Boost your communications with altmetrics

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The modern marketing and communications landscape is moving towards multi-skilled roles. With the line between PR, communications, social media and digital marketing diminishing, people are becoming more cross-disciplinary which brings its own challenges.  Managing a diverse workload can leave little time for the big-picture thinking that is needed; but this is where altmetrics can help you.

In this session, Altmetric’s COO, Cat Williams and Marketing Director, Sarah Condon, discuss how you can use the Altmetric Explorer and take the guesswork out of knowing what will resonate amongst your audiences.

This actionable webinar will be of interest to anyone working in a marketing or communications role and will cover:

    • How to find out what your researchers are publishing and identify what you might want to promote further
    • How to manage the reputation of your organization with altmetrics
    • How to identify new experts who can talk to the media

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