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Handbook of Climate Change Resilience

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Resilience of Greek Communities Hosting Climate Migrants: The Perceptions of Environmental Educators
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    Chapter 2 Effect of Climate Variability on Crop Income in Central Highlands of Ethiopia
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    Chapter 4 Sequestrated Carbon Content in Tree Species and Diurnal Temperature Influence for Adaptive Climate Change Resilience in Nigeria
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    Chapter 8 Sustainability of Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Rivers State, South-South, Nigeria
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    Chapter 9 Climate Resilience in African Coastal Areas: Scaling Up Institutional Capabilities in the Niger Delta Region
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    Chapter 10 Livelihood Resilience of the Indigenous Munda Community in the Bangladesh Sundarbans Forest
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    Chapter 12 Climate and Climate Change Scenarios in the Indian Thar Region
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    Chapter 13 Domestic Water and Disaster Management Legislation: A Key Tool for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement in LDCs
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    Chapter 14 Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Gender Perspectives from a Participatory Vulnerability Assessment in Mountainous Rural Vietnam
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    Chapter 15 Climate Change: Depression in Egg Production in Chickens During the Hot Season with Long-Term Honey Administration
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    Chapter 16 Climate Change Resilience: Role of Insurers in Bridging the Gap Between Climate Change Science and Heterogeneous Stakeholders
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    Chapter 18 Climate Variability and Change in Guinea Savannah Ecological Zone, Nigeria: Assessment of Cattle Herders’ Responses
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    Chapter 19 Building Community Capacity in Fragile Environments: Case Study of the Mara Serengeti Ecosystem
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    Chapter 20 Climate-Proof Retrofitting of Urban Areas for the Same Cost
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    Chapter 22 Persuading Pacific Maritime Supply Chain Stakeholders to Prioritize Climate Change Resilience
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    Chapter 24 Fostering Climate Smartness in Smallholder Farming Systems: Business Promotional Approaches for Improved Maize Varieties in Eastern and Southern Africa
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    Chapter 25 Innovation Systems to Adapt to Climate Change: Lessons from the Kenyan Coffee and Dairy Sectors
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    Chapter 26 Optimizing Outputs of Nigerian Research Institutes to Achieve National Food Security in the Face of Climate Change
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    Chapter 27 Enhancing Resilience of Livelihoods and Production Systems to Climate Variability and Other Related Risks in Africa
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    Chapter 28 Assessment of the Degree of Households’ Vulnerability to Climate Variability in Nigeria
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    Chapter 29 Building Resilience of Urban Ecosystems and Communities to Sea-Level Rise: Jamaica Bay, New York City
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    Chapter 30 Financing Projects for Improving Climate Change Resilience: The Cases of Djibouti and Yemen
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    Chapter 31 Risk Perception and Action to Reduce the Impact of Floods in the Czech Republic
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    Chapter 32 Water Management as a Means for Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Development
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    Chapter 33 Urbanization, Climate Linked Water Vulnerability as Impediments to Gender Equality: A Case Study of Delhi, India
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    Chapter 34 Fostering Climate-Resilient Biodiversity Framework in West Africa and Implications for Regional Development
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    Chapter 35 Causes and Impacts of Climate Change in Asia Pacific: Integrated Responses and Need for Change in Decision Making in Australia
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    Chapter 36 Saline Agriculture: A Climate Smart Integrated Approach for Climate Change Resilience in Degraded Land Areas
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    Chapter 38 Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Action Plans to Support Climate-Resilient Development in the Eastern African Highlands
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    Chapter 39 Discussion with Farmers in Southwestern Nigeria on Climate Change and Agriculture
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    Chapter 40 Cross-Disciplinary Drivers: Benefit to Smallholder Farmers and to Achieve SDGs by Various Means
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    Chapter 41 Working Together to Build Climate Resilience in Hudson Riverfront Communities
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    Chapter 42 Climate-Resilient Agricultural Practices in Different Agro-ecological Zones of Bangladesh
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    Chapter 43 Planning and Climate Change in Serbia: Integrated Responses to the Causes and Impacts
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    Chapter 44 Urban Climate Change Vulnerability, Responses, and Policies in Qatar: An Assessment
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    Chapter 45 Vulnerability of Uganda’s Electricity Sector to Climate Change: An Integrated Systems Analysis
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    Chapter 46 Managing the Increasing Heat Stress in Rural Areas
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    Chapter 47 Agro-met Services and Farmer Responsiveness to Advisories: Implications for Climate Smart Agriculture
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    Chapter 48 From Vulnerability Assessments to Low/No Regret Resilience Planning in Rural Contexts
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    Chapter 50 Resettlement and Relocation Options for Coastal Communities
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    Chapter 51 Building Resilience to Climate Change: Water Stewardship in Rainfed Agrarian Villages in Maharashtra, India
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    Chapter 53 Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Women in Nile Delta, Egypt
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    Chapter 56 Quality Management System for Climate Change Adaptation for the Tri-City Area Bergisches Städtedreieck
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    Chapter 60 Resilience to Extreme Events in the City of La Paz, Mexico
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    Chapter 61 Institutional Barriers in Local Adaptation Policies
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    Chapter 64 Environmental Sustainability and Systems Thinking: A Foundation for More Effective Climate Policy
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    Chapter 65 Vulnerability and Adaptation Levels of the Construction Industry in Kenya to Climate Change
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    Chapter 66 Policy and Institutional Dimensions in Climate-Smart Agriculture Adoption: Case of Rural Communities in Zimbabwe
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    Chapter 68 Resilience in Climate Stressed Environment Through Water Grabbing
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    Chapter 70 Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security: An Appraisal
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    Chapter 71 Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaption Under the Small Farming Households of Konso Community, Southern Ethiopia
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    Chapter 72 Impacts of Some Climatic Factors on Soil Quality of Tropical Acid-Sand Soils
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    Chapter 73 Bioremediation Effects of Nitrogen Fixing Trees on Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Spent Engine Oil Polluted Soil
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    Chapter 74 Role of Climate Justice in Strengthening Adaptive Capacities in Developing Countries
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    Chapter 75 Climate Change and Population Growth in Pastoral Communities of Ngorongoro District, Tanzania
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    Chapter 76 Toward Climate-Resilient African Indigenous Vegetable Production in Kenya
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    Chapter 78 Determinants of Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies at Farm Plot Level: An Assessment from Southern Tanzania
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    Chapter 79 Agricultural Impacts of the 2015/2016 Drought in Ethiopia Using High-Resolution Data Fusion Methodologies
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    Chapter 80 Drought-Tolerant Crops in Kirinyaga County, Kenya: Climate-Smart Agriculture Adaptation Strategies
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    Chapter 81 Intensifying Maize Production Under Climate Change Scenarios in Central West Burkina Faso
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    Chapter 82 Understanding Kenyan Farmers’ Perceptions of and Responses to Climatic Variability to Build their Resilience
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    Chapter 83 Mitigating and Adapting to “Arid” Climate Extremes: Impacts of Locally Prioritized Ecosystem-Based Adaptations at the Water-Energy Nexus
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    Chapter 86 Effect of Mulching on Soil Temperature and Moisture for Potato Production in Agro-ecological Zones of Central Highlands of Kenya
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    Chapter 88 Household Head-Related Social Capital: The Trump Card for Facilitating Actual Uptake of Innovation in Rural Smallholder Systems
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    Chapter 89 Climate Change Adaptation Through Science-Farmer-Policy Dialogue in Mali
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    Chapter 90 Fertilization Strategies Based on Climate Information to Enhance Food Security Through Improved Dryland Cereals Production
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    Chapter 91 Livestock Market Improvement with Anthropological Approach in Drought Resilience Project in Northern Kenya
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    Chapter 92 Drip Watering Regimes on Growth Performance, Yield, and Water Use Efficiency of Sorghum in Semi-arid Environment of Tanzania: Effects
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    Chapter 94 Managing Vulnerability to Drought and Enhancing Smallholder Farmers Resilience to Climate Change Risks in Zimbabwe
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    Chapter 95 Building Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Community Resilience Against Drought in the Context of the Paris Agreement: The Case of Isiolo County, Kenya
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    Chapter 96 Determinants of Household Food Security Status and Challenges of Building Resilience to Climate Variability and Change Posed by Drought in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya
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    Chapter 97 Climate Change Adaptation Among Female-Led Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Semiarid Areas: A Case Study from Kenya
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    Chapter 98 Implications for Mitigation and Adaptation Measures: Rice Farmers’ Response and Constraints to Climate Change in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State
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    Chapter 99 Assessment of Barriers to Food Security in North-Eastern Nigeria
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    Chapter 100 Rural Farmers’ Adaptation Decision to Climate Change in Niger Delta Region, Nigeria
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    Chapter 101 Economic Viability of Alternative Small-Scale Irrigation Systems Used in Vegetables Production in Koulikoro and Mopti Regions, Mali
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    Chapter 102 Cultivar Selection and Management Strategies for Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet in Africa
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    Chapter 103 Introduction of a Biodiversity Farming Concept in Amuru District, Uganda
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    Chapter 104 Building Eco-social Resilience in Rural Communities: Benefits of Permaculture Pedagogy and Praxis
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    Chapter 105 Climate Finance as a Catalyst for Initiating an African Green Revolution to Enhance Drought Resilience: Policy Prospects and Challenges
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    Chapter 106 Green Bonds: A Catalyst for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
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    Chapter 107 Building Vulnerable Islander Resilience to Natural Hazard: A Participatory Approach
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    Chapter 109 Scaling Up Climate-Smart Agricultural (CSA) Solutions for Smallholder Cereals and Livestock Farmers in Zambia
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    Chapter 110 Isolation as a Barrier for the Climate Change Actions of Insurers
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    Chapter 112 Early Warning System and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Prevent Flooding in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria
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    Chapter 114 Climate Variability and Water Availability in Riparian Rural Communities of the Ebrié Lagoon in Côte d’Ivoire
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    Chapter 115 Multidimensional Framework for Achieving Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Nigeria
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    Chapter 116 Potential of Smart Aquaculture Technologies on Improving Fish Production in Malawi
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    Chapter 117 Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: A Systematic Review of Interventions, Impacts, and Challenges
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    Chapter 119 Microbial Inoculants for Improving Carbon Sequestration in Agroecosystems to Mitigate Climate Change
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    Chapter 120 Climate Change and Variability in the Mixed Crop/Livestock Production Systems of Central Ethiopian Highland
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    Chapter 122 Impact of Smart Crop-Livestock Diversification as Climate Change Adaptation Strategies on Farmers’ Living Conditions, Tahoua State, Niger Republic
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    Chapter 123 Area Exclosure as a Strategy for Climate Change Mitigation: Case Study from Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia
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    Chapter 124 Balancing Adaptation and Mitigation in the Building Sector of New York State
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    Chapter 125 Biodiversity, Ecosystem Degradation, and Climate Change Effects on Livelihoods in the Bitumen Area of Nigeria
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    Chapter 126 Climate Change and Coastal Resilience in Nigeria
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    Chapter 131 Climate Change Implication on Airborne Infections: Roadmap for Nigeria’s Health Sector Development
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    Chapter 133 Seasonal Climate Forecasts Among Farmers in Nigeria: Assessment of the Usability
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    Chapter 135 Effects of Mentoring and Field Study Instructional Strategies on Students’ Climate Change Reduction Practices in Social Studies in Lagos State
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    Chapter 138 Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation in the Cities of West Africa: Policy Implications for Urban Resilience
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    Chapter 139 Drivers of Deforestation and Land-Use Change in Southwest Nigeria
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    Chapter 145 Asphalt Making Potential of Pyrolytic Bitumen from Waste Rubber Tyres: An Adaptive Measure to Climate Change
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    Chapter 146 Herdsmen on the Move: The Burdens of Climate Change and Environmental Migration in Nigeria
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    Chapter 147 Local Knowledge of Climate Change Among Arable Farmers in Selected Locations in Southwestern Nigeria
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    Chapter 151 Tradition Versus Climate Change: Cultural Importance of Indigenous Fruit Tree and Adaptation in Benin, West Africa
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    Chapter 153 Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation Measures Among Farmers in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria
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    Chapter 155 Forest Cover Change and Its Impacts on Ecosystem Services in Katimok Forest Reserve, Baringo County, Kenya
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    Chapter 156 Sustainability and the Effectiveness of BNRCC Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to Address Climate Change Impact in Nigeria
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    Chapter 157 Adaptation of Sorghum ( Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Crop Yield to Climate Change in Eastern Dryland of Sudan
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    Chapter 158 Assessing Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Production and Commercialization of Bambara Groundnut as an Indigenous Climate-Resilient Crop in Nigeria
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    Chapter 159 Ecotourism as an Adaptation Strategy for Mitigating Climate Change Impacts on Local Communities Around Protected Areas in Ghana
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    Chapter 160 Protecting Climate Change-Induced Internally Displaced Persons in Africa: Relevance of the Kampala Convention
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    Chapter 163 Agriculture in the Face of Climate-Mediated Flooding in Tropical Africa: Technical Innovations of Fish Farmers in Southwestern Nigeria
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    Chapter 164 Leveraging Best Practices for Climate Adaptation in the West African Sahel: The Emergence of Global Alliance for Resilience
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    Chapter 165 Investigation of Rainfall Characteristics in Sudano-Sahelian Region of Nigeria (1971–2006)
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    Chapter 167 Influence of REDD+ Pilot Project on Livelihoods of Mangrove Forest Adjacent Communities in Zanzibar, Tanzania
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    Chapter 168 Climate Change Adaptation: Adoption of GMOs in Africa
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    Chapter 169 Climate Smart Adaptations in the African Tropics: Scaling Weather Information for Decision Support Outcomes in Nigeria Savannahs
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    Chapter 170 Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development: Lessons for Nigeria
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    Chapter 172 Governance Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of Didahara, Borana, Southern Ethiopia
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    Chapter 174 Impacts of Climate Change on Health: Evidences from Multi-stakeholders in the Western Region of Cameroon
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    Chapter 176 Enhancing the Capacity of Vulnerable Community to Climate Change: Role of Quality Declared Seed Production Model in Semi-arid Areas of Central Tanzania
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    Chapter 177 Ecological Limits: Implications for Sustainable Human Capital Development
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    Chapter 178 Urban Water Reclamation with Resource Recovery as a Cornerstone of Urban Climate Change Resilience
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    Chapter 179 Perceptions of Challenges Facing Pastoral Small Ruminant Production in a Changing Climate in Kenya
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    Chapter 180 Assessment of Information on Successful Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices/Innovations in Tanzania
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    Chapter 183 Impact of Climate Change on Growing Season in Nigeria: Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP) as Assessment and Adaptation Tool
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    Chapter 184 Educating Farmers in Rural Areas on Climate Change Adaptation for Sustainability in Nigeria
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    Chapter 187 Water Harvesting Technology for Enhancing Food Security Livelihood: The Case of Northern Katsina State, Nigeria
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    Chapter 188 Assessment of Climatic Variability Effect on Millet Production and Yield
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    Chapter 189 Relationship Between Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Resilience in Rural and Urban Societies
  133. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 190 Climate Change Vulnerability Among Pastoralists and Farmers in Ethiopia
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    Chapter 191 Gender Analysis Approach to Analyzing Gender Differentiated Impacts of Coping Strategies to Climate Change
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    Chapter 192 Addressing Slow Onset Disasters: Lessons from the 2015–2016 El Niño in the Philippines
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Handbook of Climate Change Resilience
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