How to track the influence that your institutions research is having

3.30-4.30pm BST / 10.30-11.30AM EST

03 October 2019

Have you ever been curious to learn how your institution’s published research is being received by peers and the general public? Altmetric provides tools that enable you to monitor and report on where and how research is being discussed online as soon as it’s published.

Having the ability to report on the online engagement around published research can enable benchmarking against peer organisations, an accurate understanding of the outcomes of outreach activity, and provide additional data for evaluation and review processes.

Register for our webinar on the 3rd October when Ben McLeish, Director of Engagement and Advocacy at Altmetric, will demonstrate how Altmetric tools provide insights that can be used to:

– Ensure reputation management
– Support your researchers
– Inform strategic decision making

And much more.

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