Getting Started for Publishers

Step 1: Watch

First, watch this 10 minute introductory video to get acquainted with Altmetric Explorer:

Step 3: Save & Share

Finally, learn how to save your searches, receive email alerts, and create shareable reports using the guide below. Or, watch this video.

Step 4: Try it Out!

Familiarize yourself with Altmetric Explorer by practicing these searches:

  1. Set up a customized search for your content. Search by publisher, journal, or upload a list of identifiers, e.g. ISSNs, via the Advanced Search. Try sorting your results by most policy, news, or patent mentions in the Research Outputs tab. Export your results as a CSV for further analysis.
  2. Save your search and set up an email alert to receive regular notifications on the latest activity. Click ‘Save Search’ button and navigate to the saved search dashboard on the left menu panel, selecting a daily, weekly, or monthly report – remember to login to your account first!
  3. Create a custom report to share. In the saved search dashboard click document icon to open up the custom report builder pop-out and edit each field to meet your needs. Save and share as live-updating URL or PDF.

We’re here to help if you have questions or want to share an idea. Visit our Support Centre to find an answer, read our implementation guides, or ask us a question.

For more training materials, visit our Resource Library.