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Petrogenesis and Exploration of the Earth’s Interior

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Biogeochemical Mapping: A New Tool to Assess the Soil Quality and Health
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    Chapter 2 Geochemical and Geophysical Evolution of Regional Mantle Flow Beneath Volcanic Harrats in the West Arabian Shield (Saudi Arabia)
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    Chapter 3 Petrology, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Sidi El Hemissi Triassic ‘Ophites’ (Souk Ahras, NE Algeria)
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    Chapter 4 Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Implication of A-Type Granite from Zaranda (North-Central Nigeria)
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    Chapter 5 New Model of Wadati-Benioff Zone in Java-Sumatra Subduction System and Its Tectonic Implication
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    Chapter 6 Geothermal and Volcanic Evaluation of Harrat Rahat, Northwestern Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)
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    Chapter 7 The South West Atakor Volcanic District (Hoggar-Algeria): Petrography and Mineralogy from the Taessa Lavas
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    Chapter 8 Primary Studies of Taessa-Torak Granitic Massif: Petrography and Mineralogy (Central Hoggar, Algeria)
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    Chapter 9 Tracing the Missing Argoland Beneath Java: Evidence from Geochemical Signature and Seismic Tomogram
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    Chapter 10 Rb-Sr and Oxygen Isotope Study of the Swat Granite Gneisses (Pakistan): Implications for the Magmatic Source and Tectonic Setup
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    Chapter 11 Textural and Mineral Chemistry Data Related to the Karapinar-Karacadag Volcanic Complex (Konya-Central Anatolia)
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    Chapter 12 Characteristic Magnetic Behavior of Southwest Nigerian Granitoids
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    Chapter 13 Petrographical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Mauritanides Belts’ Birbirites
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    Chapter 14 Petrography, Origin and Geochemical Characters of the Granitoids of the Southern Part of the Nellore Schist Belt, Andhra Pradesh, India
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    Chapter 15 Petrography, Mineralogy and Thermodynamic Modeling of Eclogites from the Serkout Area, Central Hoggar, Algeria
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    Chapter 16 The First Example of Kyanit-Staurolite-Garnet–Bearing Metapelites from the Hoggar (Egéré Terrane, South Algeria)
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    Chapter 17 Petrographic, Mineralogical and Geothermometric Study of Garnet Hornfels from the Region of Iddeleh Silet Hoggar Occidental Algeria
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    Chapter 18 Physical Characteristics of the Massive Meteorite of Saudi Empty Quarter
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    Chapter 19 Study of the Compositional, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of Saudi Meteorite
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    Chapter 20 Microfacies Analysis and Geochemical Evaluation of Campanian-Maastrichtian Limestone Along the Benin Flank, Southwestern Nigeria
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    Chapter 21 Heavy Metal Concentration of Sediments from the Eastern Niger Delta Basin, South-East Nigeria
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    Chapter 22 Distribution of Major and Trace Elements in Soil and Sediments Along the Nile River and Delta—(Egypt): A Case Study
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    Chapter 23 Enigma of Ferruginous Inclusions in Evaporites
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    Chapter 24 Grain Size Distribution and Enrichment Evaluation of Trace Metals in the Mediterranean Harbor Lagoon (Kalaât Andalous, Tunisa)
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    Chapter 25 Trace Metal Concentrations in Surface Water in Ichkeul Lake Basin: a Case Study
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    Chapter 26 Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Miocene and Pliocenesediments of the Northern Margin of the Lower Chelif Basin (Western Tellian Domain, North Algeria)
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    Chapter 27 Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of the Northern Phosphatic Series of the Sra-Ouertane Basin (Tunisia)
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    Chapter 28 Stable Isotope Geochemistry of the Pleistocene Lacustrine-Palustrine Carbonates (Borj Edouane Unit, NW Tunisia)
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    Chapter 29 Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Paleocene-Eocene Depositional Sequences in Oued Thelja Section, SW Gafsa, Tunisia
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    Chapter 30 Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of the Tamerza Area Upper Lutetian-Preabonian Successions (Southwest Tunisia)
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    Chapter 31 Potential Heavy Mineral - Enriched Black Sand Deposits South Ras Banas Red Sea Coast (Egypt)
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    Chapter 32 Geochemistry of Urban Soil in the Fast-Growing Kuito City (Angola)
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    Chapter 33 Phosphorus Speciation and Trace Metals in Core Sediment of Kuwait Bay
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    Chapter 34 New Insights on the Ermioni VMS Ore Based on Ore Texture and Host Rock Lithology and Geochemistry (SE Argolis Peninsula, Peloponnese, Greece)
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    Chapter 35 Elemental Geochemistry of Subsurface Sediments of Lower Baitarani Basin, East Coast of India: Implications for Paleoredox Condition
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    Chapter 36 Mineralogical and Chemical Comparison of Carbonate From Sites Selected for Artisanal Cement Production With Limestone Used in Commercial Operations
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    Chapter 37 Stratigraphic and Mineralogical Study of Chouabine Formation in the Meknassy Basin (Central Tunisia)
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    Chapter 38 What Factors Determine the Geometries of Fault-Associated Dolomitization Geometries in Shallow-Marine Carbonates?
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    Chapter 39 Fracture-Related Dolomitization Affecting Late Jurassic—Lowermost Cretaceous Syn-rift Deposits (Maestrat Basin, Southern Iberian Chain, Eastern Spain)
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    Chapter 40 First Report of Cryptomelane in Altered Rhyolite from Tazrouk Volcanic District, Latea, Hoggar, Algeria
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    Chapter 41 Mineralogy Recognition from In-Situ Elemental Concentration Log Data Using Factor Analysis
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    Chapter 42 Fluid Inclusions, Solid-Solid Transitions in Salt, Ceramics and Minerals to Calibrate the Microthermometric Stage
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    Chapter 43 Palygorskite Versus Tetra (N-Methylpyridyl) Porphyrin: Characterization and Interaction
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    Chapter 44 Mg-Exchanged Montmorillonite Undergoing External Environmental Solicitation: Crystalline Swelling Process Investigation
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    Chapter 45 Potassium Fixation in Beidellite Through Wetting and Drying
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    Chapter 46 Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Chlorite in the OB48 Borehole (Nefza, Northern Tunisia)
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    Chapter 47 Elaboration and Characterization of New Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes from Natural Clay: Application of Treatment of Textile Wastewater
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    Chapter 48 Characterization at High Temperature of the Porcelanite Mineral Phases from the Gafsa-Metlaoui Basin and Valuation in the Ceramic Domain
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    Chapter 49 Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Supergene Alteration of Neogene Hawaiites of Moktaa el Hadid (Nefza, Northern Tunisia)
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    Chapter 50 Structural Properties of Phosphate-Washing Waste Based Geopolymeric Mortars
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    Chapter 51 The Montagut Fault System: Geometry and Fluid Flow Analysis (Southern Pyrennes, Spain)
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    Chapter 52 From Rock-Buffered to Open Fluid System During Emplacement of the Lower Pedraforca Thrust Sheet (South Pyrenees)
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    Chapter 53 Evolution of the Fluid System During the Formation of the Fault-Related Bóixols Anticline (Southern Pyrenees)
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    Chapter 54 Controls on Convective Fluid Flow Systems Resulting in the Formation of Massive Diagenetic Alterations
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    Chapter 55 Biogenic Methane Production from Various Coal Rank and Its Controlling Factors Using Ruminant Waste as a Microorganism-Consortium Source
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    Chapter 56 Sn-W Mineralization Associated with the DJILOUET Complex, Eastern Hoggar (Algeria)
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    Chapter 57 Mineralogic Data and Geochemical Characteristics of the Berrahal Banded Iron Formations (Edough Massif. NE of Algeria)
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    Chapter 58 Contribution to the Study of Bauxites’ Formation in the Fongo-Tongo (Western Cameroon) Sites
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    Chapter 59 Mapping Geochemical Anomalies Through Principal Components Analysis in BIF Mines: An Approach Referring to the Bonito Mine, Northeastern Brazil
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    Chapter 60 The Mineral Exploration of the Iron Ores in the Eastern Aswan, by Using Geophysical Techniques
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    Chapter 61 Unique PGE-Cu-Ni Oktyabr’skoe Deposit (Noril’sk Area, Siberia, Russia): New Data on Its Structure and Mineralization
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    Chapter 62 Micro-Geochemical Research in Mineral Exploration, Case Study of the Massive Sulfides of the Bathurst Mining Camp, Canada
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    Chapter 63 Gold Metallogeny of the Egyptian South Eastern Desert
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    Chapter 64 Geology, Petrography, and Mineral Chemistry of the Zn Pb-Cu-Sulfide Deposits of the Filfila Massif (East Algeria)
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    Chapter 65 Reef Cenomanian Carbonate Hosted Fluorite Ore Deposits at Jebel Mokta, Northeastern Tunisia
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    Chapter 66 Geomagnetic Assessment of the Igbeti Marble Deposit (Nigeria)
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    Chapter 67 Mineralogical and Sulfur Isotopes in Ghar Roubane Barite Lead–Zinc Deposit, (Western Algeria)
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    Chapter 68 Cr-Ni-PGE Mineralization and Serpentinization of Peridotites in Beni Bousera Massif (Internal Rif, Morocco)
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    Chapter 69 The Use of Rare Earth Elements Patterns in the Exploration of Massive Sulphide Ores, Ariab Area, Red Sea Hills, NE Sudan
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    Chapter 70 Classification of Composite Pegmatite via Staining and Digital Image Processing in the Bulfat Complex, Qala Deza, NE (Iraq)
Attention for Chapter 18: Physical Characteristics of the Massive Meteorite of Saudi Empty Quarter
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Physical Characteristics of the Massive Meteorite of Saudi Empty Quarter
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Petrogenesis and Exploration of the Earth’s Interior
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Springer, Cham, January 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-01575-6_18
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V. Masilamani, Nasser Alarif, W. Aslam Farooq, Muhammad Atif, Shahid Ramay, Hayat Saeed Althobaiti, Saqib Anwar, Ibrahim Elkhedr, M. S. AlSalhi, Bassam A. Abuamarah

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