PSP 2017 Annual Conference

Washington, DC

The Grand Hyatt Washington 1000 H Street NW Washington, DC 20001

01 February 2017
03 February 2017

Director of Business Development, Sara Rouhi will be speaking as part of a panel on ‘The Changing Face of Metrics’ on Day 2 (2nd February) of the conference at 10.45am -12.00pm:

The Changing Face of Metrics: 

Metrics for measuring impact of research are a rapidly evolving part of scholarly publishing. Journal impact factor and citation counts are becoming ever-more controversial as measures of impact, while the scholarly research community debates the validity and use of the variety of other metrics, especially those designed to measure individual articles’ impact, that continue to be introduced.

In addition to questioning the validity of various metrics, critics charge that academic institutions misuse and over-emphasize metrics and that a more balanced scorecard should be used to measure scholars’ output for hiring, promotion, tenure, and funding decisions.

This panel will explore the evolution of traditional and alternative metrics through the eyes of scholars, institutions, publishers, and funders, and discuss these fundamental questions:

  • What impact – positive or negative – are metrics having on scholars’ research?
  • What impact are metrics having on where scholars choose to publish?
  • How might the growth of open access publishing affect use of metrics?
  • What roles are publishers playing in the changing metrics landscape?
  • What impact are initiatives like DORA (The Declaration on Research Assessment) having on the changing landscape of metrics?
  • What roles are funders playing in supporting or inhibiting new approaches to metrics?

More information about the conference can be found here.