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The Components of Sustainable Development

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Developing Sustainability Through Collaborative Action
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    Chapter 2 Bring Back the Core Concepts of CSR—Indian Context
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    Chapter 3 CSR Interventions in India Under State Invitation: An Artisans’ Perspective on ‘Adopt a Heritage’ Programme
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    Chapter 4 CSR, a Pretence or a Bona Fide; Case Study of M&S and Next
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    Chapter 5 Future Sustainability, Innovation and Marketing: A Framework for Understanding Impediments to Sustainable Innovation Adoption and Corporate Social Responsibility
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    Chapter 6 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Selected Private Corporates in Kerala
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    Chapter 7 Hero or Villain: A Study Based on Aravind Adiga’s “the White Tiger” as Reach of Realism
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    Chapter 8 Green Motivation in China: Insights from a Large Hybrid Mixture of Ownership and Corporate Governance State-Owned Cashmere Producer
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    Chapter 9 Comparative Study on Environmental Commitment of Luxury Hotel Brands with Five Globes of Environmental Responsibility
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    Chapter 10 Is Planet B Necessary? Arguments Concerning Depleted Resources and Consequences for Sustainability
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    Chapter 11 Comparative Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP) from Selected Hotel Brands and Identifying Areas for the CSRP Enhancement
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    Chapter 12 Social Business for Sustainable Development: A Developing Country Perspective
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    Chapter 13 Institutional Social Responsibility in Higher Learning Institutions
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    Chapter 14 Storytelling and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Review of BHP 1992–2017
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    Chapter 15 Social Enterprise as Catalyst for Change: Case Study of India and UK
Attention for Chapter 14: Storytelling and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Review of BHP 1992–2017
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