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International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The World at Their Fingertips: A New Age for Spatial Thinking
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    Chapter 2 Australia: Inquiry Learning with GIS to Simulate Coastal Storm Inundation
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    Chapter 3 Austria: Links Between Research Institutions and Secondary Schools for Geoinformation Research and Practice
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    Chapter 4 Canada: Teaching Geography Through Geotechnology Across a Decentralized Curriculum Landscape
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    Chapter 5 Chile: GIS and the Reduction of the Digital Divide in the Pan-American World
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    Chapter 6 China: Teacher Preparation for GIS in the National Geography Curriculum
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    Chapter 7 Colombia: Development of a Prototype Web-Based GIS Application for Teaching Geography
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    Chapter 8 Denmark: Early Adoption and Continued Progress of GIS for Education
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    Chapter 9 Dominican Republic: Prospects for the Incorporation of GIS into the School Curriculum
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    Chapter 10 Finland: Diffusion of GIS in Schools from Local Innovations to the Implementation of a National Curriculum
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    Chapter 11 France: Dogmatic Innovations, Innovative Teachers, and Parallel Experimentations
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    Chapter 12 Germany: Diverse GIS Implementations within a Diverse Educational Landscape
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    Chapter 13 Ghana: Prospects for Secondary School GIS Education in a Developing Country
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    Chapter 14 Hungary: GIS in Natural Science Teacher Training
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    Chapter 15 India: Localized Introduction of GIS in Elite Urban Private Schools and Prospects for Diffusion
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    Chapter 16 Japan: GIS-Enabled Field Research and a Cellular Phone GIS Application in Secondary Schools
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    Chapter 17 Lebanon: A Personal Journey from Professional Development to GIS Implementation in an English Language Classroom
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    Chapter 18 Malta: GIS and Geography Teaching in the Context of Educational Reform
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    Chapter 19 The Netherlands: Introduction and Diffusion of GIS for Geography Education, 1980s to the Present
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    Chapter 20 New Zealand: Pioneer Teachers and the Implementation of GIS in Schools
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    Chapter 21 Norway: National Curriculum Mandates and the Promise of Web-Based GIS Applications
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    Chapter 22 Portugal: Experimental Science Learning, WebGIS, and the ConTIG Project
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    Chapter 23 Rwanda: Socioeconomic Transformation to a Knowledge-Based Economy Through the Integration of GIS in Secondary Schools
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    Chapter 24 Singapore: The Information Technology Masterplan and the Expansion of GIS for Geography Education
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    Chapter 25 South Africa: Teaching Geography with GIS Across Diverse Technological Contexts
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    Chapter 26 South Korea: GIS Implementation Profiles Among Secondary Geography Teachers
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    Chapter 27 Spain: Institutional Initiatives for Improving Geography Teaching with GIS
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    Chapter 28 Switzerland: Introducing Geo-Sensor Technologies and Cartographic Concepts Through the Map Your World Project
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    Chapter 29 Taiwan: The Seed of GIS Falls onto Good Ground
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    Chapter 30 Turkey: GIS for Teachers and the Advancement of GIS in Geography Education
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    Chapter 31 Uganda: Educational Reform, the Rural–Urban Digital Divide, and the Prospects for GIS in Schools
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    Chapter 32 United Arab Emirates: Building Awareness of GIS in Education Through Government and University Outreach
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    Chapter 33 United Kingdom: Realizing the Potential for GIS in the School Geography Curriculum
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    Chapter 34 United States of America: Rugged Terrain and Fertile Ground for GIS in Secondary Schools
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    Chapter 35 Synthesis: The Future Landscape of GIS in Secondary Education
Attention for Chapter 20: New Zealand: Pioneer Teachers and the Implementation of GIS in Schools
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Chapter title
New Zealand: Pioneer Teachers and the Implementation of GIS in Schools
Chapter number 20
Book title
International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools
Published by
Springer Netherlands, September 2011
DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-2120-3_20
Book ISBNs
978-9-40-072119-7, 978-9-40-072120-3

Stephanie A. Eddy, Anne F. Olsen


Andrew J. Milson, Ali Demirci, Joseph J. Kerski