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TDNet integrates Altmetric Badges into their Discovery and Delivery Suite

Institutions using TDNet’s Discovery and Delivery Suite will benefit from greater insight into the influence and reach
of academic research

London, UK—09 June 2020: TDNet and Altmetric are pleased to announce the integration of Altmetric badges with the TDNet Discovery and Delivery Suite.

The Altmetric badges, which offer an at-a-glance summary of online engagement with each publication, will be added to research publication pages in TDNet’s platform, providing users with additional insight into the attention that each piece of research receives immediately following its publication.

Used by thousands of special libraries worldwide, TDNet’s leading Discovery to Delivery platform developed specifically for the biomedical, health and corporate libraries, provides users with a single search, one-stop solution for all of their research needs. TDNet’s platform uses the best practice algorithms for retrieval, ranking and scoring that generate the most precise results and enable users to quickly and expediently find any article or item they need and link to the full text. TDNet’s platform also provides in-depth statistics that generate valuable insights regarding the usage of scholarly e-resources. The integration of Altmetric badges into the suite will help researchers and institutions assess the broader engagementsurrounding scholarly work.

Commenting on the integration, Nir Karmi, VP Sales and Business Development, said, “Scholarly institutions
today need to understand the societal impact of their work. The integration of Altmetric badges will help us
provide customers with a broader view of this wider engagement, beyond traditional citation metrics.”
Altmetric’s CEO, Kathy Christian, explained, “TDNet’s users will be able to click on the Altmetric badges to
see a complete record of the mentions for all research hosted on the platform. These mentions provide an
immediate indication of how the research is being received across news, policy outlets, blogs, and many
other valuable scholarly and non-scholarly sources.”

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