Altmetric for business schools: understanding the broader impact of research

3:30-4:00 pm BST

22 September 2020

Gathering a complete picture of the influence your published research is having can be challenging if you rely on citations alone.

Register for our upcoming webinar on 22 September when Ben McLeish, Director of Engagement and Advocacy, at Altmetric will demonstrate how Altmetric data and tools can be used to uncover the wider influence that research is having across online sources such as social media, Wikipedia, online forums and blogs.

During this actionable webinar, you will learn how Altmetric data and tools can be used to:
Track the influence of research as it happens
Report on the trends in the online mentions for publications
Support your research by uncovering the broader impacts of their work

Register today to join us on 22 September at 3.30 pm BST.

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