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Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2014

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Between Pragmatism and Predictability: Temporariness in International Law
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    Chapter 2 Temporariness and Change in Global Governance
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    Chapter 3 Temporary International Legal Regimes as Frames for Permanent Ones
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    Chapter 4 The International Rule of Law Time After Time: Temporary Institutions Between Change and Continuity
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    Chapter 5 International Law and Time: A Reflection of the Temporal Attitudes of International Lawyers Through Three Paradigms
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    Chapter 6 (Inter)Temporal Considerations in the Interpretative Process of the VCLT: Do Treaties Endure, Perdure or Exdure?
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    Chapter 7 Shifting Demands in International Institutional Law: Securing the United Nations’ Accountability for the Haitian Cholera Outbreak
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    Chapter 8 Protecting Human Rights During Emergencies: Delegation, Derogation, and Deference
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    Chapter 9 Temporary Protection: Hovering at the Edges of Refugee Law
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    Chapter 10 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Enhancing Flexibility in International Climate Change Law
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    Chapter 11 Commissions of Inquiry: Flexible Temporariness or Permanent Predictability?
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    Chapter 12 Special Temporary Measures and the Norm of Equality
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    Chapter 13 Paradise Postponed? For a Judge-Led Generic Model of International Criminal Procedure and an End to ‘Draft-as-You-Go’
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    Chapter 14 Platforms, Protestors and Provisional Measures: The Arctic Sunrise Dispute and Environmental Activism at Sea
Attention for Chapter 4: The International Rule of Law Time After Time: Temporary Institutions Between Change and Continuity
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