Response and Habituation to Motorboat Noise in Two Coastal Fish Species in the Bothnian Sea.
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    Chapter 63 Cumulative Effects of Exposure to Continuous and Intermittent Sounds on Temporary Hearing Threshold Shifts Induced in a Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).
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    Chapter 64 Great Ears: Low-Frequency Sensitivity Correlates in Land and Marine Leviathans.
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    Chapter 65 What We Can Learn from Artifi cial Lateral Line Sensor Arrays.
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    Chapter 66 Protection of Marine Mammals.
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    Chapter 67 Avoidance of Pile-Driving Noise by Hudson River Sturgeon During Construction of the New NY Bridge at Tappan Zee.
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    Chapter 68 Methods for Predicting Potential Impacts of Pile-Driving Noise on Endangered Sturgeon During Bridge Construction.
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    Chapter 69 Automatic Classification of Marine Mammals with Speaker Classification Methods.
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    Chapter 70 Directional Hearing and Head-Related Transfer Function in Odontocete Cetaceans.
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    Chapter 71 Controlled Sonar Exposure Experiments on Cetaceans in Norwegian Waters: Overview of the 3S-Project.
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    Chapter 72 SOFAR: A New Sound-Acquisition Software Package for Underwater Noise Monitoring.
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    Chapter 73 Passive Underwater Noise Attenuation Using Large Encapsulated Air Bubbles.
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    Chapter 74 Measurement of Underwater Operational Noise Emitted by Wave and Tidal Stream Energy Devices
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    Chapter 75 Likely Age-Related Hearing Loss (Presbycusis) in a Stranded Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis).
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    Chapter 76 Impacts of Underwater Noise on Marine Vertebrates: Project Introduction and First Results.
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    Chapter 77 Soundscapes and Larval Settlement: Characterizing the Stimulus from a Larval Perspective.
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    Chapter 78 Does Vessel Noise Affect Oyster Toadfish Calling Rates?
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    Chapter 79 Comparison of PAM Systems for Acoustic Monitoring and Further Risk Mitigation Application.
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    Chapter 80 Cardiorespiratory Responses to Acoustic Noise in Belugas.
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    Chapter 81 Acoustic Communication in Fishes and Potential Effects of Noise.
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    Chapter 82 Evaluation of Three Sensor Types for Particle Motion Measurement.
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    Chapter 83 Regional Variations and Trends in Ambient Noise: Examples from Australian Waters.
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    Chapter 84 Spatial Patterns of Inshore Marine Soundscapes.
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    Chapter 85 Soundscape and Noise Exposure Monitoring in a Marine Protected Area Using Shipping Data and Time-Lapse Footage.
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    Chapter 86 Global Trends in Ocean Noise
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    Chapter 87 Pile-Driving Pressure and Particle Velocity at the Seabed: Quantifying Effects on Crustaceans and Groundfish.
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    Chapter 88 Measuring Hearing in Wild Beluga Whales.
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    Chapter 89 Auditory Discrimination of Natural and High-Pass Filtered Bark Vocalizations in a California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus).
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    Chapter 90 Hearing Sensation Changes When a Warning Predicts a Loud Sound in the False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens).
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    Chapter 91 Does Masking Matter? Shipping Noise and Fish Vocalizations.
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    Chapter 92 Noise Mitigation During Pile Driving Efficiently Reduces Disturbance of Marine Mammals
  94. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 93 Noise Impact on European Sea Bass Behavior: Temporal Structure Matters.
  95. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 94 Does Noise From Shipping and Boat Traffic Affect Predator Vigilance in the European Common Hermit Crab?
  96. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 95 The Use of Deep Water Berths and the Effect of Noise on Bottlenose Dolphins in the Shannon Estuary cSAC.
  97. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 96 Sound Transmission Validation and Sensitivity Studies in Numerical Models.
  98. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 97 Patterns of Occurrence and Marine Mammal Acoustic Behavior in Relation to Navy Sonar Activity Off Jacksonville, Florida
  99. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 98 Hearing in Whales and Dolphins: Relevance and Limitations.
  100. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 99 Humans, Fish, and Whales: How Right Whales Modify Calling Behavior in Response to Shifting Background Noise Conditions.
  101. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 100 Renewables, Shipping, and Protected Species: A Vanishing Opportunity for Effective Marine Spatial Planning?
  102. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 101 Are the 1/3-Octave Band 63- and 125-Hz Noise Levels Predictive of Vessel Activity? The Case in the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago (Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia).
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    Chapter 102 The Good, The Bad, and The Distant: Soundscape Cues for Larval Fish.
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    Chapter 103 Terrestrial Soundscapes: Status of Ecological Research in Natural and Human-Dominated Landscapes.
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    Chapter 104 Effects of Underwater Turbine Noise on Crab Larval Metamorphosis
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    Chapter 105 Temporary Threshold Shifts in Naïve and Experienced Belugas: Can Dampening of the Effects of Fatiguing Sounds Be Learned?
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    Chapter 106 Pile Driving at the New Bridge at Tappan Zee: Potential Environmental Impacts
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    Chapter 107 Effects of Seismic Air Guns on Pallid Sturgeon and Paddlefish.
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    Chapter 108 A Summary Comparison of Active Acoustic Detections and Visual Observations of Marine Mammals in the Canadian Beaufort Sea.
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    Chapter 109 Use of Preoperation Acoustic Modeling Combined with Real-Time Sound Level Monitoring to Mitigate Behavioral Effects of Seismic Surveys.
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    Chapter 110 Potential Competitive Dynamics of Acoustic Ecology
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    Chapter 111 Beyond a Simple Effect: Variable and Changing Responses to Anthropogenic Noise.
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    Chapter 112 Underwater Sound Propagation from Marine Pile Driving.
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    Chapter 113 Effects of Sound on the Behavior of Wild, Unrestrained Fish Schools.
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    Chapter 114 Sensitivity of Crustaceans to Substrate-Borne Vibration.
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    Chapter 115 Parvulescu Revisited: Small Tank Acoustics for Bioacousticians.
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    Chapter 116 Assessing the Underwater Ship Noise Levels in the North Tyrrhenian Sea.
  118. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 117 Radiated Sound of a High-Speed Water-Jet-Propelled Transportation Vessel.
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    Chapter 118 Impact of Anthropogenic Noise on Aquatic Animals: From Single Species to Community-Level Effects
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    Chapter 119 Identifying Variations in Baseline Behavior of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) to Contextualize Their Responses to Anthropogenic Noise.
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    Chapter 120 A Brief Review of Cephalopod Behavioral Responses to Sound.
  122. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 121 Effects of Model Formulation on Estimates of Health in Individual Right Whales (Eubalaena glacialis).
  123. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 122 Auditory Effects of Multiple Impulses from a Seismic Air Gun on Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).
  124. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 123 Communicating the Issue of Underwater Noise Pollution: The Deaf as a Fish Project.
  125. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 124 Mapping Underwater Sound in the Dutch Part of the North Sea.
  126. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 125 Passive Acoustic Monitoring of the Environmental Impact of Oil Exploration on Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Mexico.
  127. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 126 BIAS: A Regional Management of Underwater Sound in the Baltic Sea.
  128. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 127 Psychoacoustic Studies of Spotted (Phoca largha) and Ringed (Pusa hispida) Seals.
  129. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 128 A Seaway Acoustic Observatory in Action: The St. Lawrence Seaway.
  130. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 129 Small-Boat Noise Impacts Natural Settlement Behavior of Coral Reef Fish Larvae
  131. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 130 Auditory Evoked Potential Audiograms Compared with Behavioral Audiograms in Aquatic Animals.
  132. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 131 Aiming for Progress in Understanding Underwater Noise Impact on Fish: Complementary Need for Indoor and Outdoor Studies
  133. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 132 Relationship Between Hair Cell Loss and Hearing Loss in Fishes.
  134. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 133 Characterization of the Sounds Produced by Temperate and Tropical Sea Urchins During Feeding (Diadematidae and Echinometridae).
  135. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 134 Acoustic Response to Playback of Pile-Driving Sounds by Snapping Shrimp.
  136. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 135 Development of a Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Model for Propagation of Transient Sounds in Very Shallow Water.
  137. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 136 Vessel Noise Promotes Hull Fouling
  138. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 137 Potential Uses of Anthropogenic Noise as a Source of Information in Animal Sensory and Communication Systems
  139. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 138 Active Acoustic Monitoring of Aquatic Life.
  140. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 139 Is Sound Exposure Level a Convenient Metric to Characterize Fatiguing Sounds? A Study in Beluga Whales.
  141. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 140 Frequency Tuning of Hearing in the Beluga Whale.
  142. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 141 How Might We Assess and Manage the Effects of Underwater Noise on Populations of Marine Animals?
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 142 Anthropogenic Noise and Physiological Stress in Wildlife.
  144. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 143 Harp Seals Do Not Increase Their Call Frequencies When It Gets Noisier.
  145. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 144 Measuring In-Air and Underwater Hearing in Seabirds
  146. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 145 WODA Technical Guidance on Underwater Sound from Dredging.
  147. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 146 Noise Exposure Criteria for Harbor Porpoises.
  148. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 147 Review of Offshore Wind Farm Impact Monitoring and Mitigation with Regard to Marine Mammals
  149. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 148 Discovery of Sound in the Sea: Resources for Educators, Students, the Public, and Policymakers
  150. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 149 Effects of Previous Acoustic Experience on Behavioral Responses to Experimental Sound Stimuli and Implications for Research.
  151. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 150 Assessing the Effectiveness of Ramp-Up During Sonar Operations Using Exposure Models.
  152. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 151 Mapping the Acoustic Soundscape off Vancouver Island Using the NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Observatory.
  153. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 152 Behavioral Response of Reef Fish and Green Sea Turtles to Midfrequency Sonar.
  154. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 153 Underwater Equal-Latency Contours of a Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) for Tonal Signals Between 0.5 and 125 kHz.
  155. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 154 Underwater Hearing in Turtles.
  156. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 155 Quantitative Measures of Anthropogenic Noise on Harbor Porpoises: Testing the Reliability of Acoustic Tag Recordings.
  157. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 156 Development of a Model to Assess Masking Potential for Marine Mammals by the Use of Air Guns in Antarctic Waters.
  158. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 157 Review of Low-Level Bioacoustic Behavior in Wild Cetaceans: Conservation Implications of Possible Sleeping Behavior.
  159. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 158 Noise-Dependent Fish Distribution in Kelp Beds.
  160. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 159 Summary Report Panel 1: The Need for Protocols and Standards in Research on Underwater Noise Impacts on Marine Life.
  161. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 160 Summary Report Panel 2: Regulatory Issues.
  162. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 161 Summary Report Panel 3: Gap Analysis from the Perspective of Animal Biology: Results of the Panel Discussion from the Third International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life.
  163. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 162 Summary Report Panel 4: Communication and Interpretation: Presenting Information to the General Public.
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Chapter title
The European Marine Strategy: Noise Monitoring in European Marine Waters from 2014
Chapter number 24
Book title
The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II
Published in
Advances in experimental medicine and biology, January 2016
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-2981-8_24
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978-1-4939-2980-1, 978-1-4939-2981-8

René Dekeling, Mark Tasker, Michael Ainslie, Mathias Andersson, Michel André, Fabrizio Borsani, Karsten Brensing, Manuel Castellote, John Dalen, Thomas Folegot, Sandra van der Graaf, Russell Leaper, Alexander Liebschner, Jukka Pajala, Stephen Robinson, Peter Sigray, Gerry Sutton, Frank Thomsen, Stefanie Werner, Dietrich Wittekind, John V. Young, Dekeling, René, Tasker, Mark, Ainslie, Michael, Andersson, Mathias, André, Michel, Borsani, Fabrizio, Brensing, Karsten, Castellote, Manuel, Dalen, John, Folegot, Thomas, van der Graaf, Sandra, Leaper, Russell, Liebschner, Alexander, Pajala, Jukka, Robinson, Stephen, Sigray, Peter, Sutton, Gerry, Thomsen, Frank, Werner, Stefanie, Wittekind, Dietrich, Young, John V.


Arthur N. Popper, Anthony Hawkins


The European Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires European member states to develop strategies for their marine waters leading to programs of measures that achieve or maintain good environmental status (GES) in all European seas by 2020. An essential step toward reaching GES is the establishment of monitoring programs, enabling the state of marine waters to be assessed on a regular basis. A register for impulsive noise-generating activities would enable assessment of their cumulative impacts on wide temporal and spatial scales; monitoring of ambient noise would provide essential insight into current levels and any trend in European waters.

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