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Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Applications II

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Designing Presence
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    Chapter 2 Hume’s Guillotine in Designing Ethically Intelligent Technologies
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    Chapter 3 Symbols and Functions in Human Machine Interface: Are Google Icons a Possible Solution for Intercultural Usability?
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    Chapter 4 A Democratic, Green Ocean Management Framework for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Compliance
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    Chapter 5 An AcciMap of the Edinburgh Tram Network Project Delivery Failure
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    Chapter 6 Workload and Visual Scanning Techniques of Expert and Novice Helicopter Pilots During Simulated Flight in Open Sea
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    Chapter 7 Kansei Design and Its Applications in Architecture and the Built Environment
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    Chapter 8 Avoiding Post-Merger Corporate Downsize Restructuring: The Democratic Employee-Culture Fit Model (DeECFit)
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    Chapter 9 Interview Survey Method for Extracting Cultural Trait Applicable to Concept Design
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    Chapter 10 Design of Human-Centred Technical Systems, Products and Human Capital Development
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    Chapter 11 A Dual-Axis Force Sensor with Passive Eddy Current Damper for Precision Measurement
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    Chapter 12 A Critical Analysis of Music Recommendation Systems and New Perspectives
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    Chapter 13 The Ergonomic Evaluations of Three Front Baby Carriers: Mother’s Perspective
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    Chapter 14 Designing Trust in Artificial Intelligence: A Comparative Study Among Specifications, Principles and Levels of Control
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    Chapter 15 Solving the Revolving Door Problem: Machine Learning for Readmission Risk Assessment
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    Chapter 16 Can a Machine Be Intelligent? The New Concept of Intelligent Machine
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    Chapter 17 Simplified Indoor Localization Data Acquisition by Use of Recurrent LSTM Networks on Sequential Geomagnetic Vectors
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    Chapter 18 Study on Software Log Anomaly Detection System with Unsupervised Learning Algorithm
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    Chapter 19 Intent Inference of Driver Deceleration Behavior by Using Unscented Kalman Filter Integrated with Conventional Artificial Neural Network Model
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    Chapter 20 A Deep Learning Approach for Fishing Vessel Classification from VMS Trajectories Using Recurrent Neural Networks
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    Chapter 21 An AcciMap for the Kleen Energy Power Plant Project Explosion
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    Chapter 22 Forecasting by Using the Optimal Time Series Method
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    Chapter 23 Calculation and Visualization of the Speed of Movement of the Working Point of the Exploratory Research Process
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    Chapter 24 Artificial Intelligence as Answer to Cognitive Revolution Challenges
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    Chapter 25 Continuous Control in Deep Reinforcement Learning with Direct Policy Derivation from Q Network
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    Chapter 26 Research on Cooperative Operation of Air Combat Based on Multi-agent
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    Chapter 27 Traffic Sign Classification Using Embedding Learning Approach for Self-driving Cars
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    Chapter 28 Emergency Case Report Application Applying Location Based Service Framework on Mobile Smart Devices
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    Chapter 29 Mapping of Mangrove Change with Remote Sensing in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand
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    Chapter 30 Analysis of the Work System in an Object of the New Media and the Effects Generated in the Processes of Interaction with a User
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    Chapter 31 Development of Web Application in English Subject
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    Chapter 32 A Distributed Multimodal Multi-user Virtual Environment for Visualization and Query of Complex Data
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    Chapter 33 Individual Trace in Knowledge Space: A Novel Design Approach for Human-Systems Interaction
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    Chapter 34 Make Me Messenger: Critiquing Children as Design Informants
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    Chapter 35 Reduce Stress Through Empathic Machine to Improve HCI
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    Chapter 36 App Use While Phubbing
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    Chapter 37 Optimization for Collaborative Learning Environments by Matching Team Members with Analyzing Students’ Various Data Using ICT
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    Chapter 38 Comparative Research on Terminology Databases in Europe and China
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    Chapter 39 MOOC as an Innovative Tool for Design Teaching
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    Chapter 40 Machine’s Statistical Parsing and Human’s Cognitive Preference for Garden Path Sentences
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    Chapter 41 Profiles of Professional Drivers Based on Drowsiness and Distraction Alerts
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    Chapter 42 Shaping Digital Literacy in Knowledge Society
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    Chapter 43 Icon Design Recommendations for Central Consoles of Intelligent Vehicles
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    Chapter 44 Personage VR – A Virtual Reality Story-Telling Tool to Raise Awareness About Ageism
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    Chapter 45 Evaluating Visual Perception by Tracking Eye Movement in Architectural Space During Virtual Reality Experiences
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    Chapter 46 Reflections on the Adoption of Virtual Adaptive Learning Tool for Industrial Training
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    Chapter 47 Validation of Driving Simulation in a Virtual Reality Setting: The Effects of Age, Sex and Simulation Technology on Driving Behavior
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    Chapter 48 Using Virtual Reality and Gamification for a Restorative Therapy and Rehabilitation Support Equipment
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    Chapter 49 Training in Immersive Virtual Reality: A Short Review of Presumptions and the Contextual Interference Effect
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    Chapter 50 3D Multi-user Virtual Environments in Education
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    Chapter 51 Early-Detection and Treatment of Torticollis in Infants Using Augmented Reality
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    Chapter 52 FEEDI - A Smart Wearable Foot-Band for Navigation and Guidance Using Haptic Feedback
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    Chapter 53 Human Factors in Interfaces for Rehabilitation-Assistive Exoskeletons: A Critical Review and Research Agenda
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    Chapter 54 Spontaneous Physical Activity and Sedentary Patterns Analyzed in a General Population of Adults by the eMouve Application
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    Chapter 55 Quasi-experimental Study of Exertion, Recovery, and Worker Perceptions Related to Passive Upper-Body Exoskeleton Use During Overhead, Low Force Work
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    Chapter 56 Effect of Cognitive Load with Baby Crying on Postural Stability in Air Force
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    Chapter 57 Supporting the Arm Ability Training of Stroke Patients by a Social-Humanoid Robot
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    Chapter 58 Innovation and Technology in One New Hospital in Montreal: A Lived Experience of Healthcare Professionals
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    Chapter 59 Service Innovation in Health Care: The Role of Health Platforms as Innovators
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    Chapter 60 Evaluation of Gerontechnologies: A Support to Decision Making and Prescription
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    Chapter 61 The Wide Area Virtual Environment - A Novel Immersive Environment for Medical Team Training
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    Chapter 62 Early Detection of Foodborne Illnesses in Social Media
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    Chapter 63 Emotional Work and Organizational Culture in Colombian Health Institutions. A Multidimensional Construction
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    Chapter 64 Healthcare Devices for Children: Strategies to Improve User Experience
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    Chapter 65 HypnOS: A Sleep Monitoring and Recommendation System to Improve Sleep Hygiene in Intelligent Homes
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    Chapter 66 Mathematical Modelling and Computer Analysis of Diabetes to Develop Novel Index for Diagnosis and Risk Prediction of Pathogenesis
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    Chapter 67 Lean Healthcare Model Using Knowledge Management and Change Management Approaches to Reduce Delays for Care in the Health Sector
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    Chapter 68 Development of User-Drawn Doodles for Communication and Reporting of Dietary Intake in Health Management
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    Chapter 69 Quantitative Methods for Assessing Functional Reserves in Predicting the Effectiveness of Medical Rehabilitation of Patients with Diabetes
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    Chapter 70 Effects of the Physical Therapy Application for Elderly
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    Chapter 71 Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolation from Fermented Beef (Naem) Samples for Use as Starter Culture
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    Chapter 72 The Human Interface Interaction Design Based on Blood Oxygen Meter
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    Chapter 73 The Display of Conformal Symmetry in Lungs Formation of Human Fetuses
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    Chapter 74 Occupational Health and Safety Management Model for Mining Contracts
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    Chapter 75 Reduction of Cognitive Load in Complex Assembly Systems
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    Chapter 76 Synthetic Consequential Reasoning: Facilitating the Design of Synthetic Morality in Highly Automated Systems via a Multidimensional-scalar Framework
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    Chapter 77 Green Capitalism: Democratizing Sustainable Innovation by Recycling Intellectual Capital Energy
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    Chapter 78 Information Management Strategies in Manual Assembly
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    Chapter 79 Expression of Feelings in Twitter: A Decision Tree Approach
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    Chapter 80 How Can We Rescue the User from the Digital Transformation Tornado?
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    Chapter 81 The Right to Reparations: A New Digital Right for Repairing Trust in the Emerging Era of Highly Autonomous Systems
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    Chapter 82 Work-Compatibility Based Accident Prediction Model for the Workforce of an Underground Coal Mine in India
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    Chapter 83 Muscle Fatigue Monitoring: Using HD-sEMG Techniques
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    Chapter 84 An Investigation of Chinese Driving Behavior from Driver’s Perspective
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    Chapter 85 Properties of Emulsion Sausage with Partial Replacement of Fat by Dragon Fruit Peel Powder
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    Chapter 86 Rapid Imaging of Latent Fingerprints Using Xanthone Compounds on Silica Nanoparticles Detected by UV Spectrophotometry
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    Chapter 87 The Assessment of Environment Impact Quotient Field Use Rating from the Rate of Pesticides in Padd in Bang Rachan District, Sing Buri Province
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    Chapter 88 Smart Textile for Architecture: Living with Technology
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    Chapter 89 Identifying High Performance Indicators (HPI) for Close Combat Forces in a Military Training Environment
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    Chapter 90 Digitalization of the Last Mile of a Humanitarian Supply Chain
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    Chapter 91 Comprehensive Strategic Risk Management System to Reduce Evaluation Times in Small-Scale Mining Projects
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    Chapter 92 Intra-work Conditions. Objective of the Organizational Management for the Healthy Company
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    Chapter 93 Safety Management Model with a Behavior-Based Safety Coaching Approach to Reduce Substandard Behaviors in the Mining Sector
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    Chapter 94 Public Management Model with a Sustainable Development Approach Based on Lean Six Sigma: Formalization of Small-Scale and Artisanal Mining in Peru
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    Chapter 95 Design and Implementation of Online Law Consultation System in Higher Vocational Colleges
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    Chapter 96 Service Model Under the Lean and Change Management Approaches to Reduce Delivery Times and Optimize the Quality of Processes in a Company in the Metal-Mechanic Sector
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    Chapter 97 Production Management Model for Reducing Product Development Waiting Time by Applying Lean Manufacturing Model for SME Exporters in the Textile Sector
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    Chapter 98 Construction of Law Network Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges
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    Chapter 99 Lean Six Sigma Operational Assessment Method with a Modified DMA-IC Cycle for Reducing Non-productive Times at Mining SMEs
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    Chapter 100 An Analytical Study of Aptitude Tests for Entrance to Architecture Education: A Case of India
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    Chapter 101 An Application of Social Network Analysis to Study Interconnection of Courses in Mathematics Education Curriculum
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    Chapter 102 Management Projects Model to Reduce Lead Time of Base Station Telecom Construction in SME Based on Lean Focus and Agility
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    Chapter 103 Drilling-and-Blasting Mesh Design for Underground Mining Using the Holmberg Method
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    Chapter 104 Tennis Organization Service for Middle-Aged and Elderly People in Wuhan
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    Chapter 105 Analysis of the Work System in an Object of the New Media and the Effects Generated in the Processes of Interaction with a Weak - Visual Person
Attention for Chapter 93: Safety Management Model with a Behavior-Based Safety Coaching Approach to Reduce Substandard Behaviors in the Mining Sector
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Safety Management Model with a Behavior-Based Safety Coaching Approach to Reduce Substandard Behaviors in the Mining Sector
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Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Applications II
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Brahayan Gómez, Roberto Sánchez, Yaneth Vásquez, Nestor Mamani-Macedo, Carlos Raymundo-Ibañez, Francisco Dominguez

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