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Self-Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Exploring the Intersections of Self-Study, Science Teaching, and Science Teacher Education
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    Chapter 2 A Collaborative Self-Study of a Physics Teacher’s First Two Years of Teaching
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    Chapter 3 The Transformation from Expert Science Teacher to Science Teacher Educator
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    Chapter 4 Bridging the Gap Between a Science Laboratory Past and a Science Teacher Educator Present: Rethinking the Doctoral Program in Science Education
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    Chapter 5 Articulating Our Values to Develop Our Pedagogy of Science Teacher Education
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    Chapter 6 Using Self-Study to Develop a Pedagogy of Elementary Teacher Education: Addressing the Specialist-Generalist Issue
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    Chapter 7 Learning to Teach Physics Teachers: Developing a Distinct Pedagogy of Teacher Education
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    Chapter 8 Developing and Assessing Professional Knowledge as a Science Teacher Educator: Learning About Teaching from Student Teachers
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    Chapter 9 Following a Student into Her Science Classroom to Better Understand the Tensions of Science Education
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    Chapter 10 Helping Preservice Science Teachers Analyze Their Practices as We Study Our Own
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    Chapter 11 Developing a Model for a Self-Study Professional Learning Community
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    Chapter 12 Science Teacher Education, Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, and the Reflective Turn
Attention for Chapter 3: The Transformation from Expert Science Teacher to Science Teacher Educator
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