Promoting your books: the role of authors

On demand webinar

It might sound obvious to say that authors are essential to the success of a book, but that statement holds true far beyond the actual writing phase.

Getting a book noticed, ensuring you are bringing it to the attention of the right people, and positioning it as a valuable and credible scholarly work are all critical to its eventual success.

In this webinar we’ll look at the role of the book author in promoting and sharing their book once it has been published.

Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science, will discuss the outcomes of a pilot project that examined the extent to which authors being encouraged to share their work more widely can impact the attention it receives, and Charlie Rapple from Kudos will share their experience of working with authors to promote their work.

Attendees will come away with:
– New ideas of how to engage authors and work with them to build successful outreach strategies
– Evidence of the benefits of doing so
– Examples of practical steps and practices you can immediately put in place

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