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Top 10 research outputs

Below is a list of the top 10 research outputs in this report. Each research output has an Altmetric Attention Score , which provides an indicator of the amount of attention that has been received.

Rank Attention Score Research output

A systematic review of experimentally tested implementation strategies across health and human service settings: evidence from 2010-2022


Integrated Measure of PRogram Element SuStainability in Childcare Settings (IMPRESS-C): development and psychometric evaluation of a measure of sustainability determinants in the early childhood...


How is tailored implementation undertaken using a self-guided toolkit? Qualitative study of the ItFits-toolkit in the ImpleMentAll project


Closing the gap: advancing implementation science through training and capacity building


Teamwork and implementation of innovations in healthcare and human service settings: a systematic review


Predictors of the sustainability for an evidence-based eating disorder prevention program delivered by college peer educators


A scoping review of implementation science theories, models, and frameworks — an appraisal of purpose, characteristics, usability, applicability, and testability


Comparative effectiveness of implementation strategies for Accelerating Cervical Cancer Elimination through the integration of Screen-and-treat Services (ACCESS study): protocol for a cluster...


Influence of physician networks on the implementation of pharmaceutical alternatives to a toxic drug supply in British Columbia


Mapping implementation strategies to reach community-dwelling older adults in Northwest Switzerland

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