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Transforming Heritage Practice in the 21st Century

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: The Critical Junctures of Archaeology, Heritage, and Communities
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    Chapter 2 Creating Opportunities and Managing Expectations: Evaluating Community Archaeology in Ireland
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    Chapter 3 A Tale of the Unexpected: A Heritage Encounter with a New Target Audience and the Sociocultural Impact Experienced by this Community of Participants
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    Chapter 4 Community Archaeology in Eastern Europe. An Example from the Republic of Moldova
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    Chapter 5 Risk in the Tshimbupfe–Berkeley Collaborative Archaeology Partnership as Engaged Scholarship
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    Chapter 6 Heritage and Community Archaeology in South-Western Nigeria
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    Chapter 7 Barriers to Community Archaeology: Reviewing the Legal Heritage Frameworks Within the South African Context
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    Chapter 8 Working Alongside: Community Archaeology in Post-native Title Australia
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    Chapter 9 Learning from the Ancient Maya: Conservation of the Culture and Nature of the Maya Forest
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    Chapter 10 Heritages in Conflict: Interpreting Controversial History with Stakeholder Engagement
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    Chapter 11 Increasing Heritage Awareness Through Community Participation: African-Brazilian Community Participation in a Diversity Context
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    Chapter 12 Shipwrecks and Sport Divers: Florida’s Programs in Participatory Preservation Underwater
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    Chapter 13 Time Traveling in Delaware State Parks: Issues and Strategies for a Public Participation Program
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    Chapter 14 From Performance to Participation: Fostering a Sense of Shared Heritage Through Archaeology at the Presidio of San Francisco
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    Chapter 15 Archaeology as a Building Block for Popular Memory
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    Chapter 16 Archaeological Commitment to Participation from the Local to the International: Discovering the El Pilar Community
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    Chapter 17 Promoting Descendant Communities in Urban Community Archaeology: A study of Canberra, Australia
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    Chapter 18 Working with Communities and World Heritage Places: Local, Professional and Educational Communities and the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority
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    Chapter 19 Reclaiming Rock Art: Descendant Community Investment in Australian and New Zealand Patrimony
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    Chapter 20 From Forgotten to National Monument: Community Archaeology at a World War II Internment Camp in Hawai‘i
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    Chapter 21 Empowering Communities: The 12,000 Year History Park Project—Lexington County, Cayce, South Carolina, USA
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    Chapter 22 Bring It On! Increasing Heritage Participation Through Engagement Opportunities at Unconventional Places
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    Chapter 23 Citizen Science in Archaeology: Developing a Collaborative Web Service for Archaeological Finds in Finland
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    Chapter 24 Community Archaeology and Engagement at Trellech, Wales
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    Chapter 25 “The Eternal Drabness of DeHoCo”: Documenting and Memorializing Built Heritage Through Urban Exploration in Detroit
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    Chapter 26 Like Ripples Across a Pond: Catalyzing Heritage Programs Through Radical Openness
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    Chapter 27 Activism from the Archives: Changing Narratives to Engage New Communities
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    Chapter 28 Reaching Out: The Participatory Culture Model and Current Approaches to the Creation of New Archaeological Knowledge with Local Communities
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    Chapter 29 Computational Science, Convergence Culture, and the Creation of Archaeological Knowledge and Understanding
Attention for Chapter 26: Like Ripples Across a Pond: Catalyzing Heritage Programs Through Radical Openness
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