NFAIS Humanities Roundtable: Evaluation of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities and Its Impact

10 March 2019

Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science, will be attending and presenting a session on ‘Understanding and Tracking the Broader Impacts of Humanities with Altmetrics’ at this one day event on 10th March in Washington, DC.

About Mike’s presentation:

Altmetrics is approaching its tenth year, and is now in a position to look back and consider its overall utility in discovering, reporting and understanding the broader impact of scholarly work. From Altmetrics’ original conception as a tool that could challenge the dominance of the impact factor for speed and democracy, altmetrics is now seen as a heterogeneous approach that can help shed light on a diverse range of types of impact. Disciplinary differences in altmetrics have long been a focus for attention for academic researchers, and this work is beginning to yield new insights into how we can all use altmetrics. Psychology, for example, attracts a lot of attention on Twitter, compared to all other fields. The Social Sciences and Humanities are second in Policy Paper citations only to Health Sciences. Wikipedia has gone from being looked down on as an untrustworthy source to being an essential teaching and research tool. Some peaks in data activity appear like mayflies: social media is often only a few days long; others, like Policy Papers and Patents, may take years to accumulate. In this presentation, Mike Taylor (Wolverhampton University, Altmetric) explores the broader impact of the humanities using altmetrics and, using case histories, explores how altmetrics can be used to demonstrate the value of research in the humanities, and how the numbers can be translated into narrative.

Please visit the event webpage for more information.