SSP Focus Group: Open Data, Science, and Digital Scholarship

National Academy of Sciences 2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC.


31 January 2017

Altmetric Director of Business Development, Sara Rouhi will be moderating a Focus Group on “The onset of “open”: Investigating the Value and Impact of Open Data, Science, and Digital Scholarship in Scholarly Publishing” on the 31st January 2017 from 10am – 4pm.

The 2017 SSP Focus Group broadens its panelist members to represent stakeholders across the scholarly communications landscape.

The day will consist of panel presentations, small group discussion and reporting, and open discussion between panelists and the audience.

What is “open science/open digital scholarship?” “Open” — whether narrowly understood as access or more broadly understood as transparency — has increased journal readership, citations, alternative metrics, and online attention, but it goes beyond getting more eyeballs on research. It’s also about social justice and giving tax payers — patients, family members, concerned citizens — access to the research they fund while increasing public literacy.

The evolution of “open” in all things scholarly publishing (from datasets to digitally native research outputs) has forced all stakeholders in the research life cycle to rethink how they disseminate and consume scholarly information. “Open” broadly speaking refers to accessibility, methodology, metrics and evaluation. Does this mean making peer review “open?” Lab notebooks and curricula “open?” Tenure/promotion evaluations “open? How does the move to “open science/data and open digital scholarship” force publishers to rethink how they augment and enhance the content they disseminate? Where are the opportunities for publishers to broaden their services and support for researchers committed to this kind of information access? What are the unintended consequences of moving into a more “open” ecosystem? What will be the role of government and public/private funders?

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