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Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Livelihood Vulnerability and Displacement in Coastal Bangladesh: Understanding the Nexus
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    Chapter 3 The Application of the Macroeconomics Analysis of Climate Changes Model (MACC-Model) in China: Floods
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    Chapter 4 Kastom, Climate Change and Intergenerational Democracy: Experiences from Vanuatu
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    Chapter 5 Urban Poor Women and Climate Change in India: Enhancing Adaptive Capacity Through Communication for Development
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    Chapter 6 Local Community Perception of Climate Change and Scientific Validation: A Review of Initiatives and Perspectives in the Indian Region
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    Chapter 7 Managing Environmental Migration to Improve Economic and Social Outcomes in Developing Asia and Pacific
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    Chapter 8 Urban Environmental Governance: Bangladesh as a Case in Point
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    Chapter 9 The Economic Value of Cyclonic Storm-Surge Risks: A Hedonic Case Study of Residential Property in Exmouth, Western Australia
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    Chapter 10 Understanding the Role of Trust in Network-Based Responses to Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation in the Asia-Pacific Region
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    Chapter 11 Local Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study Among the Indigenous Palaw’ans in the Philippines
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    Chapter 12 Managing “Climate Migration” in Mongolia: The Importance of Development Policies
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    Chapter 13 Climate Change and Adaptation Challenges in the Pacific
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    Chapter 14 The Strategic Partnerships on Climate Change in Asia-Pacific Context: Dynamics of Sino-U.S. Cooperation
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    Chapter 15 Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation in Nepal: Needs and Perspectives
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    Chapter 16 Climate Change Policy and Sustainable Energy Development in Fiji: Implications to Pacific Island States
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    Chapter 17 Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts and Socioeconomic Attributes of Rural Households in Solomon Islands
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    Chapter 18 The Significance of Contextual Vulnerability in Effective Adaptation to Climate Change on Tuvalu
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    Chapter 19 Pathways for Climate Resilient Livelihoods: The Case of a Large Cardamom Farming in the Dzongu Valley of the Tista River Basin, Sikkim Himalaya
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    Chapter 20 Progress Towards Low Carbon Fuels in the Pacific: Prospects and Challenges
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    Chapter 21 Towards Low Carbon Hotels in the Pacific Region: A Study of Energy Consumption and Efficiency in Hotels Using Models Based on Energy Performance Indicators
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    Chapter 22 Integrating Technologies, Measures and Policies for Climate Resilient Economy: A Case Analysis from Emerging Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region
Attention for Chapter 15: Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation in Nepal: Needs and Perspectives
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