Altmetric in the News

Altmetric is partnering with PLoS

Key points:
● The partnership allows PLOS to unlock data from many sources that were previously untracked.
● PLOS clients will see an increased coverage across the board for the vast majority of papers published.

PLOS, a nonprofit, Open Access publisher is partnering with Altmetric to enhance their service offering unlocked data from many sources that were previously untracked.

The Altmetric integration will also allow PLOS to link the article to an Altmetric details page, which will display an extensive list of metrics for the article.

“It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to ALM which is our current metrics tool, but we’re committed to providing our community with the best possible data about how their research is changing the world. Altmetric’s singular focus on research metrics positions them to deliver on this promise with a breadth and depth that PLOS simply can’t match as an organization with competing priorities.” says Chris Haumesser, Director of Platform and Engineering at PLOS. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Altmetric to look for ways to integrate even more relevant data from Altmetric into our user experience.”

About PLOS:
PLOS is a nonprofit, Open Access publisher empowering researchers to accelerate progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication.

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