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Contaminants and Ecological Subsidies

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Ecological Subsidies as a Framework for Understanding Contaminant Fate, Exposure, and Effects at the Land-Water Interface
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    Chapter 2 Ecological Factors Controlling Insect-Mediated Methyl Mercury Flux from Aquatic to Terrestrial Ecosystems: Lessons Learned from Mesocosm and Pond Experiments
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    Chapter 3 Pathways of Contaminant Transport Across the Aquatic-Terrestrial Interface: Implications for Terrestrial Consumers, Ecosystems, and Management
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    Chapter 4 Agriculture and Mining Contamination Contribute to a Productivity Gradient Driving Cross-Ecosystem Associations Between Stream Insects and Riparian Arachnids
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    Chapter 5 Cross-Ecosystem Linkages and Trace Metals at the Land-Water Interface
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    Chapter 6 Metamorphosis and the Impact of Contaminants on Ecological Subsidies
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    Chapter 7 Variables Affecting Resource Subsidies from Streams and Rivers to Land and their Susceptibility to Global Change Stressors
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    Chapter 8 Beyond “Donors and Recipients”: Impacts of Species Gains and Losses Reverberate Among Ecosystems Due to Changes in Resource Subsidies
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    Chapter 9 Practical Considerations for the Incorporation of Insect-Mediated Contaminant Flux into Ecological Risk Assessments
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    Chapter 10 When Nutrients Become Contaminants in Aquatic Systems: Identifying Responses to Guide Terrestrial-Derived Detrital Endpoint Development for Managers
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    Chapter 11 Mesocosms to Evaluate Aquatic-Terrestrial Contaminant Linkages Using Aquatic Insect Emergence: Utility for Aquatic Life Criteria Development
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    Chapter 12 Studying Effects of Contaminants on Aquatic-Terrestrial Subsidies: Experimental Designs Using Outdoor and Indoor Mesocosms and Microcosms
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    Chapter 13 Ecological Networks as a Framework for Understanding and Predicting Contaminant Movement Across the Land-Water Interface
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    Chapter 14 Synthesis: A Framework for Predicting the Dark Side of Ecological Subsidies
Attention for Chapter 6: Metamorphosis and the Impact of Contaminants on Ecological Subsidies
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