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Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXVI

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Establishing the Origin of Particulate Matter in Eastern Germany Using an Improved Regional Modelling Framework
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    Chapter 2 Ozone in the Eastern United States: Production Efficiency Variability Over Time and Between Sources
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    Chapter 3 Unravelling the Origin of High Ozone Concentrations in Southwestern Europe
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    Chapter 4 Sensitivity of Ambient Atmospheric Formaldehyde to VOC and NO x Emissions: Implications for Predicting Multi-pollutant Benefits of Emission Reductions
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    Chapter 5 Effects of Using Two Different Biogenic Emission Models on Ozone and Particles in Europe
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    Chapter 6 A Proof-of-Concept for Linking the Global Meteorological Model, MPAS-a with the Air Quality Model, CMAQ
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    Chapter 7 Long-Term Trends in Sulfur and Reactive Nitrogen Deposition Across the Northern Hemisphere and United States
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    Chapter 8 Trend Analysis of Air Pollution and Nitrogen Deposition Over the Netherlands Using the EMEP4NL and OPS Model
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    Chapter 9 Atmospheric Contribution to Eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
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    Chapter 10 Modelling the Concentration of Ammonia and Exceedance of the Critical Level in the UK
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    Chapter 11 Stratospheric Age-Of-Air and SF6 Simulations with Silam
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    Chapter 12 Spatio-Temporal Monitoring and Modelling of Birch Pollen in Belgium
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    Chapter 13 Development and Verification of a New Meteo-Dispersive Modelling System for Accidental Releases in the Italian Territory: SMART
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    Chapter 14 Comprehensive Modelling and Visualization of Particulate Matter in Support of Air Quality Management in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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    Chapter 15 Source Localization of Ruthenium-106 Detections in Autumn 2017 Using Inverse Modelling
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    Chapter 16 Comparing the ISORROPIA and EQSAM Aerosol Thermodynamic Options in CAMx
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    Chapter 17 Using Higher Order Sensitivity Approaches to Assess Aircraft Emissions Impacts on O 3 and PM 2.5
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    Chapter 18 Development and Current Status of the GEM-MACH-Global Modelling System at the Environment and Climate Change Canada
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    Chapter 19 Hamilton Airshed Modelling System
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    Chapter 20 On the Urban Canopy Effects in Regional Climate Simulations—An Inter-Model Comparison and Potential for Prediction
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    Chapter 21 Atmospheric Pollution: Experience from Mexico City and Santiago de Chile
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    Chapter 22 Overview of the Change in NO 2 Assessment Maps During the Last 15 Years in Flanders: Problems Encountered and Solutions
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    Chapter 23 Modelling the Potential of Green Infrastructures to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality at Microscale
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    Chapter 24 Impact of Urban Land Use and Anthropogenic Heat on Air Quality in Urban Environments
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    Chapter 25 The Impact of Port Operations on Air Quality in Piraeus and the Surrounding Urban Areas
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    Chapter 26 Development and Implementation of an Online Chemistry Module to a Large Eddy Simulation Model for the Application in the Urban Canopy
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    Chapter 27 Potential Impact of a Low Emission Zone on Street-Level Air Quality in Barcelona City Using CALIOPE-Urban Model
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    Chapter 28 Population Exposure to Emissions from Industry, Traffic, Shipping and Residential Heating in the Urban Area of Hamburg
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    Chapter 29 Model of Emissions of Gases and Aerosol from Nature Version 3 (MEGAN3) for Estimating Biogenic Emissions
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    Chapter 30 Modelling the Temporal and Spatial Allocation of Emission Data
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    Chapter 31 A High-Resolution National Emission Inventory and Dispersion Modelling—Is Population Density a Sufficient Proxy Variable?
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    Chapter 32 Modeling of Leisure Craft Emissions
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    Chapter 33 Characteristics and Mitigation of Vehicular Non-exhaust Particle Emissions in Nordic Conditions
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    Chapter 34 Global CO Emission Estimates Inferred from Assimilation of MOPITT CO, Together with Observations of O 3 , NO 2 , HNO 3 , and HCHO
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    Chapter 35 Experimental Forecasting Using the High-Resolution Research Configuration of GEM-MACH
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    Chapter 36 An Air Quality Modeling System Providing Smoke Impact Forecasts for Health Protection in Southeastern USA
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    Chapter 37 Evaluation of Air Quality Maps Using Cross-Validation: Metrics, Diagnostics and Optimization
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    Chapter 38 Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation and Forecasting of Volcanic Ash
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    Chapter 39 Performance Differences of the National Air Quality Forecasting Capability When There is a Major Upgrade in the Chemistry Modules
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    Chapter 40 Total Deposition Maps Evaluated from Measurement-Model Fusion in North America (ADAGIO Project)
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    Chapter 41 Importance of Inventory Representativeness for Air Quality Forecasting: A Recent North American Example
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    Chapter 42 Can Assimilation of Ground Particulate Matter Observations Improve Air Pollution Forecasts for Highly Polluted Area of Europe?
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    Chapter 43 Assimilation of Meteorological Data in Online Integrated Atmospheric Transport Model—Example of Air Quality Forecasts for Poland
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    Chapter 44 Distinguishing Between Remote and Local Air Pollution Over Taiwan: An Approach Based on Pollution Homogeneity Analysis
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    Chapter 45 Overview of the 2018 Canadian Operational Regional Air Quality Deterministic Prediction System: New Features and Performance Improvements
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    Chapter 46 PROGNOS: A Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Initiative to Renew the Operational Statistical Post-processing Infrastructure
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    Chapter 47 Hierarchical Clustering for Optimizing Air Quality Monitoring Networks
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    Chapter 48 Continental-Scale Analysis of Atmospheric Deposition Over North America and Europe Using the AQMEII Database
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    Chapter 49 Multi Model Study on the Impact of Emissions on CTMs
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    Chapter 50 Evaluation of the New Version of Stratospheric Chemistry Module of the SILAM CTM
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    Chapter 51 Lightning NO X Distribution and Its Impact on Ozone Over the Contiguous United States During 2011
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    Chapter 52 Is a Model’s Scatter Really “Very Small” or Is Model A Really “Performing Better” Than Model B?
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    Chapter 53 Sensitivity of Atmospheric Composition Mesoscale Simulations in the Mediterranean to the Meteorological Data and Chemical Boundary Conditions
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    Chapter 54 Quantification of Uncertainty in Lagrangian Dispersion Modelling, Using ECMWF’s New ERA5 Ensemble
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    Chapter 55 Assessment of Fine-Scale Dispersion Modelling for Near-Road Exposure Applications
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    Chapter 56 Detailed Assessment of a Smog Situation Detected in the Sajó Valley, Hungary
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    Chapter 57 Comparison of the Performance of AERMOD and CALPUFF Dispersion Model Outputs to Monitored Data
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    Chapter 58 Model of Arrival Time for Gas Clouds in Urban Canopy
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    Chapter 59 Evaluation of Seven Chemical Aging Modeling Schemes with the 2D-VBS Framework Against Ground and Airborne PEGASOS Campaign Measurements
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    Chapter 60 A Parameterization of Heterogeneous Hydrolysis of N 2 O 5 for 3-D Atmospheric Modelling
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    Chapter 61 Modelling Organic Aerosol in Europe: Improved CAMx and Contribution of Anthropogenic and Biogenic Sources
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    Chapter 62 Sea Spray Effects on Marine and Coastal Boundary Layer
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    Chapter 63 On the Importance of Organic Mass for Global Cloud Condensation Nuclei Distributions
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    Chapter 64 Biological Activity in Clouds: From the Laboratory to the Model
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    Chapter 65 Aerosol Indirect Effect on Air Pollution-Meteorology Interaction in an Urban Environment
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    Chapter 66 Aerosol Intensive Optical Properties in the NMMB-MONARCH
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    Chapter 67 Characteristics and Source Contribution of Particulate Matters Acidity in City of Atlanta
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    Chapter 68 An Extreme Event of a Mesoscale Dust Front—A Case Study Over the Eastern Mediterranean
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    Chapter 69 Climate Model Response Uncertainty in Projections of Climate Change Impacts on Air Quality
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    Chapter 70 Ozone Risk for Douro Vineyards in Present and Future Climates
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    Chapter 71 Linking North American Summer Ozone Pollution Episodes to Subseasonal Atmospheric Variability
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    Chapter 72 Assessing Potential Climate Change Impacts on Local Air Quality Using AERMOD
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    Chapter 73 Multi-model Assessment of Air Pollution-Related Premature Mortality in Europe and U.S.: Domestic Versus Foreign Contributions
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    Chapter 74 Using Multi-media Modeling to Investigate Conditions Leading to Harmful Algal Blooms
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    Chapter 75 Trying to Link Personal Exposure Measurement and Population Exposure Modelling: A Test Case in Liège, Belgium
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    Chapter 76 What Policy Makers and the Public at Large Should Know About Air Quality
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    Chapter 77 An Atmospheric Scientist—The Contributions of Dr. Yitzhak Mahrer
Attention for Chapter 73: Multi-model Assessment of Air Pollution-Related Premature Mortality in Europe and U.S.: Domestic Versus Foreign Contributions
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Multi-model Assessment of Air Pollution-Related Premature Mortality in Europe and U.S.: Domestic Versus Foreign Contributions
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Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXVI
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Springer, Cham, May 2018
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Ulas Im, Jørgen Brandt, Camilla Geels, Kaj Mantzius Hansen, Jesper Heile Christensen, Mikael Skou Andersen, Efisio Solazzo, Ioannis Kioutsioukis, Ummugulsum Alyuz, Alessandra Balzarini, Rocio Baro, Roberto Bellasio, Roberto Bianconi, Johannes Bieser, Augustin Colette, Gabriele Curci, Aidan Farrow, Johannes Flemming, Andrea Fraser, Pedro Jimenez-Guerrero, Nutthida Kitwiroon, Ciao-Kai Liang, Uarporn Nopmongcol, Guido Pirovano, Luca Pozzoli, Marje Prank, Rebecca Rose, Ranjeet Sokhi, Paolo Tuccella, Alper Unal, Marta Garcia Vivanco, Jason West, Greg Yarwood, Christian Hogrefe, Stefano Galmarini

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