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Oceanography Challenges to Future Earth

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Evolution and Progress Accomplished During Previous French-Japanese Symposiums of Oceanography
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    Chapter 2 Challenge to Resolve Problems in the Ocean and Coastal Waters in Future Earth with Stronger Cooperation Between the Two Societies Franco - Japonaise of Oceanography
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    Chapter 3 Slower Decrease in Radioactive Concentrations in Some Fish Species After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
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    Chapter 4 Influence of Behavioral Patterns of Several Fish Species on Their Radioactive Cesium Concentrations Revealed with a Biotelemetry System After the Nuclear Accident Caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
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    Chapter 5 Estimate of Water Quality Change in Osaka Bay Caused by the Suspension of Marine Sediment with Mega Tsunami
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    Chapter 6 Litter in the Mediterranean Sea
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    Chapter 7 The European eel ( Anguilla anguilla ) in France: An Example of Close Cooperation Among Researchers and Fishers to Study and Manage an Endangered Species
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    Chapter 8 Trophic Cascade in Seaweed Beds in Sanriku Coast Hit by the Huge Tsunami on 11 March 2011: Sea Urchin Fishery as a Satoumi Activity Serving for Increase in Marine Productivity and Biodiversity
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    Chapter 9 The English Channel: Becoming like the Seas Around Japan
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    Chapter 10 Recent Research Results and Future Project in the Antarctic Ocean by Umitaka-Maru Research Group for Physical Oceanography
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    Chapter 11 Response of Near-Inertial Internal Waves to Various Typhoon-Tracks Around the Tango Peninsula, Japan
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    Chapter 12 A High-Resolution Unstructured Grid Finite Volume Model for Currents Around Narrow Straits of Matsushima Bay
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    Chapter 13 Observation of Near-Bottom Current on the Continental Shelf Off Sanriku
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    Chapter 14 Control of Pressure-Driven Microdroplet Formation and Optimum Encapsulation in Microfluidic System
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    Chapter 15 Development of a De-oiling System for Seabed Sediments
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    Chapter 16 Development of an Optical Detection System of Fuel Oil on Seabed Sediments
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    Chapter 17 Retinomotor and Stress Responses of Marbled Sole Pseudopleuronectes Yokohamae Under the LEDs
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    Chapter 18 Metabolome Profiling of Growth Hormone Transgenic Coho Salmon by Capillary Electrophoresis Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
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    Chapter 19 Estimating the Diets of Fish Using Stomach Contents Analysis and a Bayesian Stable Isotope Mixing Models in Sendai Bay
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    Chapter 20 Ecological Status of Atlantic Salmon ( Salmo Salar L.) in France: Need for an Ecosystemic Approach
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    Chapter 21 Challenges to Harmonize Sustainable Fishery with Environmental Conservation in the Coastal Ecosystems Under Oligotrophication
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    Chapter 22 One-Year Colonization by Zoobenthic Species on an Eco-Friendly Artificial Reef in the English Channel Intertidal Zone
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    Chapter 23 New Installations of Artificial Reefs Along the Coast of the Landes (South–West Atlantic Coast of France)
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    Chapter 24 Marine Ecosystem Services: Perception of Residents from Remote Islands, Taketomi Town
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    Chapter 25 Quantitative Mapping of Fish Habitat: From Knowledge to Spatialised Fishery Management
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    Chapter 26 Do Our Ocean Policies Make Any Difference in the Wellbeing of Coastal Communities?
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    Chapter 27 Heterogeneity of Japanese Oyster ( Crassostrea Gigas ) Spat Collection in a Shellfish Farmed Mediterranean Lagoon
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    Chapter 28 Suitable Oyster Culture Density in Oginohama Bay, Miyagi, Japan
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    Chapter 29 Population Dynamics of the Manila Clam Ruditapes Philippinarum and Implications of the 2011 Tsunami Impact in Two Shallow, Semi-enclosed Bays in Northeastern Japan
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    Chapter 30 Feed and Feeding in Certification Schemes of Sustainable Aquaculture
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    Chapter 31 French Bluefin Tuna Longline Fishery Bycatch Programme
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    Chapter 32 137 Cs and Tritium Concentrations in Seawater off the Fukushima Prefecture: Results from the SOSO 5 Rivers Cruise (October 2014)
Attention for Chapter 10: Recent Research Results and Future Project in the Antarctic Ocean by Umitaka-Maru Research Group for Physical Oceanography
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