Altmetric Annual Research Grant

About the Grant

At Altmetric, we’re keen to see our data and tools used to make discoveries and advances in the field that we work in. To that end, we’re now offering an annual research grant of up to £1,500 (or $1,900 USD) to go towards a project that explores different facets of altmetrics or a related topic that impacts the research ecosystem.

In doing so, we hope to provide the opportunity for researchers or others in the scholarly space to do some really interesting work in developing the way we understand altmetrics and how they can be applied. It might be a data study, an engagement project, or even building a tool or app prototype.

For the 2018 grant, the review panel was particularly interested to receive proposals for projects that focus on lesser-studied attention sources and move beyond examining correlations between altmetrics and citations.

Applications for the 2018 grant are now closed – we’ll be announcing the winner soon!