Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) 12

Leibniz Hall Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Entrance: Gendarmenmarkt, Markgrafenstrasse 38, Berlin Mitte

17 January 2017
18 January 2016

Altmetric Founder, Euan Adie will be speaking at this year’s Academic Publishing in Europe Conference. Euan will be speaking on day one of the conference (17th January) during session 3:

‘How do we Measure the Iceberg? Analysing Online Activity beyond the Article’ 

Publishers are increasingly turning to metrics to help them make data-driven decisions and inform future strategy. Scholarly and non-scholarly metrics for journal articles have now become the norm, with editorial teams using these insights to track trends, analyse reach and determine scope. But what happens when you look beyond the article, to books, multimedia and other research outputs? How can you ensure your teams get the feedback they need and that your contributors are encouraged to engage and can demonstrate the value of their work? In this session we’ll explore, how non-traditional metrics and the underlying activity they represent can be utilized to track the online engagement and interactions relating to these varied outputs. We will also demonstrate how publishers of all sizes and disciplines can interpret and incorporate the data into existing workflows to increase author satisfaction, attract new talent, refine strategy, and drive sales.

About the conference: APE 2017 is well known for offering a broad perspective, varying from the basics of academic publishing, reputation, reliable quality, reproducibility, the role of peer review, sustainability, funding, information infrastructure, open data and open science, more dot.coms to watch and further projects to discover. The APE 2017 Lecture will be given by a promiment speaker. The Closing Panel will review these two days and continue the discussion of Publishing Ethics from APE 2016.

For more information please visit the conference website here.