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Identificar a influência social mais ampla de sua pesquisa científica, assim como determinar o que é realmente “influência”, pode ser difícil. Usando ferramentas como o Altmetric Explorer, você pode tecer narrativas poderosas de como sua pesquisa é compartilhada pelo público, como diferentes vozes agem para comunicar a pesquisa e onde … Read More
Identificar la influencia social más amplia de su investigación científica, así como determinar qué es realmente la “influencia”, puede ser difícil. Utilizando herramientas como el Explorador Altmetric, puedes tejer poderosas narrativas de cómo tu investigación es compartida por los miembros del público, cómo las diferentes voces actúan para comunicar la … Read More
Grab a donut and join us for an Altmetric coffee break – a 2021 kick-off call where we’ll cover: The latest Altmetric developments and look at what’s coming up on our roadmap Some tips and tricks about using the Altmetric Explorer database Highlights from the ever-popular Altmetric Top 100! Register … Read More
Visualizations can make data come alive, uncover new insights and capture the imagination in a way that a spreadsheet never can. Join Mike Taylor, Data Insights & Customer Analytics at Altmetric, and Fabio Gouveia, Public Health Technologist at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Brazil, for a demonstration of the exciting ways … Read More
Altmetrics can help publication planners identify digital online influencers, measure the uptake of key scientific statements in public discourse, and trace the dissemination of company research as never before. But to understand the future promise for altmetrics, we have to look back at altmetrics’ origins. Join us to learn key … Read More

Office Hours for Altmetrics Researchers

29 October 2020
31 December 2020

Want advice on using Altmetric data to study research impact and attention? Have questions about the finer details of how Altmetric collects data and what that means for your research? Join Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations, during our monthly our Office Hours for Altmetrics Researchers, where we’ll be on-hand … Read More

7:AM Altmetrics Conference

21 October 2020
28 October 2020

The Altmetrics Conference is returning for a 7th year – although this time will be a little different! With Covid-19 continuing to cause much uncertainty, we are taking the conference online on the 21 and 28 October. Now, more than ever, understanding where and why research is communicated, and how … Read More
Akademische Einrichtungen die Welt ueber finden es nun zunehmend wichtig, einschätzen zu können, wie ihre Forschung wichtige globale Fragen beeinflussen. Dazu müssen sie die Online Erwähnungen und Weiterverwendungen ihrer Publikationen in die United Nations Sustainable Development Goals automatisch einteilen können. Ben McLeish lädt Sie ganz herzlich … Read More