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Innovative Biosystems Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Food Production

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A Comprehensive Check of Usle-Based Soil Loss Prediction Models at the Sparacia (South Italy) Site
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    Chapter 2 Evaluating the Effects of Forest Cover Changes on Sediment Connectivity in a Catchment Affected by Multiple Wildfires
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    Chapter 3 A Check of Water Drop Impact Effects on Surface Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
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    Chapter 4 On the Description of Soil Variability Through EMI Sensors and Traditional Soil Surveys in Precision Agriculture
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    Chapter 5 Drought Variability and Trend Over the Lombardy Plain from Meteorological Station Records
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    Chapter 6 Biodegradable Geosynthetics for Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Engineering
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    Chapter 7 Comparison of Different Methods for Topographic Survey of Rural Canals
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    Chapter 8 Hydraulic Modeling of Field Experiments in a Drainage Channel Under Different Riparian Vegetation Scenarios
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    Chapter 9 Groundwater Recharge Through Winter Flooding of Rice Areas
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    Chapter 10 Evaluation of Green Roof Ageing Effects on Substrate Hydraulic Characteristics
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    Chapter 11 Influence of Site and Check Dam Characteristics on Sediment Retention and Structure Conservation in a Mexican River
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    Chapter 12 Comparing LAI Field Measurements and Remote Sensing to Assess the Influence of Check Dams on Riparian Vegetation Cover
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    Chapter 13 SIRR-MOD—A Decision Support System for Identifying Optimal Irrigation Water Needs at Field and District Scale
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    Chapter 14 Modeling the Effect of Different Management Practices for Soil Erosion Control in a Mediterranean Watershed
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    Chapter 15 The Benefit of Continuous Modelling for Design Hydrograph Estimation in Small and Ungauged Basins
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    Chapter 16 A Theoretical Approach to Improve the Applicability of the Catchment Connectivity Index
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    Chapter 17 On the Performance of a Novel Hybrid Constructed Wetland for Stormwater Treatment and Irrigation Reuse in Mediterranean Climate
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    Chapter 18 Urban Agriculture, Cui Prodest? Seattle’s Picardo Farm as Seen by Its Gardeners
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    Chapter 19 Evaluation of Greenwalls Efficiency for Building Energy Saving
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    Chapter 20 Modelling of the Thermal Effect of Green Façades on Building Surface Temperature in Mediterranean Climate
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    Chapter 21 Heat Fluxes in a Green Façade System: Mathematical Relations and an Experimental Case
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    Chapter 22 Odor Nuisance in the Livestock Field: A Review
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    Chapter 23 Spatial Analysis of the Impact of Rural Buildings on the Agro-Forestry Landscape Using GIS
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    Chapter 24 Milk-Production in Barns with Compost Bedding and Free Stall: A Profitability Analysis
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    Chapter 25 Thermal Environment Inside Mechanically Ventilated Greenhouses: Results from a Long-Term Monitoring Campaign
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    Chapter 26 Physical Properties of Cement Panels Reinforced with Lignocellulosic Materials
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    Chapter 27 Physical Properties of Miscanthus Grass and Wheat Straw as Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle
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    Chapter 28 Innovative Tensile Structures for Protected Crop Facilities
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    Chapter 29 Analysis of the Evolution of a Rural Landscape by Combining SAR Geodata with GIS Techniques
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    Chapter 30 Smart Dairy Farming: Innovative Solutions to Improve Herd Productivity
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    Chapter 31 A Methodology to Support Planning and Design of Suburban Agricultural Areas
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    Chapter 32 Modeling Soil Thermal Regimes During a Solarization Treatment in Closed Greenhouse by Means of Symbolic Regression via Genetic Programming
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    Chapter 33 Comparison of the Efficiency of Plastic Nets for Shading Greenhouse in Different Climates
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    Chapter 34 Planning the Flows of Residual Biomass Produced by Wineries for Their Valorization in the Framework of a Circular Bioeconomy
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    Chapter 35 Effects of Feeding Frequency on the Behavior Patterns of Dairy Cows in an Automatic Feeding System
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    Chapter 36 Shading Screens Characterization by Means of Wind Tunnel Experiments and CFD Modeling
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    Chapter 37 Damages to Rural Buildings and Facilities Observed in the Aftermath of 2012 Emilia Earthquakes
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    Chapter 38 Proposal of a Web-Based Multi-criteria Spatial Decision Support System (MC-SDSS) for Agriculture
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    Chapter 39 The Apulian Territory and the Typical Local Farmhouses: A Case of Study Through Landscape Analysis
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    Chapter 40 Enhancement of the Roman Bridge of Canosa in the Ofanto Valley Rural Landscape
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    Chapter 41 Economic and Environmental Performances of a New Double Wheel Rake
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    Chapter 42 Environmental Impact Alternatives for Soil Tillage and Sowing: Farmer or Contractor?
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    Chapter 43 A Biomass-Fueled Flamer for In-Row Weed Control in Vineyards: An Economic Evaluation
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    Chapter 44 N-TRE: A Model for the Evaluation of the Narrow Tractors Real Efficiency
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    Chapter 45 Controlled Mechanical Ventilation to Reduce Primary Energy Consumption in Air Conditioning of Greenhouses
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    Chapter 46 Efficiency of Tractor Drawbar Power Taking into Account Soil-Tire Slippage
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    Chapter 47 Design and Assessment of a Test Rig for Hydrodynamic Tests on Hydraulic Fluids
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    Chapter 48 Evaluation of Potential Spray Drift Generated by Different Types of Airblast Sprayers Using an “ad hoc” Test Bench Device
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    Chapter 49 Influence of Ploughshare Wear on Plough Efficiency
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    Chapter 50 Brotweg—A Path of Bread in an Alpine Environment: New Mechanical Solutions for Grain Processing in Steep Mountain Slopes
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    Chapter 51 The H2020 INNOSETA Project
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    Chapter 52 Sprayer Inspection in Sicily on the Basis of Workshop Activity
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    Chapter 53 Evaluation on the Stability of Tree Used as Anchors in Cable Yarding Operations: A Preliminary Test Based on Low-Cost MEMS Sensors
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    Chapter 54 Modelling of Agricultural Machinery Trends for Power, Mass, Working Width and Price
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    Chapter 55 High Accuracy Site-Specific Secondary Data for Mechanical Field Operations to Support LCA Studies
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    Chapter 56 Assessment of Forest Biomass and Carbon Stocks at Stand Level Using Site-Specific Primary Data to Support Forest Management
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    Chapter 57 Sensors and Electronic Control Unit for Optimize Rotary Harrow Soil Tillage Operation
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    Chapter 58 LIFE-Vitisom: An EU Project for the Set-up of VRT Organic Fertilization in Vineyard
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    Chapter 59 Real-Time Measurement of Silage Moisture Content During Loading of a TMR Mixer Wagon: Preliminary Results
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    Chapter 60 The Response Surface Methodology as a Tool to Evaluate the Effects of Using Diesel-Biodiesel-Bioethanol Blends as Farm Tractor Fuel
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    Chapter 61 An Approach to the Development of an Integrated Real-Time Engine Test System for Agricultural Machines: Conceiving, Implementation, Set-up and First Tests
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    Chapter 62 Development and Implementation of an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Spraying Equipment Installed on a Commercial UAV
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    Chapter 63 Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Carrot Cultivation and Processing: An Italian Case Study for a Small Family Company in the Marche Region
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    Chapter 64 Does Precision Photovoltaic Irrigation Represent a Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Systems?
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    Chapter 65 Development of an Energy Efficiency Index for Agricultural Tractors Based on OECD Codes Data
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    Chapter 66 Evaluation of Coaxial Pipes for Basal Heating as Alternative for Energy Saving in Heating System for Leafy Vegetables
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    Chapter 67 Energy Monitoring of Fully Automated Dairy-Farm: A Case Study
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    Chapter 68 Comparison of Environmental Impact of Two Different Bioelectricity Conversion Technologies by Means of LCA
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    Chapter 69 Spatial Analysis for Detecting Recent Work Accidents in Agriculture in Italy
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    Chapter 70 A Bottom-Up Approach to Tractor Safety: Improving the Handling of Foldable Roll-Over Protective Structures (FROPS) Through User-Centred Design
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    Chapter 71 Technical and Economic Evaluation of Urban Trees Pruning by Climbing Arborists
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    Chapter 72 First Tests on a Prototype Device for the Active Control of Whole-Body Vibrations on Agricultural Tractors
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    Chapter 73 Effects of Rod and Oscillating Frequency on the Vibrations Transmitted to Hand-Arm System by Four Olive Portable Harvesters
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    Chapter 74 Perceived Barriers to the Adoption of Smart Farming Technologies in Piedmont Region, Northwestern Italy: The Role of User and Farm Variables
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    Chapter 75 Effect of Different Axial Fans Configurations on Airflow Rate
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    Chapter 76 Use of Ultrasound in the Extraction Process of Virgin Olive Oil and Influence on Malaxation Time
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    Chapter 77 An Innovative Vat for the Continuous Recovery of Volatile Compounds During Fermentation
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    Chapter 78 Effect of Packaging Technology on the Quality of Pre-cooled Clementine Fruit
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    Chapter 79 Optimization of Donkey Milk Pasteurization Process
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    Chapter 80 Effect of Materials and Assembly Methods on Gas Selectivity of Blow® Device
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    Chapter 81 Monitoring of Coffee Tree Growth Through Crop Surface Models and MGRVI with Images Obtained with RPA
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    Chapter 82 A Prototype of Service Oriented Architecture for Precision Agriculture
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    Chapter 83 A Method to Implement a Monitoring System Based on Low-Cost Sensors for Micro-environmental Conditions Monitoring in Greenhouses
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    Chapter 84 An Innovative Methodology to Be More Time-Efficient When Analyzing Data in Precision Viticulture
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    Chapter 85 AgroBot Smash a Robotic Platform for the Sustainable Precision Agriculture
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    Chapter 86 Use of a Multirotor-UAV Equipped with a Multispectral Camera to Detect Vineyard Diseases: A Case Study on Barbera and Dolcetto Cultivars
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    Chapter 87 An Ontology-Based Study for the Design of a Database for Data Management in Precision Farming
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    Chapter 88 A Skyline Deflection Analysis Methodology for Timber Volume Estimation in Yarding Operations
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    Chapter 89 Neural Network Algorithms for Real Time Plant Diseases Detection Using UAVs
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    Chapter 90 Use of UAVs and Canopy Height Model Applied on a Time Scale in the Vineyard
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    Chapter 91 Development of a Matlab Code for the Evaluation of Spray Distribution with Water-Sensitive Paper
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    Chapter 92 Detection and Monitoring of Alien Weeds Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Agricultural Systems in Sardinia (Italy)
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    Chapter 93 Experimental Methodology for Prescription Maps of Variable Rate Nitrogenous Fertilizers on Cereal Crops
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    Chapter 94 Monitoring Onion Crops Using UAV Multispectral and Thermal Imagery: Preliminary Results
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Innovative Biosystems Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Food Production
Published by
Springer International Publishing, January 2020
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-39299-4
978-3-03-039298-7, 978-3-03-039299-4

Antonio Coppola, Giovanni Carlo Di Renzo, Giuseppe Altieri, Paola D'Antonio

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