Explorer for Funders

Enhance your reporting and analysis with altmetrics insights

Uncover the full story of the research you support

At the heart of any research project is the aim to make a difference, to have a real-world impact within society.


Altmetric data can help you identify early indicators of these impacts, making it easy to track and report on where and why the research you fund is being discussed online by academics, practitioners, the general public, advocacy groups and more.

Monitor the outputs of specific grants and benchmark the influence each project achieves across the mainstream media, on social and community platforms, and in the formation of public policy.

“Such data can help us gain insight into ways which we could improve our research and public engagement programs”

— National Geographic

See dissemination as it happens

Instant feedback and insights

Altmetric data for the research you fund will start to be collated automatically from the moment it’s published – proving a quick and valuable overview of how it’s being shared and received.

Evidence public engagement

Every day thousands of pieces of research are shared and discussed on social media platforms and blogs, providing powerful evidence of public engagement. Use the Explorer to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing initiatives and determine which audiences you are reaching.

Unique indicators of real-world impacts

Altmetric track attention form a broad range of highly relevant sources, including the mainstream media and public policy documentation, helping you to identify where the work you’ve funded has made a difference.

More than just articles

Not all research results in publication in a journal – with the Explorer for Funders you can track attention surrounding white papers, reports, grey literature, and much more.

A powerful reporting tool that makes it easy to track attention


Features checklist

Real-time data updates

Our sources are monitored continually to ensure the newest mentions appear on the associated details page as soon as possible.

Reflect grant structure

The Explorer platform can be implemented according to your specifications – structure data by grant, programme type, area of study; however you wish.

Search and refine

Browse the entire Altmetric database, as well as the research you’ve funded, and narrow down results by title, timeframe, subject, and many other filters.

Fully auditable data

Explore and click through to all of the original mentions and shares via the collated record of attention for each item – the Altmetric details page.

Benchmarking capability

See how the online engagement around your funded research compares with the other 4m+ items in the Altmetric database.

Export the data

Output search results to excel, set up weekly and monthly email alerts, feed insights into internal platforms via the robust API.

“While analysing citations can be helpful, these methods provide an incomplete picture of impact.”

— John Templeton Foundation

How are other funders using it?

Utilizing Altmetric tools to achieve institutional targets at the John Templeton Foundation

The John Templeton Foundation, who award more then $100 million a year in research funding, discuss their use of the Altmetric data.

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Pricing and implementation

Support every step of the way

Populating the Explorer for Funders is straightforward and easy: our dedicated Implementations Manager will be there to guide you through every step of the way, and we’ll provide training and support to help get you started.

Site license access for all of your teams

Access to the Explorer for Funders is made readily available for all of your teams via site license IP-authentication. Users have the option to just browse, or to create accounts to enable them to save reports, set up alerts, and create custom groups.