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Thanks for your interest in using Altmetric data for research!

Here are some basic details about the Researcher Data Access Program, along with an application to join the Altmetric Research Data Access Program (hereafter referred to as the Research Program).

Does your research qualify?

Only researchers pursuing noncommercial research are eligible to join the Researcher Data Access Program. We define noncommercial research as any research project designed to answer basic questions about scholarly communication.

Analysis done as part of work-for-hire, consulting, organizational reporting, grant outcome tracking, or other such scenarios would not qualify. We offer a suite of products designed precisely to meet those kinds of needs; please get in touch to discuss licensing our data for those purposes.

If you are unsure if your project qualifies, please email us at

Ways to access Altmetric data

There are two ways you can access Altmetric’s data for research purposes:

1. Altmetric Explorer: A searchable, user-friendly database that allows you to search by keyword, output type, timeframe, or list of up to 25,000 persistent identifiers at once;
2. Altmetric Details Page API – Counts Only: Allows for programmatic retrieval of counts and metrics for individual research outputs; Good for those who are comfortable with programming;

It is also possible to purchase a custom data query, though we’d charge you for the time it takes to put together.

Access to Altmetric data in any format is offered at Altmetric’s discretion, for a limited time only (6 months from date of acceptance into the Program).

If you think Altmetric would be useful for your research project, please complete the application form embedded below.

The application form