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Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Surgery Case Atlas

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 194 Adult Deformity: An Introduction
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    Chapter 195 Case 16: Correction of Bilateral Genu Varum for a High Level Athlete
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    Chapter 196 Case 45: Bilateral Congenital Knee Fusions with Lower Limb Deformities and Coxa Vara Treated with Osteotomies
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    Chapter 197 Case 57: An Initially Successful Lengthening of a Traumatic Below Knee Amputation Stump by Ilizarov Technique with Subsequent Failure Due to Soft Tissue Conditions
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    Chapter 198 Case 39: Sustained Clinical and Structural Benefit After Five Years Following Joint Distraction in the Treatment of Severe Knee Osteoarthritis
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    Chapter 199 Case 20: Acute Correction of Combined Deformity of the Tibia by Double Level Osteotomy and Fixator Assisted Plating Technique
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    Chapter 201 Case 35: Acute Correction with Marrow (Intramedullary Canal) Narrowing Technique and Subsequent Lengthening Over Nail for the Femoral Shortening Combined with a Deformity
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    Chapter 202 Case 22: Treatment of Posterior Tibial Nerve Impingement After Tibial Lengthening
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    Chapter 203 Case 31: Treatment of Complex Deformity of the Lower Extremities in Hypophospatemic Rickets Using a Six-Pod Frame and Fixator Assisted Plating
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    Chapter 204 Case 37: Ipsilateral Secondary Hip Osteoarthritis and Leg Length Discrepancy: Treated Simultaneously with Total Hip Replacement and Motorized Lengthening
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    Chapter 205 Case 5: Combined Deformities of the Femur and Tibia with 9 cm Shortening Treated with a Retrograde Femoral Motorized Lengthening Nail and a Tibial Plate
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    Chapter 206 Case 4: Both Femur and Tibial Shortening Caused from Hemi-hyperthropia Treated Simultaneously with Two Antegrade Precice Nails
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    Chapter 207 Case 8: Femoral Lengthening (12 cm) with Two Precice Nail Lengthenings. Management of a Broken Precice Nail During the First Lengthening
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    Chapter 208 Case 7: Femoral Lengthening with Fitbone Nail Treated with “Sandwich Technique” to Remedy Non-union Then Lengthened with Precice Nail at Allogenous Fresh Frozen Strut Graft Site
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    Chapter 209 Case 54: Deformity Correction (Tibial Bone Defect due to Osteomyelitis) in Lower Limb Using Taylor Spatial Frame
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    Chapter 210 Case 33: Multiapical Deformity Correction in Bilateral Femur and Tibia in Rickets. LATP Technique to Decrease the Time of External Fixator
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    Chapter 211 Case 46: Correction of Varus Deformity of the Femur in a Patient with Knee Fusion
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    Chapter 212 Case 14: Femoral Shaft Varus Above a Total Knee Replacement Treated with a Circular Hexapod Fixator
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    Chapter 213 Case 17: Computer Assisted External Fixation for Aesthetic Changing Lower Limb Shape
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    Chapter 214 Case 52: Bifocal Staged Bone Transport of a 30 cm Defect Including the Knee Joint
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    Chapter 215 Case 26: Correction of Valgus-Torsion Deformity of the Femur and Varustorsion Deformity of the Lower Leg Accompanied with LLD
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    Chapter 216 Case 44: Treatment of Severe Knee Joint Stiffness with Soft Tissue Release and External Fixation
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    Chapter 219 Case 28: Femoral and Tibial Rotational Deformity Treated with Fixator Assisted Nailing and Gradual Correction with The Taylor Spatial Frame
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    Chapter 220 Case 18: Gradual Correction of Distal Tibial Varus Deformity
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    Chapter 221 Case 47: Knee Arthrodesis for Failed Total Knee Arthroplasty
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    Chapter 222 Case 48: Knee Fusion and Lengthening for Failed Total Knee Replacement and Bone Loss
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    Chapter 223 Case 24: Complex Four Segment Multiapical Lower Extremity Deformities in Rickets Treated with Fixator Assisted Intramedullary Nailing
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    Chapter 224 Case 27: Correction of Varus Deformity of the Femur and Tibia in Patient with LCL Laxity
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    Chapter 225 Case 30: Multiapical Deformity of Knee, Tibia, and Ankle Treated with Osteotomy, Arthrodesis, and Arthroplasty
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    Chapter 226 Case 36: Advanced Hip Arthrosis, Massive Perceived LLD and Pelvic Obliquity due to Adduction Contracture Treated with THR
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    Chapter 227 Case 1: Femur Lengthening with Precice Internal Lengthening Nail
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    Chapter 228 Case 2: Tibia Lengthening with Precice Internal Lengthening Nail
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    Chapter 229 Case 49: Knee Fusion with Gradual Shortening and Staged Insertion of Antibiotic Coated Intramedullary Nail for Failed Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty
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    Chapter 230 Case 58: Below Knee Amputation Stump Lengthening
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    Chapter 231 Case 55: Motorized Intramedullary Transport and Lengthening Nail Used to Reconstruct a Nonunion/Bone Defect of the Tibia
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    Chapter 232 Case 59: Femoral Stump (Residual Limb) Lengthening with a Motorized Intramedullary Lengthening Rod
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    Chapter 233 Tumor: An Introduction
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    Chapter 234 Case 78: Tibio-Talar Fusion to Treat Bone Defect and Ankle Arthritis Following Treatment of a Distal Tibial Giant Cell Tumour
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    Chapter 235 Case 69: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect (Malignant Bone Tumor) in the Proximal Tibia Using Taylor Spatial Frame (Distraction Osteogenesis)
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    Chapter 236 Case 68: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect (Malignant Bone Tumor) in the Proximal Tibia Using a Frozen Autograft
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    Chapter 237 Case 70: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect (Malignant Bone Tumor) in the Proxial Tibia Using a Hemicortical Frozen Autograft
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    Chapter 238 Case 67: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect (Malignant Bone Tumor) in the Proximal Humerus Using Vascularized Fibular Grafting
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    Chapter 239 Case 61: Deformity Correction (Benign Bone Tumor) in Lower Limb Using Taylor Spatial Frame
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    Chapter 240 Case 66: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect (Malignant Bone Tumor) in the Diaphyseal Tibia Using Circular External Fixator with Trifocal Bone Transport (Distraction Osteogenesis)
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    Chapter 241 Case 72: Reconstruction of a Bone Defect, Following Resection of Chondrosarcoma in the Distal Forearm by Segment Transport Over Nail Technique Using Uniplanar Fixator
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    Chapter 242 Case 63: Femoral Neck Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Treated with Articulated Distraction and Grafting
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    Chapter 243 Case 76: Staged Reconstruction of a Failed Modular Knee Tumor Prosthesis
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    Chapter 244 Case 62: Correction of Long Bone Deformities due to Ollier’s Disease with Ilizarov Method
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    Chapter 245 Case 71: Reconstruction of a 22 cm Femur Bone Defect with Transport Over Nail and Cable Technique
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    Chapter 246 Case 73: Pathologic Femur Fracture Close to Distal Femoral Physis
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    Chapter 247 Upper Extremity: An Introduction
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    Chapter 250 Case 91: Ulnarization as Treatment for Radial Clubhand (RCH)
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    Chapter 251 Case 96: Multiple Hereditary Exostoses: Forearm Deformities
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    Chapter 252 Case 100: Reconstruction of the Elbow After Gunshot Injury with Dynamic Articulated Frame
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    Chapter 253 Case 89: Radial Clubhand
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    Chapter 254 Case 93: Correction of Forearm by Corrective Radial Osteotomy and Ulnar Lengthening by Distraction Osteogenesis Deformity in Hereditary Multiple Osteochondromatosis
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    Chapter 255 Case 90: Radial Clubhand Correction with Radius Lengthening Using the Ilizarov/TSF
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    Chapter 256 Case 81: Humeral Lengthening and Deformity Correction in Ollier’s Disease: Distraction Osteogenesis with a Multiaxial Correction Frame
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    Chapter 257 Case 84: Humeral Lengthening in Erb's Palsy
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    Chapter 258 Case 94: Correction of Forearm Deformities in Herediatry Multiple Exostosis (MHE)
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    Chapter 259 Case 99: Mangled Upper Extremity Salvaged with Spatial Frame, Skin Grafts, Radial Lengthening, and Wrist Fusion
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    Chapter 260 Case 101: Mangled Upper Extremity Salvaged with Spatial Frame, Skin Grafts, Wrist Fusion and Transfer of FCR to EDC
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    Chapter 261 Case 87: Varus and Shortening of the Proximal Humerus
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    Chapter 262 Case 102: Fracture of the Humerus Treated Initially with a Flexible Intramedullary Nail and Later Converted to Circular External Fixation due to Non-union
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    Chapter 263 Case 83: Adolescent with 15 cm Humeral Shortening from Osteomyelitis Treated by Humeral Lengthening via Circular External Fixation
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    Chapter 264 Case 29: Intraoperative SSEP Monitoring of Circular External Fixation in Achondroplasia
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    Chapter 266 Case 86: Humeral Lengthening with a Motorized Intramedullary Lengthening Nail
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    Chapter 267 Case 74: Oncologic Defects: Reconstruction Following Initial Treatment Failure
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    Chapter 270 Case 65: Distraction Epiphysiolysis Prior to Resection of a Malignant Bone Tumor (Osteosarcoma)
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    Chapter 271 Case 64: Repair and Lengthening After Nonunion of Free Vascularized Fibula Graft for Reconstruction of Osteosarcoma of the Tibia
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    Chapter 272 Case 77: Reconstruction of Failed Allograft Reconstruction with Combined Technique (Low-Grade Osteosarcoma)
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    Chapter 274 Case 79: Combined Technique for Simultaneous Reconstruction of Ankle Instability and Tibial Lengthening Following Sacrifice of the Sciatic Nerve
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    Chapter 275 Case 75: Failed Allograft Reconstruction (Nonunion) for Malignant Bone
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    Chapter 276 Case 25: Correction of Windswept Rotational Deformity with Fixator Assisted Plating Technique
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    Chapter 277 Case 40: Neglected Rotatory Knee Dislocation Treated with the Taylor Spatial Frame
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    Chapter 278 Case 103: Humerus Nonunion Treated with Fixator Augmented Rod Technique
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    Chapter 283 Case 21: Complex Tibial Deformity: Acute Correction and IM Nail Fixation
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    Chapter 284 Case 13: Complex Femoral Deformity: Acute Correction and IM Nail Fixation
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    Chapter 285 Case 32: Acute Correction of Tibial Deformity and Plate Fixation, with Subsequent Lengthening Over Plate
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    Chapter 286 Case 51: Acute Shortening and Re-lengthening to Bridge Bone Defects
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    Chapter 289 Case 56: Lengthening of a Very Short Below Knee Amputation Residual Limb to Enhance Prosthetic Wear
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    Chapter 290 Case 9: Limb Lengthening of 14 cm with Simultaneous Deformity Correction of Femur and Tibia by Fully Implantable, Electric Driven Lengthening Nails
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    Chapter 291 Case 34: Simultaneous Lengthening and Deformity Correction over Customized Intramedullary Locking Nail (LON) for Multidimensional Deformity of the Proximal Tiba
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    Chapter 292 Case 23: Complex Deformity After PFFD Treatment – Multifocal, Gradual Correction on Femur and Tibia with Monolateral External Fixation
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    Chapter 293 Case 10: Malaligned and Short Femur Associated with Vascular Deficit – 2 Stage Realignment and Lengthening with Custom Made Magnetic Driven Intramedullary Nail
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    Chapter 294 Case 53: Cable Technique with a Medial Monorail for Bone Transport and Extended Soft Tissue Access for Reconstruction of More Than 16 cm of Tibial Bone
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    Chapter 297 Case 50: Staged Revision of a Chronic Infected Ipsilateral THA and TKA Using an Antibiotic Laden PMMA Functional Spacer Incorporating a Knee Fusion Nail
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    Chapter 298 Case 42: Reconstruction of a Lateral Femoral Condyle Articular Surface Defect with a Fresh Osteochondral Allograft
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    Chapter 299 Case 41: Knee Joint Osteochondral Reconstruction Using Fresh Femoral Head Autograft
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    Chapter 300 Case 43: Salvage of an Infected Malunion of a Lateral Tibial Plateau with Staged Revision to a Bulk Osteochondral Allograft and Associated Lateral Meniscal Transplant
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    Chapter 307 Case 19: Bilateral Genu Varum and LLD Corrected with an Internal Lengthening IMN and Contralateral HTO
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    Chapter 309 Case 15: Periarticular Femur Deformity and LLD: A Modern Approach
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    Chapter 310 Case 98: Bilateral Metacarpal Lengthening for Congenital Brachymetcarpia
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    Chapter 311 Case 12: Bilateral Distal Femoral Osteotomy, Opening Wedge with Plate, for Genu Valgum
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    Chapter 314 Case 11: Partial Union After Lengthening, A New Concept in Bone Healing
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    Chapter 315 Case 38: LLD After Total Hip Replacement Treated with Precice Nail
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    Chapter 316 Case 60: Post-traumatic Short Femoral Stump Lengthened with a Monolateral External Fixator
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    Chapter 317 Case 3: Tibial Lengthening Using a PRECICE Nail
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    Chapter 321 Case 82: Humeral Lengthening for Septic Growth Arrest
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    Chapter 322 Case 6: Congenital Femoral and Tibial Shortening Internally Lengthened with an ISKD and a Precice Nail
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    Chapter 323 Case 80: Humeral Deformity Secondary to Ollier Disease – Angular Correction and Lengthening with a Taylor Spatial Frame
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    Chapter 326 Case 97: Forearm Deformity in a Fourteen-Year-Old Boy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta
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    Chapter 330 Case 88: Arthrogryposis Elbow Extension Contracture
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    Chapter 347 Case 92: Congenital Malformation of the Upper Limb (Ulnar Clubhand) in a 6 Year Old Child Treated by Lengthening Associated with Flexible Intramedullary Nailing
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    Chapter 350 Case 85: Deformity of the Humerus in a Four Year Old Boy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta
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    Chapter 366 Case 95: Cubitus Varus Deformity due to Multiple Hereditary Exostosis Treated with Ulnar Lengthening and Closed Radio-Capitulum Reduction
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Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Surgery Case Atlas
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S. Robert Rozbruch, Reggie C. Hamdy

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