Understanding share of voice, key drivers and core influencers for corporate scientific teams

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For all enterprises involved in research there is an increasing focus to get a full and detailed picture of the reach and influence of research. These insights can help you build a case for future investment, refine your research and communication strategies, and connect with key online influencers in the absence of in-person conferences.

To do this, you need to know: Where is research being discussed? Who’s discussing it? What are they saying about the research? These are just some of the questions we know you want the answers to. But how do you get this data in a way that is clear, easy to understand and tailored to your specific needs? 

Join Mike Taylor, Head of Data Insights at Digital Science to learn how our bespoke dashboards built with Altmetric and Dimensions data leverage well-understood concepts, such as Share-of-Voice and Key Opinion Leader Analysis to create a data-driven approach to measure and benchmark your company’s scientific position versus competitors, as the basis for KPI-driven scientific dissemination decisions. 

Key learnings: 

  • How to improve benchmarking and campaign planning by identifying the size, scope and speed of communication activities based around research publications and clinical trials. 
  • How you can use ‘Share-of-Voice’ and Key Opinion Leader concepts as key drivers for research engagement across multiple channels and audiences.
  • How to use detailed data analytics and visualisation to efficiently support strategic decision making.

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