ACRL 2017

Baltimore, Maryland

22 March 2017
25 March 2016

Stacy Konkiel will be hosting a workshop as well as presenting as part of a panel session at the ACRL 2017 conference on Friday 24th March:

Workshop, 8.30am: Libraries across the board are beginning to implement new technologies and strategies to measure the reach, attention, and impact of their digital collections. In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop assessment strategies for digital collections-related goals; identify the analytics, altmetrics, and qualitative data services that can best deliver desired measurements; and determine appropriate reporting methods to communicate the value of digital collections to a variety of stakeholders. Speakers: Stacy Konkiel (Outreach & Engagement Manager, Altmetric), Molly Bragg (Digital Collections Program Manager, Duke University Libraries) and Jacqueline Chapman (Smithsonian Libraries)

Panel session, 1pm: Find out how new data like altmetrics can be combined with traditional data like usage statistics to make your collection development strategies more accurate, responsive, and future-oriented. Speakers: Stacy Konkiel (Outreach & Engagement Manager, Altmetric), Robin E. Champieux (Scholarly Communication Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University) and Nickoal Eichmann (Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Colorado, Boulder)

More information about the conference can be found here.