The Altmetric Top 100 re-imagined

On demand webinar

Many of you will be familiar with the annual Altmetric Top 100. Launched in 2013, this list highlighted the most-mentioned scholarly publications from the year, and featured much-discussed topical research that had caught the wider public’s imagination.

Given the evolving landscape of research communication and analyses, in 2021 we decided that it was time to refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research.

As a result of this change, we didn’t produce an official Top 100 for 2021.

Instead, late last year, we shared three blog posts written by Mike Taylor and each one approached the calculation of a 2021 Altmetric Top 100 in a different way:

  • The Old School Remix
  • Feat. Subjects
  • The Techno Remix

Join our Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, to hear more about the different methodologies he used and the different results that each calculation returned.

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