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Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Partial Discharges of High Frequency Transformer for Space Application in Near Vacuum
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    Chapter 2 Optimization of Magnetic Shunts Towards Efficient and Economical Power Transformers Design
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    Chapter 3 Assessment of Thermal and Electric Field Characteristics of HVDC Cable According to the Inner Filler Size of XLPE
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    Chapter 4 Study on Conducted EMI Based on Wide-Band Model for a ±500 kV MMC-HVDC Station
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    Chapter 5 Study on Simulation and Measurement of EMF in Transmission Underground Cables
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    Chapter 6 Further Developments of Metrological and Simulation-Based Characterization of the Non-contact Measurement of Electrostatic Charge by Means of Electric Field Meters
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    Chapter 7 Calculation of Circulating Current Inside Power Transformers in Non-symmetrical Configurations
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    Chapter 8 Influence of Different Turret-Tank Connection Types on Transformer Turret Eddy Currents
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    Chapter 9 Introducing an Inductive Loop Sensor as an Alternative to Record the Phenomena of a Dense Plasma Focus of 400 J
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    Chapter 10 A New Approach in Calculation of Step Voltages for Complex Grounding Systems by Analytical Considerations Only
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    Chapter 11 Numerical Simulation on DC Breakdown of Polyimide Based on Charge Transport and Molecular Chain Displacement
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    Chapter 12 Thermal Instability Analysis of Station Class Surge Arresters Based on Electrothermal Finite Element Simulation
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    Chapter 13 The Comparison of Approaches to Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field Hygienic Regulations
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    Chapter 14 Two Test Methods Comparison for Power Frequency Electric Field Shielding Materials Evaluation
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    Chapter 15 Investigation of Electric and Magnetic Field in the Application of Dynamic Line Rating
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    Chapter 16 Development and Characterization of a Transient Overvoltage Recorder in Distribution Networks
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    Chapter 17 Condition Evaluation of High Voltage Transmission Line in Thailand
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    Chapter 18 Risk Assessment of Power Transformer in Thailand’s Distribution Grid
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    Chapter 19 Cost-Benefit for HV Transmission Line Renovation and Replacement Based on Failure Probability and Risk-Based Maintenance
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    Chapter 20 Study on Charge and Discharge Phenomenon of Lithium Ion Battery Under High Electric Field
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    Chapter 21 Online and On-site Partial Discharge Measurement of Long Length Power Cables by Using Joints with Integrated PD Sensors
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    Chapter 22 Development of Support Program for Managing Assets by Considering Regular Maintenance Cost and Statistically Expected Failure Cost
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    Chapter 23 SIAD-AERO: A New Methodology for the Inspection of Energy Assets
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    Chapter 24 Thermal Aging of Photovoltaic Cables Based Cross-Linked Polyolefin (XLPO) Insulation
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    Chapter 25 Investigation of Complex Permittivity of XLPO Insulated Photovoltaic DC Cables Due to Thermal Aging
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    Chapter 26 Influenced Voltages on Pipelines by Overhead Lines Operated at AC, DC and with Lightning Conditions
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    Chapter 27 The Variation of Electric Field on the Conductor Surface Characterized by Space Charge Density
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    Chapter 28 Two-Dimensional Stray Loss Calculation of High Voltage Transformer
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    Chapter 29 Influence of Different Factors on the Interruption Characteristics of Paralleled of High-Voltage SF 6 Circuit Breakers with a Highly Coupled Split Reactor
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    Chapter 30 Investigation of High Altitude/Tropospheric Correction Factors for Electric Aircraft Applications
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    Chapter 31 Evaluation of Wind Turbine Earthing System
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    Chapter 32 Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation in a High Voltage Inspection Robot
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    Chapter 33 HCLS Special Hot Yoke for Live Line Maintenance
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    Chapter 34 Evaluation of the Performance of Glass Insulator String with Broken Units Under Artificial Pollution
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    Chapter 35 Ten Years’ Experience of Live Work Implementation in the Slovenian Electrical Energy Field
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    Chapter 36 A Model Based on First Principles for the Simulation of Partial Discharges
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    Chapter 37 Contactless Thermal Online-Monitoring of Electrical Equipment Under Load at High Voltage to Determine the Load Level and Damage Avoidance
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    Chapter 38 Decomposition Characteristics of SF 6 and Component Features Extraction Under Negative DC Partial Discharge
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    Chapter 39 GIS Insulation State Evaluation Based on Multi-source Information Fusion
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    Chapter 40 Operational Aged Switchgear with the Age up to 50 Years – Investigations, Testing, Results – Considerations for Design and Operation of New Switchgear
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    Chapter 41 Insulator Diagnostics Through a Dielectric E-Field Sensor
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    Chapter 42 Investigation on Performances and Functions of Power Emergency Diesel Generators
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    Chapter 43 Condition Assessment of DC XLPE Cables Based on Combination Weighting Method
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    Chapter 44 Identification of Hoarfrost Corona Losses Events Based on Advanced Operational Data Analysis and Weather Modelling
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    Chapter 45 Influence of Oil Temperature on Repeatability of Measurements in Frequency Response Analysis of Power Transformers
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    Chapter 46 Detection of CF 4 Gas Using a Nanomaterial-Based Gas Sensor Fabricated by Dielectrophoresis
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    Chapter 47 Noise Reduction and Classification Method for Partial Discharge Signal Detected by Transient Earth Voltage Sensor Using Wavelet Decomposition
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    Chapter 48 Comparison of Wavelet, Stationary Wavelet and Wavelet Packet Methods for De-noising of Partial Discharge on Power Cable System
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    Chapter 49 Pattern Recognition of Partial Discharges on Power Cable Systems
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    Chapter 50 Partial Discharge Monitoring of Single-Phase Shell-Type 500 KV GSU Transformers in Salto Grande Hydro Power Plant
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    Chapter 51 Partial Discharge Phenomena in Power Capacitor Unit Insulation Under Harmonic Resonance Effects
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    Chapter 52 Partial Discharges Pulse Shape Analysis at AC and DC
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    Chapter 53 Digital Filtering Methods for Interferences on Partial Discharges Under DC Voltage
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    Chapter 54 Fiber-Optic Acoustic Sensors for Partial Discharge Detection in Power Cables
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    Chapter 55 Development of PRPS Conversion Algorithm and Generator Using PRPD Pattern of Underground Power Transmission Cable
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    Chapter 56 Double-End Excitation of Transformer Winding Model for Improved Frequency Response Analysis
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    Chapter 57 Electrical Discharge Localization for Gas Insulated Line Based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing
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    Chapter 58 Mineral Oil and Ester Based Oil/Paper Insulation Decaying Assessment by FTIR Measurements
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    Chapter 59 Experimental Research on Cumulative Deformation of Transformer Winding Induced by Short-Circuit Current Impacts
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    Chapter 60 Construction of Novel Online Partial Discharge Monitoring System in Model Power Apparatus Using Power Line Communication
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    Chapter 61 Identification of Partial Discharge Source in Power Apparatus in Practical Substation Utilizing Artificial Neural Network
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    Chapter 62 Partial Discharge Measurement and Its High Frequency Characteristics in Cast Resin Transformer
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    Chapter 63 Propagation Characteristics of Partial Discharge Radiated Electromagnetic Waves for Insulation Diagnosis of Oil-Filled Bushing
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    Chapter 64 Diagnostics for Vacuum Degree of Vacuum Interrupter Based on Partial Discharge Mechanisms Under Medium Vacuum Level
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    Chapter 65 Research on Energy Harvesting and Its Application in Thermal Condition Monitoring of Three-Core Power Cables
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    Chapter 66 Multidimensional Analysis of a Real Transformer Fleet Based on the Evaluation of Oil Properties
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    Chapter 67 Multidimensional Investigation of Transformer Oil Properties
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    Chapter 68 Determining Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Response by Temperature Normalization Method
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    Chapter 69 Terminal Configuration and Sensitivity Analysis of Tank Current Measurement for FRA Diagnostics of Three-Phase Transformer Winding Model
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    Chapter 70 Reliable Diagnostics on Rotating Machines Using FRA
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    Chapter 71 Partial Discharge Characteristics of Palm Fatty Acid Ester for Dissolved Gas Analysis
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    Chapter 72 Condition Assessment of Underground Cable System Using Health Index and Conditional Multiplying Factor
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    Chapter 73 Comparison of a Thermally Accelerated Aged Oil-Paper Insulation of an Open and Hermetically Sealed System
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    Chapter 74 Investigation on the Accelerated Ageing Behaviour of an Oil-Paper-Insulation Using Different Weight Ratios
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    Chapter 75 Localization of Deviations in Cable Geometry Using FDA Fault Localization Method
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    Chapter 76 Evaluation of Numerical Indices for Objective Interpretation of Frequency Response to Detect Mechanical Faults in Power Transformers
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    Chapter 77 Statistic Based Method for Post-processing Analysis in Lifetime Investigations of Multi-factor Aged Winding Insulation
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    Chapter 78 Electromagnetic Wave Radiation Due to Partial Discharges Inside Power Transformers in the Frequency Domain
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    Chapter 79 Simulation of the Mechanical Vibrations in a High Voltage Transformer
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    Chapter 80 Non-destructive Testing Method for Composite Insulators Based on Digital Shearography
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    Chapter 81 Investigation on the Acid Removal Performance of Oil Regeneration Sorbent Materials
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    Chapter 82 Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Characterization of Aged XLPE Cable Insulation
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    Chapter 83 Evaluation and Performance Benchmarking of Partial Discharge Measurement Sensors Technologies Based on Non-conventional PD Measurement System for Medium Voltage GIS Applications
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    Chapter 84 Spectral Power Analysis of Partial Discharges Waveforms During Electrical Tree Growth Under Different Excitation Frequencies
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    Chapter 85 Development of Testing Method for Static Electrification Within Power Transformer Using Suspended Cellulose Fibers in Insulating Oil
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    Chapter 86 Development of a Digital Twin for the Determination of Transmission Line Conductor Asset Health
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    Chapter 87 Estimation of the Ageing Condition of Oil-Filled Transformers Based on the Oil Parameters Using a Novel Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
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    Chapter 88 Optical Partial Discharge Measurement with Integrated Optical Fibers as Sensing Element
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    Chapter 89 Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Press-Pack IGBT with On-State Collector-Emitter Voltage
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    Chapter 90 Influence on Formation of Methanol and Ethanol in Oil-Filled Transformers Under Accelerated Thermal Aging
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    Chapter 91 Applying Unsupervised Machine Learning Method on FRA Data to Classify Winding Types
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    Chapter 92 Interpreting First Anti-resonance of FRA Responses Through Low Frequency Transformer Modelling
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    Chapter 93 Feasibility of Detecting Partial Discharge in Smoothing Reactor Using UHF Method
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    Chapter 94 Speciality and Applicability of Advanced Response Methods in Contrast to the Traditional Dielectric Measurements for Condition Assessment of Power Transformers
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    Chapter 95 Simulation of Void Discharges and Time Domain Examination of Their Emitted Electromagnetic Signals
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    Chapter 96 A Novel Approach of Critical Span Analysis
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    Chapter 97 Simple Method to Visualize Surface and Space Charges by Specially Processed Colour Pigments
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    Chapter 98 Simulation of Partial Discharge Influenced by Space Charges in Silicone Rubber
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    Chapter 99 Calculation of Space Charge and Field Distributions in a Cable Joint
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    Chapter 100 Study of Deep Dielectric Charging Characteristics and Suppression Method Under Space Irradiation Environment
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    Chapter 101 Charge Traps Depended Space Charge Dynamics and Electrical Breakdown Characteristics of Polymer Insulating Materials
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    Chapter 102 Effect of Deep Traps and Molecular Motion on Dc Breakdown of Polyethylene Nanocomposites
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    Chapter 103 Modelling and Verification of Ion Currents Under Various Air Pressure
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    Chapter 104 Numerical Modelling and Influence of Defects on Space Charges in Epoxy Resin Under HVDC Stresses
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    Chapter 105 Investigations on the Polarity Dependent Charge Carrier Injection in Dielectric Liquids at High DC Voltage Stress
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    Chapter 106 Modelling Space Charge in HVDC Cable Insulation
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    Chapter 107 Study on Signal Correction Method for Measurement of Space Charge Distribution of Multi-dielectrics Using PEA Method
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    Chapter 108 Charge Accumulation on Slightly Conductive Barrier Systems and Its Effect on Breakdown Voltage in an Air Insulated Rod Plane Arrangement
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    Chapter 109 Current and Electric Field Characteristics of 35 Return Strokes from Negative Lightning Measured at Peissenberg Tower Germany
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    Chapter 110 Improvement of Overhead Transmission Lines Lightning Protection by Line Arresters with Separate Groundings and Shielding Wires Fixed at Insulation Racks
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    Chapter 111 Study on Consistency of Failure Probability Characteristics of Oil-Paper Insulation Under Different Impulse Voltages
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    Chapter 112 Insulation Withstand Testing on Surge Arresters and the Influence of Voltage Grading
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    Chapter 113 Characteristics of Failed Bypass Diodes for Photovoltaic Module by Artificial and Natural Lightning
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    Chapter 114 Relationship Between Electron Activation Energy Absorption and Impulse Breakdown Voltage in Polymers
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    Chapter 115 Characterization of Electric Fields Produced by Preliminary Breakdown Pulses Observed in Bogotá, Colombia
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    Chapter 116 Duality-Based Potential Transformer Model Including Black-Box Circuit for High-Frequency Transient Simulation
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    Chapter 117 Propagation of Lightning, Oscillating and Non-standard Impulse Waveforms in Transformer Windings
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    Chapter 118 Recent Developments of Field Grading for High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers
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    Chapter 119 Dimension Estimation of Transformer Windings Based on Frequency Response Measurement
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    Chapter 120 Estimation of Number of Model Units in Transformer Detailed RCLM Model Based on Terminal Measurement in the Case of Unavailable Design Data
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    Chapter 121 Fractal-Based Approach for Modelling Electric Breakdown of Air Gaps: An Application to a 75 cm Positive Rod-Plane Gap
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    Chapter 122 Self Calibrating High Voltage Divider
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    Chapter 123 High Voltage Topologies for Very Fast Transient Measurements
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    Chapter 124 Methods for Field Measurement of the Frequency-Dependent Soil Electrical Properties: Evaluation of Electrode Arrangements Through FEM Computations
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    Chapter 125 Effect of Quenching on Dielectric Properties of ZnO Varistor Ceramics
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    Chapter 126 Analysis of Lightning Overvoltage Base on Grounding Method of Lightning Arresters in Wind Farm
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    Chapter 127 Resonance Behaviour of Shielded High-Voltage Laboratories and the Effect of Interference on Impulse Measurements
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    Chapter 128 On the Use of UHF Sensors in the Detection and Characterization of Pulsed Plasma Discharges
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    Chapter 129 Lightning Fault Rate of Power Distribution Line in Wind Farm in Winter Lightning Area
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    Chapter 130 The Criterion for Electromagnetic Compatibility Evaluation in High Voltage Substations
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    Chapter 131 Simplified Approach for Investigating Overvoltages in DC Cables in a ±320 kV Symmetrical Monopolar HVDC System
  133. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 132 Experimental Investigation of the Overvoltage Steepness Effects on Corona Inception Characteristics
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    Chapter 133 LPS and Grounding System for Light Rail Transit in Tropical Area with High Lightning Density
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    Chapter 134 Verification of the Aging Impact of MOV Ceramics by Recording Wide-Range V/I Characteristics
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    Chapter 135 Experimental Analysis and Suppression for Very Fast Transient Disturbance in Device Power Port During Switching Operation in GIS Substations
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    Chapter 136 Efficient Lightning Protection of a Gas Insulated Substation Replacing an Air-Insulated Substation
  138. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 137 Lightning Performance of an Air Insulated High Voltage Substation
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    Chapter 138 Estimation of the Minimum Backflashover Current of 150 and 400 kV Overhead Transmission Lines Through ATP-EMTP Simulations: Effect of the Lightning Stroke Location Along Line Spans
  140. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 139 Analysis of the Frequency Response of a Grounding System Using the Finite Element Method
  141. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 140 Analysis of the Influence of Soil Stratification Models on Different Grounding System Configurations
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    Chapter 141 Research on a New Type of Fault Current Limiter Based on High Coupled Split Reactor
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 142 Dynamic Non-linearity of Impulse Digitisers and Its Effects on Impulse Voltage Measurement
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    Chapter 143 Non-linear Dynamic Response of a Ground Rod in Resistive Soils
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    Chapter 144 Lightning Performance of Medium Voltage Distribution Networks
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Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering
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